Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations – Since our daughter is always interested in Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, we decided to celebrate her second birthday in Disney style. Having previously hosted a pink Minnie Mouse birthday party for her older sister, I decided to go for a classic red Minnie Mouse birthday party with lots of Mickey Mouse. Hi Orad, I hope you like my red minnie mouse birthday ideas.

I was surprised how hard it is to find a red Minnie Mouse these days. I love mini pinks, but I wanted classic colors for this party. So I decided to make some Minnie Mouse party decorations using red and white polka dots with black and yellow accents and simple pictures of Minnie and Mickey.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

I also designed Minnie Mouse birthday invitations to match my party plans. Of course, I can’t resist a cute game about Toodles and other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed characters.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Banner With Cricut

From the moment guests arrived, they were greeted by Minnie and Mickey who said “Come on in, it’s fun inside.”

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

I used my cricut to make the Minnie and Mickey header card and words. Unfortunately, they no longer make the Mickey and Friends box, but you can find them on eBay.

Even though I didn’t buy it for a party, my door mat went well with the theme of the party. I bought it here from Etsy.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Sweet Table Decoration In Children`s Party With Mickey Mouse Theme Editorial Image

Red polka dot paper with Mickey pictures transformed my library wall. I make this for a lot of parties because it’s so easy. I just stuck the paper directly on the glass, I didn’t even remove the pictures from the wall.

On our wall hanging, I used double-sided tape to add ears and a bow with black paper lanterns.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

The large glass head was carefully cut from black foam board. I used two pencils, a paper clip and string to make a large shift to draw the compass circles. Then I cut it out with the Xacto blade. Since the pig is white inside, I painted the edges with acrylic paint to hide it.

Diy Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

I originally planned to make Minnie Mouse ears for my oldest daughter’s birthday using the Minnie Mouse ear pattern. But I didn’t have time and when I found the cheapest red ears on Amazon, I decided to buy Minnie Mouse ears. Available with red bow (here), pink (here) or Mickey and Minnie Mouse (here).

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Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

The Minnie Ears holder is simply a roll of paper towels covered with fabric and the ends placed inside the tube. A very simple way to show mouse ears.

Remember – we still have the DIY Minnie Mouse ears I made for my oldest’s birthday 9 years ago. It still plays and holds up well, probably better than anything I’ve bought to keep.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Decorating The Dorchester Way: February 2016

Since I haven’t made Minnie Mouse ears, I decided to make Minnie Mouse bracelets. My daughter loves necklaces and bracelets so this was a great treat for her and her friends. After much thought, I bought the perfect red, black, and yellow on Etsy.

The bracelets were a hit and luckily I made an extra as the birthday girl insisted on wearing two.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

In addition to my drawing board, I designed a “We Have Ears, Say Fun” tag to match the Minnie Mouse birthday invitations.

Set Minnie Mouse Table Decorations Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Party Supplies Minnie Mouse Table Decorations|party Diy Decorations|

At the dinner table, the coordinating table tents were given cute names like “Hot Diggity Dogs” and “Minnie’s Fruit Bows.” Because everyone is different

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse plates filled the table. Using my Cricut, this was super easy to do. But if you don’t want to make your own, I found tons of people making Minnie Plates on Etsy. You can also get matching mugs.

If you want to make your own cups, I bought clear plastic cups with lids on Amazon. Lids and straws keep little kids from spilling (and big kids too – I use them for every party). Here I found a piece of Minnie Mouse straw.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Brunch

There are so many fun things you can do with Minnie Mouse themed party food. With the Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter (here), you can turn lunch meats, cookies, Rice Krispies and more into delicious meals.

Since Disney is celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday this year, I was able to find Mickey Mouse-like snacks, including Mickey Mouse Veggie Chips and Mickey Mouse Goldfish (which I called Gooey Fish) at Target.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

For lunch I had mini Hot Diggity Dogs, popcorn chicken and fruit kabobs that were cut and skewered with a Minnie Mouse bow tie.

Classic Minnie Mouse Birthday Party — Davis & Scout Celebration Co

It’s the perfect ending to homemade Mickey and Minnie Mouse Oreos and Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

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Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

I looked high and low for the perfect Minnie Mouse birthday outfit and I found it! I found P’s dress here. I found the same dress on Amazon in different colors for a little cheaper, but I had my heart set on the color palette, so I paid more for the black and red. All the reviews mention that the straps are too long and they are true. I tied the straps in the back for the party and I can’t tell.

In fact, on the day of her party, we felt cold. Although the dress alone was beautiful, it was very cold. After much deliberation, they found a white lace bodysuit on Amazon. Fits true to size and is light white, not white.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Sweet And Adorable Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Let’s talk about her little shoes. Very beautiful! The Mini Melissa shoes are from the same place I bought her dress from ( here ). It was about two sizes too big for him, but he didn’t care. He liked her shoes. Same shoes here for less.

Our daughter’s Minnie Mouse birthday party was a huge success. For our girl who loves all her bows and shoes, a mini is the perfect way to celebrate her second birthday. He was pointing out Minnie and Mickey to everyone throughout the party. He had a great day. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? For more than 90 years, he has brought happiness and joy to the world. And who would Mickey be without his other half, Minnie Mouse? This classic birthday theme is perfect for any Disney lover!

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

My daughter loves all things Disney, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and her favorite place in the world is Walt Disney World Park in Florida. A few years ago I created a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed dessert centerpiece for my daughter Carolina’s 15th birthday.

Red Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Picnic Party

The night started at his favorite Italian restaurant, where his friends surprised him! After that they did a fun quiz in the store and of course it was Disney too. Then all the girls headed over to our house for a nap and of course her surprise dessert table!

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Well, I’d say it’s surprising, but he saw it before we went to dinner. Just thought for the client, it’s the life of the party kid haha! So when he found out that it was actually for him, he was overjoyed!

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When you’re planning a Mickey and Minnie themed bash, you can’t go wrong with a black, white, red, and yellow color scheme. All of them are classic Mickey and Minnie colors. My table started with a black tablecloth with red polka dots. I paired their black and white dishes with glass cake stands and water bottles.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Mickey Mouse Head Napkin Rings Kids Cloth Napkins Mickey Theme Minnie Mouse Ears Black Birthday Decor Wedding Favors Disney Decorations Event Party Supplies Tableware Cartoon Acrylic Table Settings

Using pom-poms and red and white polka dots for the glass bow, I made a seamless edge with my hot glue gun! I put the mini on a black and white background, which makes a great centerpiece for my desk!

The girls are going to watch a movie together (a Disney movie, of course!) so I mixed popcorn and candy on this dessert table.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

I used a variety of candies including Mickey Mouse candies, red and yellow citrus candies, rock candy, and red gummy bears. I also gave away some gold chocolate coins along with a Disney Parks Mickey coin.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Table Decorating Kit 23pcs Disney Home Decor New

And since girls can’t survive on candy alone, I added strawberries and blueberries to the cupcake liners.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Our baked goods came from Michelle’s Patisserie. This time we served glass shaped cakes with cute bows on top!

Also chocolate and vanilla mini-cupcakes, with cupcakes featuring Mickey and Minnie’s signature white gloves!

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

For her birthday cake, I got a cake and frosted it to look like a Minnie Mouse dress. I added “Happy Birthday” to the top of the cake, which I created on my Cricut.

In fact, I did all the cuts for this celebration on my Cricut. Cake and cupcakes and labels are cupcakes. I also made straw flags, cup holders and signs for my lemonade table.

Red Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

I made the back for the drinks table using paper

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