Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Rustic Easter Table Decorations – When you’re planning the ultimate Easter menu, you’re probably envisioning a table full of juicy glazed ham, deviled eggs and warm scones – but haven’t you forgotten anything? Before you even present any food to your guests, you should think about what kind of decoration you want to display for the Easter table.

. Of all your Easter decorations, your table is perhaps the most important part. Outdoor Easter decorations are of course also necessary, but you want to make sure your table is dressed to the nines. This spring, go all out with your Easter table and include table runners, sweet frames and beautiful bouquets of flowers. And the best part is that most of these Easter crafts are fun crafts that don’t break the bank!

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Here, you’ll discover dozens of beautiful design tips—including beautiful Easter egg designs, Peeps centerpieces, and tons of flowers—to create your picture-perfect spread. All of this together will become one of your favorite Easter activities! Whether you want to achieve a child-friendly atmosphere or a stylish look, you will find plenty of options to choose from. Plus, if none of the ideas suit your fancy, know that you can always mix and match elements from each idea to create your own unique DIY Easter table decoration ideas.

Green And White Easter Table Setting

If you have chocolate eggs left over this year, don’t throw them away! Chocolate wrapped in foil makes a bright, sweet accent on any Easter table. Fill the glass bunnies and place them on each plate as place settings. Then sprinkle the rest in the central planter!

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Instead of looking for off-the-shelf table lamps, make your own! Scented lavender eggshell candles will look beautiful shimmering in your egg cups.

There really is nothing better than an edible decoration. Save time decorating and easily turn your dessert spread into an Easter themed candy board!

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Setting The Table For Easter Is Easy With These 40 Gorgeous Ideas

Napkin rings are one of the simplest designer items to spice up a holiday meal. These festive bunny ears only require a few strips of pastel or patterned fabric and some thread!

Whimsical egg figures are the perfect family project that kids will love coloring. As the blogger notes, they make a wonderful table decoration because they add height without getting in the way.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

It’s always nice to have at least one religious themed decoration so you don’t lose sight of what the day is really about. A ‘He is Risen’ table wreath, surrounded by flowers, is subtle enough to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your Easter decor.

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Easter Table Settings Ideas

Spring is the time to sprout seeds. Plant your own (or transplant sprouts) in a cute homemade rabbit planter and set up a tablescape with a restoration theme.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

This paper egg decoration adds a touch of flair to the settings and is easy enough to work on with the kids! Willow stalks mean early spring and are airy like rabbit tails.

Make your table a little special this year with a vintage floral and bunny spread. This blogger uses a tiered bunny tray as her centerpiece and places a spray painted ceramic bunny in front of each guest as a place setting.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Best Rustic Easter Decoration Ideas And Designs For 2022

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy centerpiece idea? Grab your glitter and paint and decorate a set of wooden letters that say “Easter” and then get back to cooking!

The abstractly painted table stand gives off serious 90s vibes. Use colors with yellow, blue and pink hues to match the pastel holiday.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

So you have an Easter centerpiece, a table stand and napkin holders. What is missing? Well, the food has to be served and of course your bowls have to be on theme too!

Rustic Easter Table Setting Eggs Easter Stock Photo 1658478826

You don’t have to be a sewing queen to make this adorable bunny banner. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to sew! Hang it above your dining room or kitchen table for a sweet, chic farmhouse look.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Watercolor is like that. Many. Fun. Create a floral centerpiece on a simple wooden plank to give your table a warm, cozy feel.

Of course, you should at least have a few napkins after eating that juicy Easter ham. These special linen holiday napkins are super easy to make and will make great birthday napkins later in the year.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Best Easter Decorating Ideas

Pies, cookies and chocolate eggs – these are not just Easter desserts, they are an opportunity to decorate! Brighten up your dessert table with some floral decorations, a gingham tablecloth and bunny ribbons.

Circle flowers are a simple and fun craft project! Plus, you make it once and it’s easy to save for dinner parties later in the season or even next year!

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

With little more than baby’s breath and butterfly stickers, you can create a centerpiece like this at home.

Easter Decorating In The Kitchen

What’s smarter than a terrarium? Made in apothecary jars, these will delight the guests of the Easter party – and serve as the cutest centerpiece.

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Rustic Easter Table Decorations

These 3-D Easter eggs are too cool – and much easier to make than they look. Your guests won’t be able to get over them.

This may seem like over-the-top decoration, but it’s actually incredibly easy to replicate: simply place greenery, DIY nests and Easter decorations on a white dessert tray.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Easter Table Decor That Looks Good Enough To Eat!

Why settle for just one Easter center when you can get more? Here, the egg tablecloth gets an upgrade with the addition of a few baskets and vases filled with decorations.

With some grosgrain ribbon and a few vintage (or new!) buttons, you’re on your way to making these napkin rings. It will surely make everyone smile.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Any gardener will want to jump on board with this plant-centric table decoration. Gather the pots and greens and get started!

Rustic Easter Table Decorations. Stylish Easter Brunch Table Setting With Egg In Easter Bunny Napkin. Modern Natural Dyed Gray Egg On Napkin With Bunn Stock Photo

Egg cups are good for more than just eggs, you know! This ready-made idea makes it easy to display guests’ names – and can even be used as a take-home favor. It’s almost Easter again, so even if you celebrate at home and without many guests this year, it can still make it nice and cozy. As usual, it’s all about the little details and today we want to share with you some inspiring ideas for Easter table decoration that we found while surfing Instagram. Let them inspire you too, and feel free to tweak and change them based on the items specifically available to you.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

The bunny plates in this post from @the_holiday_house are adorable and the white and pink checkerboard pattern matches them beautifully. What ties it all together is the braided tablecloth in the middle and the rustic vase filled with fresh flowers from the garden.

Speaking of cute bunnies, check out this beautiful Easter table shared by @latabledegiselle. It has a green theme that might inspire you to take the celebration outside in your yard or garden and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Beautiful Easter Tablescape Inspiration

It doesn’t take much to put together a beautiful Easter table setting, as this inspiring post from @blueandwhiteandclassics shows. Mix and match some of your favorite dishes, a beautiful tablecloth and create a centerpiece using flowers (perhaps from your own garden) and potentially a few themed items, such as this ceramic bunny that seems to be quite curious about tulips, for example .

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Rustic tables are one of the best because they look really nice and cosy, and we could all use a little extra warmth right now. So go ahead and look around the house for something to incorporate into your design, things like wooden trays, cute ceramic bunnies and lots of twigs, leaves and flowers from your garden. The little birds’ nests are also beautiful here. Follow @ahouseonthelake for more inspiring ideas.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

It’s not the size of the Easter table that matters, but the people sitting around it, so don’t let the quarantine get you down. Instead, look for ways to add some cheer to the table. Perhaps a floral motif would be enough. This round table is a perfect example. It is full of colorful flowers and the little nests filled with Easter eggs are adorable. This is a post from @latabledegiselle.

Easter Table Setting Ideas And Decorations — Melanie Lissack Interiors

We love simple and clean designs and here’s a post from @bluerdesign that stood out. The exposed surface of the table is a nice detail that adds warmth to the interior and contrasts with the objects placed on it. Also the textures combined here look really nice together.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Since you might have more time right now, it might be fun to make something in preparation for Easter. How about some nature-themed Easter table decorations? You can use things like vines, moss and twigs and leaves to put together a magical design. We recommend checking out this inspiring post from @atlantahomesweethome first.

Spring table designs are perfect for the occasion and with a few key details you can create something really beautiful and special for Easter this year. Play with different textures and layers to add depth and character to your decor. Also, don’t use too many colors as they can become distracting. You can find lots of inspiration in this post from @thepaintedhinge.

Rustic Easter Table Decorations

Burlap And Bunnies Easter Table

Add candles to your Easter table to create a cozy atmosphere. There are many cool ways to do this

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