Sangeet Table Decor

Sangeet Table Decor – Have you ever wondered how you can enhance your wedding decorations with minimal effort? Well, the coronavirus pandemic this year has caused couples to dive deep into thinking about how to make their intimate wedding special. Both couples who are planning to get married this year are in a dilemma whether to have a wedding or to call it off. Some of them find it difficult to make the intimate wedding work while others take all the inspiration from the internet to make sure that everything about their intimate wedding is important.

Well, we are here to help those who are struggling to plan their intimate wedding during this pandemic. You can make your intimate wedding special with just a little decorating effort. Place the tables in this area with social etiquette and other good table manners in mind. We have just the right ideas to decorate the table for your intimate wedding. So be sure to check out our detailed list below and make your intimate wedding special with minimal effort. Also, don’t forget to put a free hand sanitizer on each table to protect your guests.

Sangeet Table Decor

Sangeet Table Decor

Colorful umbrellas are very popular in wedding decorations. You can hang them or even create a backdrop with these colorful umbrellas. Well, this time we give you a suggestion, use these different umbrellas as table accessories to make your table decoration stand out.

L’ambiance Wedding Decor

If you are someone who finds it difficult to get hold of some decorative items for your wedding, why not just do it yourself. The DIY table decoration would be perfect for an intimate wedding and would connect you more with your wedding guests. You can create anything you think is beautiful and put your artwork on each table to make your intimate wedding amazing.

Sangeet Table Decor

Do you have blocks in your home? We have specific uses for it like decorating the table for your intimate wedding. Take the colored legos and place them on the plate. Now you just need to send a special message to your guests. Get some inspiration from the image below.

Scented candles are always a fun addition to your decor. A table decorated with some scented candles is all you need to keep your guests happy at your intimate wedding.

Sangeet Table Decor

Latest Wedding Decor Trends For 2022 Weddings!

An Indian wedding is nothing less than a carnival and that’s why we have just the perfect table decoration for your carnival wedding. A small ferris wheel decorated with some flowers will add that much needed extra touch to your intimate wedding.

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If you have a day wedding then, a potted green plant is your go to table decoration. Adding more greenery to your wedding, these plants would be a unique idea of ​​interest to your guests as well.

Sangeet Table Decor

Add some whimsy to your wedding decor with some colorful cut chai glasses or some shot glasses. Be sure to fill these glasses with some fragrant flowers to keep your table decoration unique and quirky.

Sangeet/ Cocktail / Reception Decor Onwards — Weddings By Garema Kumar

If you are a classical music lover, show your love for music in your wedding decoration as well. Add a mini table with DIY paper wheels to add a desi vibe to your wedding. This adds a desi look to your intimate wedding without much effort.

Sangeet Table Decor

If you want something desi and unique to decorate your wedding table, get your hands on some quirky auto rikshaws decorated with colorful colors and flowers.

Finally, if you want to keep it simple but classy then nothing can be better than a beautiful bouquet for your wedding table decoration. A classic rose bouquet or a custom-made bouquet is all you need. Also, don’t forget to add some glass candles to enhance the beauty of your wedding decorations.

Sangeet Table Decor

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Sangeet Table Decor

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Sangeet Table Decor

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Sangeet Table Decor

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Sangeet Table Decor

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Wedding Centerpieces To Add That Extra Oomph To Your Wedding Table Decoration!

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Sangeet Table Decor

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Sangeet Table Decor

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Sangeet Table Decor

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Translating the beauty of traditional Moroccan magic, a true Sufi experience – this Sangeet theme is painted in ivory and gold colors with traditional orange accents to break the golden glow.

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Sangeet Table Decor

Decor that acts as a soft light so that your sufiana sangeet in a starry night is set. Throw in beds, canopies, low chairs with lots of cushions and a floral look with flower strings and wire curtains.

1. Accent walls – It’s a great way to use some statement and elegance in your decor. For a great Sufi Night experience, use cream colored walls and add round lamps all around with gold curtains – it’s sure to be amazing!

Sangeet Table Decor

Eye Catching Wedding Table Decoration Ideas For A Classy Wedding

2. Cozy Corners – Layering helps find the beauty in hidden corners. Invest in comfortable seating groups made from Mogra Strings in bulk – not expensive things that look good in bulk!

3. Sufi Seating – Get authentic with some Sufi beds with cushions, bolsters and rich decorative toppings!

Sangeet Table Decor

4. Illuminated Urulis – Cover empty spaces with soft illuminated Urulis (easily available in any tent 😎) Just add them in bulk to create clusters of light in a starry night!

Wedding Decor Theme Theme Wedding Planner, New Delhi

5. Scallops for the Passageways – Pimp up the passages with a detailed fabric scallop – easy, invisible, awesome!

Sangeet Table Decor

7.  Turkish Tables – Light up the tables with Moroccan lamps and add color with napkins, placemats and other goodies like flowers and fruit too! Dancing lights and intricate patterns are what make Morocco magical.✨

In a configuration like this, the really good ones matter the most in this configuration. Everything is really DIY friendly!

Sangeet Table Decor

Reception Decor Decisions At Indian Weddings

Tassle Treats – While your tent will be able to provide lights to illuminate the walls, remove a bunch of treats.

The Midas Touch – Take the fruits of the painting and add them to the central setting for the ultimate WOW!

Sangeet Table Decor

Creative Cushions – Add some accent pillows of your choice. Just one or two here and there and you’ll see the place pop up.

Royal Wedding At Umaid Bhawan Palace Dreamzkrraft Blog

Sufi Accents – Throw in some surahs, metal boxes, hookah to really build up the Sufi flavor.

Sangeet Table Decor

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