Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor – Coffee tables now create real style – and instantly brighten up your living room. The best part of this season? The options are endless and the rules: there are no rules! If you love him and he reaches his goal, everything is ready! Here, I’ve rounded up 11 coffee table ideas for every style and budget.

1. Going Boho (above) – A vintage wardrobe in photographer Anna Malmberg’s Stockholm home adds texture and acts as a storage space! I’m sure he has a lot of stories to tell too!

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

2. Stacked – Lauren McLean stacks her things on a Superellipse side table * from West Elm (the narrow size makes it perfect for small spaces) in her Montreal apartment. For something a little more understated, try the Superellipse coffee table*.

How To Mix Scandinavian Designs With What You Already Have Inside

3. Vintage Blues – Queen of Color Sophie Amalie made her coffee table out of colored laminate MDF board with scraps she bought from a carpenter and glued to the legs. “There are lots of great coffee table legs from places like Etsy,” Sophie tells me. The table adds a pop of color, balancing the artwork on the back wall of her beautiful apartment in central Denmark.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

4. All of the tables in Lovisa Hager’s Stockholm apartment, including this “just in place” low glass Lair coffee table, are her fantastic designs.

5. Duplication – Swedish photographer and storyteller Jasmina Bülund combined aMenu Turning Table* with aBy ondesign in her cozy Stockholm home (note – look for tables of different heights so they match).

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Best Scandinavian Living Room Ideas And Designs For 2022

6. Keeping it clean – The ultra-talented Katerina Dimahas added a modern look and feel to the room by choosing a plinth marble coffee table* in her minimalist Norwegian home.

7. Summary – Laura and Nora of Design Tales and Our Food Stories fame put together two lovely Frama Sintra side tables in their home in Berlin. I love how they combined black and white marble. In addition, they can move them around depending on who is sitting. Smart!

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

8. Rulondo – Swedish photographer and stylist Karin Boo Wiklander installed the FontanaArteTavolo Con Ruoteglass coffee table in her “super stylish” West Coast home. The shape works especially well with an L-shaped sofa and a large open space. Just make sure your kids don’t have shins or there will be a lot of polishing to do!

Here Is How Scandinavian Interior Design Can Transform Your Space

9. Bench Brand – I have used a simple rustic bench as a coffee table in my living room for years and it is very practical. Not only is it extra long, but it also doubles as an extra seat at the desk and a place for books and clothes at the end of my bed. These guys* sell similar (very nice) chairs.

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Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

10. Cool Concrete – Freelance interior stylist and CEO of Molge Decor, Carla Sophie Molge, chose the simple round Gallery coffee table from House Doctor, a modern, monochrome look that fits perfectly with the rest of her calming Danish home.

11. A reflective feel – and last but not least, perhaps one of the hottest trends right now, the Kristina Dam Mirror Table shines into the heart of Sidsel Garsdel’s elegant home in Copenhagen. The humble coffee table is a piece of work that combines style and functionality in a stylish package. From injecting color and texture into a space to providing a practical place to set up your coffee cups and remote control, there’s more to choosing a coffee table than you might expect.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Best Scandinavian Design Brands

As the centerpiece of your living room, it’s understandable that you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. But with almost endless options in color, material, size, shape and style on the market, choosing a coffee table can be a surprisingly difficult task.

We’ve put together a guide on how to choose the right coffee table to help you narrow down your choices and find something you love.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

To ensure that your coffee table works in the space, its height should balance with the couch or armchair that surrounds it.

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You should also consider the overall size of your living room, as a tall coffee table may look out of place in a small space.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

The standard height of most coffee tables is between 14 – 16 inches (36 cm – 40 cm). Aim for the sofa to be at the height of your cushions or an inch or two lower.

Although coffee tables are traditionally the same height as the surrounding sofas and chairs, modern design trends are moving towards lower tables to make them easier to reach.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Cress Coffee Table

This is especially common in Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired decor, creating a clean, open feel while offering the practicality of another usable surface.

As well as being a practical place to put drinks, low coffee tables are ideal for putting your feet up and creating a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

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Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

In Victorian times, coffee tables were actually placed behind sofas rather than in front of them, making them much taller than we are used to today.

Dashing Scandinavian Small Living Room Ideas To Help You Strike The Nordic Look

Unless you want to create a Victorian living room, a coffee table that’s longer than the couch will look out of place and awkward to use!

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

While easy to reach from a sitting position, a low coffee table helps maintain sight lines, especially if you decorate the table top.

As a general rule of thumb, the width of your coffee table should be two-thirds the width of your sofa to create balance.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Scandinavian Design Ideas To Try In Your Home

After that, it depends on the size of the room, the furniture that surrounds it, and the aesthetic you choose. If you only have one couch, a smaller table top will suffice. If the coffee table is to be used by several people sitting on the sofa, a larger surface is practical.

Your coffee table should be within easy reach when you’re sitting on the sofa, and there should be room to pass between the two.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

18 inches (46 cm) is a good distance between the sofa and the coffee table, as it makes it easier to reach over the table when sitting and sit comfortably without touching your knees.

Ebern Designs Sterlin Coffee Table

For large living rooms, place the coffee table closer to the sofa and leave more space on the other sides rather than in the middle of the room.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Whatever your preference, there’s a coffee table to suit! Here are some of the most popular coffee table styles right now.

The simplicity of Scandinavian design extends to the coffee table, making this style a great choice if your living room is open and stylish.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

The Best Scandinavian Design Coffee Tables

As with everything Scandinavian, you can expect elegant lines, soft curves and gray woods combined with monochrome details.

Industrial coffee tables look great in rooms with dark decor and work best in large spaces that give these unique pieces more room to breathe.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Japandi is a great design trend for the living room as the Japanese culture of sitting on the floor at low tables has influenced the low coffee tables we are used to today.

My Scandinavian Home: 11 Coffee Table Ideas For Every Style And Budget

Even if you choose a vintage piece inspired by this era of decor, mid-century coffee tables add an interesting kitsch feel.

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Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Unusual shapes, dark woods and functional storage dominate this coffee table style, creating an eye-catching centerpiece that still offers practical functionality.

Boho furniture is perfect for adding a relaxed, carefree aesthetic to your home, the perfect ambiance for a living room.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table Décor Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

You’ll find plenty of natural materials, neutral colors, and interesting textures on bohemian coffee tables. Carved wood and handwoven natural fibers are also common in this style.

Minimalism helps keep your living room open and clutter-free, making it a place to relax.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

For a minimal coffee table, look for smooth surfaces, clean lines, and natural or monochrome palettes. A glass, wood or stone table top combined with a sleek yet sturdy metal frame makes the perfect minimalist addition to your home.

Stylish Scandinavian Image & Photo (free Trial)

From sleek white rectangles to intricate shapes with mirrored surfaces, there are many ways to make a statement with a modern coffee table. Just make sure this piece complements the rest of the room.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

While a coffee table is a great place to enjoy a drink, it’s also a great way to entertain in your living room.

Whether you’re into art, film, architecture, or music, there’s something beautiful for you and your guests to explore over coffee. Mix and match your coffee table books and change them with the seasons, just like your pillows and rugs.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Top 25 Scandinavian Living Room Designs And Ideas

Fresh cut flowers, succulents and air plants are great additions that create a sense of life and freshness. Smaller vases work best on coffee tables because tall flower arrangements can be easily knocked over.

For those without a green thumb, artificial plants and dried flowers can inject a little nature into the space without having to worry about keeping them alive.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

Placing treasured mementos, framed photos or souvenirs on your coffee table will make these memories a fun focal point.

Interior Design Scandinavian Style Beige Aesthetic Neutral Tones Soft Light Home Inspo Inspiration Spring Vibes Danish Furniture White Livingroom Minimalism Decor Vintage Rg Rebecca Goddard (37) — Rg Daily

You can also choose a glass coffee table with a shelf underneath so you can create an attractive display without the clutter.

Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

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