Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations – We had a magical time at Isla’s Shimmer & Shined themed 7th Birthday Party. She loved dressing up as “Blue” and became a great Genie at that time!

We didn’t have many party games this year, instead we rented a bouncy castle for all the kids to play in the backyard. It definitely took a load off my shoulders and meant I had more time to focus on making some really cool DIY Party Favors and Favors with Isla for her guests.

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

The Shimmer & Shine themed party area was primarily purple and pink with touches of blue and gold. It looked really beautiful and Isla’s friends were very impressed when they arrived.

Shimmer & Shine Christmas Ornaments

Decorations and personalized party supplies were from Katie J Design and Events; Bunting/banner labels, posters, tapestries, party bags, chocolate, water and pop labels above. To check out the beautiful line of shimmer and shine party decorations,  Click here.

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

I made lots of beautiful DIY Shimmer and Shine Party Decorations in the lead up to the party.

There were lots of goodies for the girls to take home at Øyfesten. All guests received gold badges and a headband on arrival. They took home a party bag, personalized chocolates, a coloring book and a small Christian box.

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

Shimmer & Shine Foil Balloon Bouquet For Birthday Party, Helium Inflation Included, 5 Pc

I printed the coloring books on A4 paper and made a page with the Glitter and Sparkle image and the text Isla’s 7th Birthday Party. They had a good backup plan in case it rained and they couldn’t play at Hoppeslottet.

The party bags were filled with a Shimmer & Shine tattoo, a Shimmer & Shine necklace, a Shimmer & Shine hair clip, a Shimmer & Shine rubber bracelet, a party whistle, an LCM bar, a Lollipop and a packet of chips.

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Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

I made a lot of Shimmer and Shine Party food for Isla’s Party. Most of it was very easy to make.

Shimmer And Shine Party Decorations For Sale In Modesto, Ca

Isla’s Shimmer and Shine Birthday Cake was delicious and so easy to make! My roommate baked me 2 chocolate chip cookies the night before I decorated the cake and I cut out the balls to start.

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

First I frosted the bottom layer with Purple Betty Crocker Frosting and added the top layer and frosted that as well. I had a silly time adding little gold dove balls to the edges to create a border. Then it was time to attach the buns to the top of the cake.

Shimmer and Shine weren’t very comfortable to sit on, so I wanted to add some support to them so they wouldn’t fall in the sun. I wrapped the binding thread around a wooden stick and attached it to their backs as they sat. To make it easier to insert into the cake, I wrapped the skewers and twine in plastic wrap. Voila! A Shimmer and Shine cake that took about 40 minutes plus baking time.

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

Shimmer & Shine Party!

Isla’s Shimmer and Shine Birthday Theme features personalized party decorations from my shop,  Katie J Design and Events. We have banners, flags, posters, wall displays, party bags, chocolates, water and Pop top labels in over 250 party themes. Click here to check out the beautiful line of shimmer and shine party decorations.

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Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

As the owner of Katie J Designs and Events, Katie Lynch provides DIY advice and tips on “How to Create and Style an Amazing Party Everyone Will Love”. Katie shares simple and affordable party food, cake decorating ideas, inspo and photos from her 20 years of experience as a certified event manager. My daughters birthdays are a day apart. You heard right. Only one day separates Emma’s birthday from Charlie’s. This naturally means joint birthday celebrations for life! Luckily for Emma, ​​Charlie is too young to have any idea about the party theme, so when Emma asked for a Shimmer and Shine party, I started daydreaming about planning a party for some genius sisters.

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I wanted to throw a big party for my girls, but I also wanted to keep it simple so I didn’t bother putting everything together (I usually do). So I put aside the idea of ​​a Pinterest-worthy party and chose a few things I wanted to focus on to bring some genius magic to the little girls’ big day.

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

I kept the decorations mostly minimal, but I wanted to dress up the cake table a bit. So I bought some foil curtains to act as a backdrop and then I grabbed some gold number balloons to represent the birthday girls’ ages.

When Emma announced her intentions for a Shimmer and Shine birthday party, I immediately started brainstorming the menu. I’m not usually crazy about party decorations, so my favorite way to “theme” a party is food.

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

Shimmer And Shine / Birthday

I made this delicious “Zlamberry salad” using only grapes and jelly packets (you can find the recipe here).

Since Shimmer has pink hair and Shine has blue, it was only fitting that we should have pink and blue cupcakes. I love to bake, but I’m no cake decorating expert. That’s why I like to keep the cake decorations simple by just using frosting and a die-cut number of the birthday girl’s age.

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Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

For drinks we had “Genie Juice” (I used this recipe for the blueberry smoothie) and “Lea’s Lemonade” in glass drink stands. And on the bottom shelf of the basket we had a metal container filled with sparkling and non-sparkling water.

Deluxe Dessert Table Setup — Fantasy Parties

Growing up on the Mexican border, I remember every birthday party I went to as a kid, there was always a piñata. We hadn’t done one at any of Emma’s previous parties because she was too young to really understand or participate in the festivities. But this year I decided it was old enough. And what kind of piñata would be perfect for a Shimmer and Shine party? One that looks like a Genie gem!

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations

I hadn’t seen a piñata in any of the local party stores, so I decided to make one. Pink, of course (Emma’s favorite color) and she covered it with glitter hairspray for some shine! I filled it with lots of Shimmer and Shine goodies, toys, treats and more!

We had lots of little party guests to keep busy with our newly completed club house and pink bounce house!

Shimmer And Shine Table Decorations Amscan Shimmer And Shine Jewel Ring Collection

The party was a success and we had so much fun celebrating our two little birthday girls! And the most important thing. . . my teenage girls loved it!

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