Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas – Well the Shopkins craze hit our house last year and of course Morgan asked for a Shopkins party! Shopkins are just the cutest little things. They are small collectible toys based on grocery store items and have little faces and unique names. I totally collected them as a kid!

Well, let’s start with the main feature of the party – the cake table. Let’s talk about this background first! How scary is that? I purchased the printable design on Etsy (the seller is no longer available) and had it printed at Staples in the exact dimensions of our entertainment unit (our TV is behind there!) Printable dining tent by the same designer were I used my favorite fuchsia tablecloth found on Amazon and cut triangles for the top layer from an old white tablecloth to resemble a receipt.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Morgan asked for donuts instead of cake this year. I picked up some frosted donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and placed them on the cake stand. I think it looks like a cake and no knife was needed! There is a Shopkins character named D’lish Donut so it fits the theme perfectly.

Adorable Shopkins Cakes That Will Wow Your Guests

We chose other invitations for the cake table named after other Shopkin characters. We had cupcakes for Cupcake Chic and Cupcake Queen, Peach Rings for Peachie, Hershey’s Kisses for Choc Kiss, mini chocolate bars for Cheeky Chocolate, and fresh watermelon and watermelon gummies for Melony Pips. Kids go wild for sweets! I used some Morgan’s Shopkins to decorate the table and also mini shopping bags on some cupcakes. Other cupcake toppers can be found here.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

It was a two hour party so I planned a few Shopkins related activities to keep the birthday girl and her guests entertained.

The girls entered and found a seat at one of the two tables. I used a few toys from Morgan’s Shopkins to decorate the tables and I love using balloons on the ceiling to bring color to the space.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Shopkins Birthday Party By Minted And Vintage

I found these super cute bracelet kits from Starlet Beads and Bows on Etsy and each girl made a Shopkins bracelet to wear at home.

After making the bracelets, the girls grabbed a box of popcorn and went downstairs to watch some Shopkins cartoons I found on YouTube. The cute popcorn boxes were from SuperCraftDee on Etsy.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

We also played a few birthday party classics like “Pin the Candle on Wishes” and Pass the Shopkin (like a hot potato)!

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Musings Of An Average Mom: Shopkins Printables

After all the activities, it’s time for lunch! We enjoyed lunch favorites named after Shopkins characters, Pasta Fasta, Frizzy Pizzy, and Papa Pizza.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

After lunch, we sang Happy Birthday to the sweet birthday girl and enjoyed eating from the cake table.

Each little party guest went home with a bag containing their very own Shopkins pack to add to their collection and some colorful treats as well as a personalized Shopkins coloring book. I found a cute Life Size Shopkins Storage Basket on Amazon and it was perfect for holding party favors.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Raising Little Geniuses: Throw A Shopkins Birthday Party

Morgan’s Shopkins themed 8th birthday party was a hit and surprisingly easy to put together! I know it will be remembered for a long time! I hope you enjoyed it baby! If your child is a fan, Shopkins Birthday Party is a super party theme that lends itself to lots of fun and cute ideas! Read for

If you have a little girl who is four years old and well, possibly into her teens, you are very familiar with Shopkins toys. These tiny, super cute and fun characters are based on items you find in the grocery store and Shopkins World has hundreds of characters… even some that are super rare and exclusive – super finds! Here are some adorable, easy and playful ideas for your own Shopkins birthday party.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Rachel McAffee of Fawn designed this Shopkins themed birthday party for her daughter. I just love the bright colors combined with the delicious sweet decorations and treats! The yellow and white balloon arch really stands out against all the brightly colored Shopkins party supplies.

Centerpieces And Decor

You can find delicious Shopkins party supplies in tableware and decor sets that are big enough for 16 guests or you can buy plates, cups, party hats and napkins separately.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

There are so many details I love about this party setup that I want to be sure to point out for you. First on the features table, several Shopkins characters were featured with a special treat or favor. First up is D’lish Donut offering a cake stand filled with delightful fluffy donuts for guests to take home as party favors! You can do the same or fill a tray full of fancy donuts as delicious party food.

Lippilips lets himself have some fun at the Shopkins Party! Here are some cute lipstick pen party favors in a rare faceted lipstick tube! You can get real lipstick, but if your fans are little girls, all the moms will thank you for the pen version instead of the real thing!

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Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

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Is there anything cuter than Super Tie Ice Cream Cone? Maybe the smallest ice cream sandwich you’ve ever seen?! These little ice cream treat erasers make the perfect party favor for a Shopkins party, don’t you think?

If you’re the DIY type, you’ll love this tutorial on Miniature Shopkins PiƱatas! Amazing, isn’t it? But if you prefer something made for you, this Pull String Cookie Pinata and this Lipstick Pinata are also really fun!

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Now let’s talk about the cake! I absolutely adore the cake Rachel dreamed up for her party! And it’s something you can easily recreate at home! Take a brightly colored homemade or store-bought frosted cake and top it with vibrantly colored gumballs of various sizes, rainbow twists and turns lollipops, ice cream cone-shaped lollipops, and cake toppers. Add a few pieces from a repurposed Shopkins Photo Prop Kit as Easy, beautiful and what!

Shopkins Birthday Party Decorations Banner Balloons

We hope you find some great inspiration for a bright and fun Shopkins themed birthday party! Be sure to pin this post for planning later!

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

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Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

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Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

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A No Diy Shopkins Party Table

We wanted to bring the shopping world of Shopkins to life, and with larger-than-life props, we were able to bring the little toys to life-size proportions.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

One of our focal points for the cake table was a “store shelf” that we made using pasteboard and an old bookcase.

The “Shopkins” logo was created using foam core. Of course it added that extra special “Shopkins” feel to the store shelves.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

The Cutest Shopkins Party Ideas Ever

We found some super cute Shopkins piggy banks at our local Dollar Family for Valentine’s Day. They were the perfect size to fit inside our warehouse shelves.

On the cake table, in front of the bookshelf, was our wonderful “Wishes” cake, based on a character from Shopkins.

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Also, on the table, we used painted wooden letters and wrote the birthday girl’s name. We decorated each letter with different Shopkins inspiration. This is a super easy decorative piece that the birthday girl can keep as a party favor and reminder!

Childrens Party Theme Hire Perth

Another great idea is to use toys as part of your decor, especially if your child is like mine, and already has a bunch in their room!

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

What screams shopkins more than a pink shopping cart dessert table?! After spraying the shopping cart pink, we built a table inside to display our goodies in a fun way.

All the kids loved being able to “shop” for their treats! We also had wonderful cookies made by the very talented Jennifer from My Sweetest Moment. They were almost too cute to eat, but of course we did and they were delicious!

Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

Shopkins Birthday Party Decorating Kit, 7pcs

I hope by now we’ve inspired you to create your own Shopkins party for your little one and remember that “once you shop, you can’t stop!”

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Shopkins Table Decorations Ideas

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