Side Table Living Room Decor

Side Table Living Room Decor – The flat surface of the coffee table perfectly decorates the hotel. But adding a coffee table isn’t always easy! What are the must-have items on the graduation table? What makes this area useful? And how to make the coffee table attractive? Many of us don’t give much thought to how stunning each coffee table in our home looks, let alone how it works with the rest of the room. However, hopefully I can make every coffee table in your home simple and functional, and it’s awesome! Let’s go to the final table!

Today we discuss decorating tips and tricks on the podcast END TABLES! How to choose them, what to use and how to decorate them! If you are interested in side tables, this is the episode for you!

Side Table Living Room Decor

Side Table Living Room Decor

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Minimalist Side Table Ideas To Spruce Up Your Decor

Today I will introduce to you a very simple and easy to install side table. The style of the table depends on the size of the horizontal surface, the size of what is placed on the table and the purpose of the coffee table!

Side Table Living Room Decor

If your table is large and isn’t going to hold someone’s drink, you can add larger items and spread them out a bit.

If your table is occasionally used for drinks, there should be enough free space to prevent anything from tipping over.

Side Table Living Room Decor

How To Design A Feng Shui Living Room

Not every element I share today can be found in every coffee table. Choose the one that suits you and your room!

I have two identical lamps on the coffee table on either side of the sofa. However, my coffee table has a different shape. The color and height are the same, I really like that they don’t match!

Side Table Living Room Decor

Today I am sharing a nice sized coffee table with two shelves. A coffee table with shelves is a big win for decorating! Sometimes they’re just decorated like here, and sometimes they’re not as designed as stuffed and used!

Square Plantation Coffee Table/storage Chest

Going back to matchy-matchy, I love the lights on the side of the sofa. It introduces some symmetry that I love! Both of my coffee tables are big enough to work with my large urn lamps. The shade is easy to pass. The throat of the lamp is visible (that’s okay), but the socket is not (thank god). I love the little dangling on and off the chain and wanted to show it off.

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Side Table Living Room Decor

I tend to like tall lights because I have high ceilings, but smaller lights would work here too! It’s a good idea to keep in mind how much space your lights take up on your desk.

The balance between the size of the lamp and the size of the table is important! When designing a coffee table, the light comes first!

Side Table Living Room Decor

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

For me, books don’t just add character and color to a coffee table, they also act as a lift! Oh I love a bunch of books! If you have room on your coffee table, consider adding two or three books. They really don’t need to take up any space if you’re using them as habitat for other items!

I chose a decor book with blue accents to go with the placemat! BTW…you know how much I love Savannah, aka “Mothership”! Paula Dean

Side Table Living Room Decor

Low terrain, best decoration! This is one of my favorite decorating books! You can check out the book here.

Statement Side Tables To Add Impact To Your Home

A table is the perfect place to display artwork or photos! As you can see, I have a silhouette of Fantastic Dog Bo on my coffee table! All it takes is a small photo or a piece of art to add warmth and glamour to a coffee table. If the vase chosen for the flowers wasn’t so bulky, I’d probably support Bo’s portrait next to the flowers in the book!

Side Table Living Room Decor

I get a lot of emails asking why I don’t have family photos around the house. The answer is simple. I just don’t want them on my blog photos. I think my kids (now my grandson Anderson and soon-to-be granddaughter Emma Kate) deserve some privacy.

So instead of taking them off every time I shoot, I keep them in my bedroom to enjoy. Now that the room is finally done and ready to share, I don’t know what I’m going to do!

Side Table Living Room Decor

Lighting It Right: How To Choose The Perfect Table Lamp

If your coffee table is against a wall, it would look great to support a smaller mirror behind other items on the table! Even consider layering a mirror or larger artwork with a smaller blank frame in front.

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Every table in the room doesn’t need organic things like flowers. But maybe one or two would be nice! Bobby picked these dragons from our garden today. So of course I will use them. I decided to put them in a handcrafted pot vase that also doubles as a work of art.

Side Table Living Room Decor

Add life and beauty to a side table with just a few florets in a small bottle. Other organics like sticks and twigs, and even very convincing artificial plants, can also soften the table!

Best And Most Stylish Side Tables 2022

A nice bowl of willow or moss balls will work too! Be creative and work with what you have. I even keep the flowering weeds in a small vase on the coffee table. who knows?

Side Table Living Room Decor

Coasters and bowls look like an odd combination, they are! I have a beautiful set of coasters in my living room and family room, a great place for them to find a home on the coffee table!

I also like to have a small bowl on the coffee table, or even a bunch of nice and different bowls, but I probably don’t have trays and bowls on the same table. So it’s one or the other.

Side Table Living Room Decor

Home Decor 101: How To Decorate End Tables

Best to put out beach coasters so you can show off some nice coordinating coasters. If you have a lot of coasters, that’s okay, keep them in the drawer until you need them!

When a table has something special it looks so personal and inviting! Beau’s silhouette is both artistic and personal on this coffee table.

Side Table Living Room Decor

I might arrange something different, including the expensive monogram plexiglass box I recently received.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don’t Require A Home Stylist

Even something whimsical or fun that looks a little out of place can be fun on a side table! This is where your personality shines!

Side Table Living Room Decor

How about reorganizing and redesigning some side tables at home? I’ll look at mine again!

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Side Table Living Room Decor

Do End Tables Need Lamps?

Subscribe to get tons of ideas and inspiration delivered to your inbox. Plus, my ebook is 100 Home Decor Inspirations. Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what is missing from the living room design to decorate its contents. We always add important details and then add other details that just enhance the overall look. The side table is the last one, so today we bring you a selection of mid-century side tables that you can add to your living room decor!

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Side tables are a marvel of interior design. It can complete the look of a bedroom by adding a sofa by the bed, or complete your living room with a sofa next to you and your study by placing a comfortable chair next to it to read a book under the light of a desk lamp. The options are endless when it comes to designs, styles and colors, perfect to complement any look in your home.

Side Table Living Room Decor

Let’s start with a simple design, a dark wood that perfectly matches the light tones of the living room. It calls for Scandinavian inspiration and we are very pleased with how this design turned out. Since you have two places for your stuff, you can complement it with a small desk lamp, e.g.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Essential Home’s Konstantin side table has a more luxurious and modern design. Simplified shapes and clean lines show why less is more. Polished brass gives it a solid gold finish, making this accessory a must-have. Elegant and sophisticated, you won’t regret adding it to your living room decor.

Side Table Living Room Decor

Another great and modern design made entirely of wood. Whether it’s summer or winter, your living room will always look its best by using some natural elements and materials, so a wooden side table is something you can never go wrong with. You can combine it with earthy shades or even strong and bold colors. this is your choice! Any choice is sure to look great and help you organize your living room

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