Silver Dining Table Decor

Silver Dining Table Decor – Just before I left for the Christmas markets trip to Germany, I visited with my friend Marie and took some pictures of her beautiful Christmas tables. The dining room has the perfect place for a Christmas tree.

For her main dining table, Marie made a beautifully elegant tablecloth. Notice the green around the very top of the candlestick. I like that!

Silver Dining Table Decor

Silver Dining Table Decor

I love how the green of the Christmas trees goes so well with silver, white and crystal. So elegant with the perfect touch of color.

Gorgeous Easter Table Decorating Ideas

These beautiful crystal trees would make wonderful gifts for any dinner guest to take home at the end of the evening.

Silver Dining Table Decor

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Silver Dining Table Decor

Silver And Gold Christmas Tablescape

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Silver Dining Table Decor

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Christmas Decor Elegant Dining Table Setting In Red, Gold, And Silver Stock Photo

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Silver Dining Table Decor

We are not set-the-table kind of people when it comes to the everyday. (I mean, more often than I should probably admit, it’s a cereal-swallowing-while-sitting-on-the-couch kind of situation here.)

But when it comes to having friends or family over for a nice meal in our dining room, there’s a simple formula for a table setting that I’ve used for years for basically any occasion (or no special occasion at all).

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Silver Dining Table Decor

Simple Formula For Dinner Table Setting At Any Occasion

And I use a few tricks to make inexpensive items look luxurious. Some of my favorite inexpensive dinnerware and table decorations that I have used for a long time come from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart.

So if you ever find yourself hosting a fun dinner party and you’re stumped on how to set a simple dining room table, these are some of my favorites detailed in this post.

Silver Dining Table Decor

(P.S. You can see more information about the DIY tutorials, paint colors and resources in our dining room makeover here.)

Silver And Gold Christmas Tablescape

The best reason to stick with white, gray, beige or black tableware is because it gives you the freedom to choose any color scheme you want for any occasion and any flower arrangement!

Silver Dining Table Decor

Maybe some would call neutral dishes “boring”, but by using them as a blank canvas, you have the ability to set the tone for any holiday in a simple table setting.

I love this speckled exposed clay flatware set that we’ve owned for a few years. They are so strong (even with our kids knocking them over), and because they are stoneware, we can put them right in the oven.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Trendy Dining Table Decor Ideas For Small Tables

Neutral dishes are easy to find at the thrift store (even expensive, vintage kinds), so keep an eye out on your next thrift trip.

Add a sprig of rosemary, a handwritten place card or a leaf to any place setting for an important holiday.

Silver Dining Table Decor

It’s definitely not something to do every day, but that one little accent makes Thanksgiving, an anniversary, or a birthday extra special.

Silver Candlesticks (set Of 2)

We pulled magnolia leaves from our yard last fall, spilled them to put on each Thanksgiving place setting, and our oldest daughter wrote names on them with a silver permanent marker.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Our hydrangea bushes are always bursting at this time of year! And I love that it’s so easy to arrange with some green stems in the mix. (Or you can dry hydrangeas for a simple fall table centerpiece.)

I just place whatever flowers or stems I can find in a neutral vase like this clear pedestal vase.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Easter Table Decor In White, Lavender, Blue, Green

I like to cut a few ginkgo stems from our ginkgo tree in the front yard when it turns bright yellow each fall.

Or skip the vase altogether and simply scatter green stems directly on the table as an empty dining room centerpiece for the holidays.

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Silver Dining Table Decor

Last fall, I cut some purple leaf stems from the loropetalum bushes in our backyard and nested in some pears for a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece that everyone can arrange themselves.

Valea Home Table Runners 12 X 72 Inch Glitter Clover Table Runner For Kitchen Wedding Bridal Shower Decorations,silver Grey

For Christmas I cut hemlock and cedar branches to make an empty Christmas centerpiece and added some dried orange slices with orange pomanders I made with the girls.

Silver Dining Table Decor

I added some juniper branches that I cut from a tree in the parking lot of our girls’ school (with permission, of course).

Just a few candlesticks can bring a simple table setting to life. There is something about the flickering of the flame that makes a birthday or anniversary dinner feel a bit magical.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Creative Christmas Dining Table Decor For A Festive Feast

We play a little game in our house with our girls – when the candle is lit on the table, we act classy and practice our table manners. (My parents and grandparents did the same thing with my brother and me growing up, and it’s one of my favorite memories.)

You don’t need to fill the center of the dining table with knick-knacks or fill every open space with decor.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Let the table “breathe” and instead keep places open in the middle for serving dishes or a charcuterie plate.

Red & Silver Christmas Table Setting • The Reaganskopp Homestead

My favorite serving dish is this acrylic multifunctional 5-in-1 cake dome that can be used as a cake stand, divided serving plate, chip and dip server, punch bowl or serving bowl. And it works perfectly outdoors because it is shatterproof.

Silver Dining Table Decor

I use this white-footed bowl throughout the house, not only to serve food on the dinner table, but also as a fruit bowl on our counter or to grow paper white bulbs as a winter dinner table centerpiece.

This round cutting board is the perfect size and shape to create a charcuterie board for 6. I can’t believe this is from Walmart! It looks like it came from a high end store.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Top 34 Dining Table Décor Ideas

We break out this black flatware or gold flatware for special dinner table settings just to add a little something beyond the usual silver.

This is our breakdown of our table decoration! It’s very simple little details that add up to something special at the events we love.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Although, don’t worry… most of the time we eat messy tacos over paper plates. Just in case this post gives the impression that we eat ‘rose up’ meals by candlelight every day. 😉 Yes, no. It sounds exhausting.

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Valentine’s Day Table Décor 💟

But doing the special thing of the dinner table, it’s nice to put down the phones every now and then, turn off the electronics and enjoy each other’s company. Setting the table like this encourages us to do so.

Silver Dining Table Decor

You can see more information about the DIY tutorials, paint colors and resources in our dining room makeover here.

Have you hosted an unplugged, telephone dinner party lately? Even without the lit candles and flowers? No matter how the table looks, it is the quality time that is more important than anything. In this post: Looking for party table decoration ideas for a New Year’s Eve dinner? Try adding a touch of elegance with silver table decor.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Izzy Silver Dining Table Dream Decor

In fact, some of my favorite table settings use silver cutlery and accessories to add a sense of nobility and celebration.

In this season full of holidays and festivities, a tablescape that carries this patina of elegance is at home. Today I’m sharing a table I planned for New Year’s Eve, but it would be equally at home at any other chic gala.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Like most of my tables, there are several elements that are undeniably classy, ​​but the presentation is anything but stuffy. I try hard to avoid a prescribed layout of formal china with matching napkins.

Festive Table Setting For Christmas. Christmas Decor For Cafe, Restaurant, Dining Room. Spruce Twigs For Dining Table Decor. Linen Napkins And Tablecl Stock Photo

It’s not that I don’t like formal table settings, but I find a more creative approach infinitely more interesting. You certainly don’t need me to show you how to place a full set of matching china on the table.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Instead, I like to share a unique perspective, one that doesn’t necessarily have to be followed exactly, but can inspire ideas for your own vision.

Decorated with a silver zebra pattern, these beautiful heart-shaped salad plates from the beautiful brand Annieglass are perfect for tableware and gifts.

Silver Dining Table Decor

Modern Dining Table Centerpiece

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