Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

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There are many different tasks to organize on your wedding day, and while you’re choosing your dress and writing your vows, writing the reception together is just as important. This part of the day offers your loved ones a chance to meet and break the ice while you spend the day making memories. The reception also offers a chance to bring your own style to the day and decorate the room the way you and your partner want it.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Whether you want to keep it simple and opt for minimal embellishments or go completely extravagant with large centerpieces, the choice is yours. We’ve put together a list to showcase your big day inspiration and cover plenty of ideas for the direction you want to take your wedding day. For more ideas on how to decorate your wedding reception, check out 75 Easy and Creative DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas and 92 Creative and Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas.

Non Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Florals are a great way to keep it simple, but add your own spin by choosing what works for you. A classic white rose adds sophistication and sparkle to your day.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

If gardening is a hobby you enjoy, this could be for you. Miniature potted plants to line your reception tables. It will also provide a great talking point for any avid gardener.

Is your wedding in a castle? Or maybe during the winter months? Adding character to the evening can come in the form of tall black candles. Adding character and creating a space to allow guests to converse with each other.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Wedding Flower Pricing: Table Centerpieces

A romantic and unique way to set the mood for your evening reception can be to use lanterns. Candles can be changed depending on the light you want them to emit, and the rustic edge builds character.

Floating tea candles are a great option during the day, they create a whimsical feel and these small details will not be missed at the wedding. Glass cylinders enhance light and incorporate clear water, making for an elegant choice.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Flowers are a great addition to any reception table, but tall flower stands can make a unique statement for table attendees and give the table that wow factor. The table numbers will also be easily visible with the height table decoration.

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Irreplaceable & Romantic Diy Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

Incorporating the seasonal month into your wedding table decorations can provide inspiration as well as a color theme. Add a homely feel with a clay pot and fall flowers. Vases can come in all shapes and sizes, but it can be easy to match your theme when you choose one that works for you.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

On a tight budget? or do you just want to let the country do the talking? You can still add a romantic touch just by using smaller items or a place card. Consider small vases, confetti, splashes of color or some simple small accessories.

Why stop at flowers? Adding a small flower tree not only adds height to allow guests to talk and share memories, but also adds unique wedding flair and style to your wedding day.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations That Tie It All Together

Another idea for your big day is to add elements of greenery to the tables. Search will be faster and using nature can still play a role during the day without the floral note. Wedding table decorations can come in all shapes and sizes, so choose the best option for you.

Not everything on the reception desk needs to be styled by a florist or other supplier. Why not buy some jars and fairy lights and add that DIY touch to your wedding table decorations?

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Choosing to match your wedding table decorations with the season is another source of inspiration for the day. Using dried fruits such as pears and apples or even pumpkins depending on the time of year. This theme suits rustic wooden tables.

Cheap Diy Anniversary Decoration Ideas At Home

An unusual flower arrangement, but one that is becoming more and more popular. The simplicity of these flowers is perfect for a wedding day.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

You don’t have to stop at candles or flowers, adding height and texture with a thin wooden ring can accent the table. The decoration also provides a stand for hanging tea lights and creates a whimsical feel.

Adding a wedding table decoration to your summer wedding can come in the form of summer wildflowers, no vases needed, but this idea will work either way. Also adding a color palette works best for this idea, think blue, pink, red or orange, the list goes on.

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Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Wedding abroad or trying to create that feeling? Large tropical leaves and banana leaves may be the best option for you. Bring meditation to your wedding table decoration by keeping it simple and elegant.

Adding a filter to the table is almost impossible, but the lighting effect can be slightly changed with the help of lanterns and lamps. They can dim the candlelight for a romantic evening feel and add character with your preferred color choice.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Choose the theme you want, if it’s pink, choose it. Adding different shades of color and a mix of accessories will help you create the perfect table for you.

Breathtaking Head Table Decoration Ideas For Weddings

If texture is what you’re after, this might be the theme for you. Cacti come in all shapes and sizes and provide a unique decoration. The cost can be a little higher with these plants, but keeping it small and simple will help.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

When choosing a color, you don’t have to stick to matte, why not play with metallic colors? These can easily be entered with just the table number or business card font to keep it minimal.

This centerpiece will be the one everyone is talking about, candles and foil in a dreamy gold box. Centerpieces can match any theme with the personal touch of flowers and candles. Etsy offers a variety of great centerpieces with all price points in mind.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Simple & Elegant Table Setting & Centerpiece Ideas

Table runners can suit any wedding and are a creative way to create a base layer for confetti, menus or table glasses. Choose the thickness and color that suits you best and don’t forget the pattern.

Table numbers will defiantly appear on your big day as it helps you place all your guests when dining. They should not be forgotten when it comes to decoration. These details can be made into small centerpieces by choosing 3D, small plates or even glass to make them stand out.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Incorporating color into the reception area can easily brighten up the room or transform it depending on the interior. There are tons of options available, from flowers to placemats to glassware and flatware, the options are endless. Check out online shopping websites for color ideas.

Anniversary Decoration Ideas Give Your Loved Ones A Special Surprise

A coastal theme is great for beach weddings or anyone looking to incorporate the sea into their big day. Blue and white are often the colors of choice, but adding some gold accessories like table confetti or a small sign on the table can replicate the gold look.

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Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Small details on the table can help dreams come true little by little, the day will take its course and you will look happy on a special day. Try alternating napkin colors along with using chargers. A colorful plate can add a little something to the day.

Adding height and decoration with balloons is a fun and creative way to transform your wedding tables. They can be used to highlight table numbers or simply add color to a room. There are also many types like clear, colorful, confetti filled, big and small so take your pick.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Jual Table Decor / Dekorasi Meja Anniversary, Birthday (paket Couple)

Small details on the plates, such as ribbon and greenery, can also contribute to table decoration with simplicity in mind. If big centers aren’t your style, experiment with smaller details.

Another great way to remember your wedding day is by choosing dried flowers for your tables. They will last all day as a keepsake, but will also help create a rustic feel to any barn wedding. They would also work well being displayed around the country throughout the day.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

A personalized touch for your reception desks can be adding a romantic word to the room or even the couple’s names. It’s a more modern option that brings light into the room, but also puts an end to the search for candles and flowers. The sign can also be any size and small enough to be placed on any table.

Table Setting Decorations & Centerpieces

If flowers are your choice of decoration for your wedding day, why not experiment with the height and vary the choice of flowers throughout? Buying flowers can be challenging when there are so many options, but by alternating green and color, they can be designed to your exact requirements with the florist.

Simple Anniversary Table Decorations

Vases are not the only object that gives volume to the table, try such wooden elements

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