Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations – Today I’m sharing an idea for a festive Christmas table – with plaid, gold and a touch of red velvet with a magical glow. Let’s take a closer look.

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by!! Christmas just snuck up on me even though I’ve been decorating since October!! One of my favorite things to decorate for the holidays is the table. I really enjoy the creative process of making a beautiful table for Christmas Eve. We don’t have guests this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this simple table with my family.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Christmas Eve is always the night we go to church and come home to have a big Christmas party. This year we will be attending church online… but we are trying to make the rest of Christmas Eve as normal as possible. This simple Christmas table will be perfect for the five of us. I know my two year old Oliver might not appreciate it…he might not even stay at the table for long. But starting these traditions with my family is very important to me.

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Every year growing up, my mom did the same thing. When I was little, I loved helping her set the table every Christmas Eve. I have so many fond memories of helping her pick out napkins, set the place settings…. and be part of the process. I know my girls will one day!

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

The table doesn’t have to be over the top, just a few small touches can make such a big difference. This year I used what I already had. I didn’t use fresh flowers, instead I cut some branches from a cedar tree in my yard.

I used a piece of fabric for this look! I wanted a long runner that would come off the table and the easiest way to achieve this was to cut a beautiful fabric!

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

How To Decorate For Christmas: Expert Ideas From Interior Designers

I like to use knots to create more texture and dimension. These gold, vintage chargers are my favorite! They are elegant yet simple and go with everything!

Plaid is such a fun pattern to use during the holidays. I found these green check paper towels a few years ago and use them year round! I tied a red velvet bow around them and added a cedar sprig for extra greenery.

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Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

I always layer leaves to add another dimension. I used these red and gold checkered salad plates on this table to bring in more color… and more red. I love the little pop of red you can see under the anthem paper.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration & Setting Ideas

Candles always create such a magical touch!! I used gold candles for the holidays and I love how they tie in with all the gold accents.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

For more Christmas decorating inspiration, check out these posts: How to Create and Style a Cottage TouFew Christmas Table Homework is more fun than gathering Christmas decorations from storage and turn your home into your own winter wonderland. Every year you have to deal with the traditional holiday decorations – like trimming the Christmas tree and sprinkling your lawn with lots of festive outdoor Christmas decorations – but there are other parts of your home that you probably forget to decorate. Take your dining room table for example. Even if you’re not hosting a big Christmas dinner, you can still start decorating the Christmas table and we’ve got lots of ideas to help you turn your kitchen or dining room into a festive masterpiece.

If you’re always looking for more ways to bring the joy and festivities of the holiday season into your home, then decorating your table is a great way to make the most of any available space. From homemade decorations that you can make with the kids or on your own, to beautiful decorations that you can put together without breaking the bank, there are plenty of Christmas table decorations to create. Read on for all the best placemats, Christmas table decorations and other table decoration ideas to try this year.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Christmas Party Decorations & Supplies

All you need are winter stencils, crafts and plain canvas to make your own festive runner.

Small, festive touches make such a big difference and these felt trees add the perfect elegant touch to the Christmas table.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Turn the holly into a festive table centerpiece with a simple vase and gold spray.

Innovative Corporate Christmas Party Tips

Want to add some color to your table? Create a stack of rainbow gift boxes that you can then arrange in the center of your table.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Help everyone find their place with these personalized clear acrylic decorations that your guests can then take home with them.

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Place some of these beautiful ice candlesticks around your table to give the room a warm, magical glow.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Rustic Christmas Decorations 2022

Looking for a playful way to add new colors to your table? Choose pink crockery and colorful trees with a bottle brush, then create your own pastel Christmas village to serve as a table runner.

Fill plant pots and candlesticks with bright red cranberries to add contrast to the white flowers and candles. Then place your containers in the center of the table on a bright red table.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Make sweet dining room chair back decorations using mini vine wreaths decorated with DIY ornaments and evergreen branches.

Christmas Party Ideas

Who said Christmas tables have to be red and green? Take things in a more colorful direction by displaying a rainbow of bottle brush trees in the center of your table. Hang Christmas ornaments from the chandelier and brightly colored stars from the backs of the chairs for a special celebration.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Fill basic salt and pepper shakers with everything from mini trees to reindeer to add a festive touch to your table.

You’re sure to win creativity points from your guests if you gift your napkins with a simple (but impressive) folding Christmas tree napkin.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Christmas Table Ideas & Inspiration

Nothing brightens up your table like some shiny gold details. Use plain burlap and then decorate it with mini gold trees, gold ornaments, twine balls and pine cones.

Your kids will love helping with this DIY project. Place a small pillar container in a larger vase and fill the space between the balls (or gum!) in a festive pattern. Then fill the inner container with a mixture of anemones, garden roses and evergreen boughs.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

For a personal touch, leave a small wrapped gift box at each place, which you can fill with goodies or create just for decoration.

Office Christmas Party Ideas For 2023

For an unexpected centerpiece, swap traditional flowers for beautiful wheat stalks. For style, tie the package with a ribbon and place it in a clear jar on top of fake snow, then wrap the container with almonds and greenery for a pop of color.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Turn your desk into a giant candy cane with shades of red, pink and gold. If you want to, decorate it with a bright runner, striped napkins, gold cutlery and cane branches.

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Add a festive touch to your table by arranging your napkins in the shape of a Christmas tree, then using a strip of construction paper as a “suitcase” to write your guests’ names on.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Easy Diy Christmas Table Decorations: Upcycling Ideas For An Eco Friendly Holiday

Turn your candlesticks into miniature felt forests that you can cut into fir tree shapes and then hot glue onto candlesticks filled with fake snow.

Buy a dozen colorful vintage trinkets (or grab some you already have at home) and use them to fill a decorative glass bowl to the brim, which you can then display in the center of your table.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

To make these extra sweet cones, draw a large triangle on cardboard and cut it out. Roll the paper into a cone and secure the ends with double-sided tape. Print, trace and cut the sticker and attach it to the front of the cone. Then fill up on treats!

Fun And Festive Christmas Party Themes

Add visual interest to your table by setting up a row of red taper candles in brass holders of different sizes in the middle of the table, which you can then decorate with gold ribbon.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

To make these festive napkin rings, simply attach a loop of red and white baker’s twine to the bottom of each bulb using hot glue. Then tie your creation around colorful paper towel rolls.

Help your guests find their place with these mini bottle brush trees, complete with a small paper name tag tied to the tree with baker’s twine. Placing woven chargers under the plates will add even more charm.

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

Christmas Dinner Party Ideas

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on table decorations? You can easily make your own leaf garland from green craft paper. To make it, use a bone file or wooden skewer to open the veins in the leaves, then draw the incisions with a green pencil. When you are done, pass the cards to the middle of the table and place the red bells.

Decorate each one

Simple Christmas Party Table Decorations

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