Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations – This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner became an annual tradition for us the year we bought our house. It’s one of our favorite vacations so far! I like to take the time to plan the menu (often up to two months in advance) and set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. It is with great pleasure that I welcome and welcome our guests.

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Ever since we started throwing parties regularly, I started looking for ways to make the process easier without forcing anyone to play. Sometimes, it’s the schedule where I can get a lot done ahead of time so I can drink champagne while watching the parade. In other words, it’s a free table setting that’s comfortable and inviting without leaving me stressing about putting it all together.

A Simple And Elegant Thanksgiving Table

Today, I’m sharing some of my simple, tried and true tips for creating a Thanksgiving table that will wow your guests without stressing you out on Thanksgiving morning. There’s nothing specific going on here, and you can mix and match pieces from my favorite source, Bed Bath & Beyond, to achieve a unique look with ease.

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Tip 1: Set your table the night before if you can, or first thing in the morning after the turkey is in the oven. Bed Bath & Beyond is the perfect place for all your vacation needs! From the finest pan to the finest flatware, cookware that should go straight from the oven to the table, and all the beautiful plates, glassware and linens that accompany the celebration. , they’ve got you covered except for the turkey.

Tip 2: Let the food you prepare pass your table. While I will always love a beautiful floral arrangement, I think there is something to be said for an epic table setting that serves as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table. This long service course is another great vacation destination for me. Bonus: This allows your server to do double duty as an appetizer. There is nothing to hate about it!

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Elegant White & Gold Thanksgiving Table Setting

Tip 3: To instantly add a sense of dignity and status to your office, set up place settings. A dinner plate, salad bar, full-sized plates, bread boards with cute little knives, copper mule bags and wine glasses add a touch of sophistication while still being affordable. Most of us associate glasses and silverware with a “pretty” table, so show it off when setting a holiday table.

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Tip 4: Add your color palette! Everything doesn’t have to be in the usual holiday colors to feel alive. Here I have added different shades of blue with black buffalo napkins, straight black and copper plates in the bowls, butter knives and ice tray. The combination was very nice but unexpected. Not only is it more interesting, but I can use my favorite Bed Bath & Beyond pieces again and again all year long!

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Tip 5: Enjoy the process! Great. It is important in the process of participating in the celebration not to make our lives too difficult. That’s a big part of what I love about Bed Bath & Beyond and being able to shop at my local store or online when I’m getting ready for the holidays.

An Elegant Thanksgiving Table For 12 In Whites & Creams

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond. I was paid for this post, but all opinions are my own. The beauty of the season is captured by a Thanksgiving table, in warm fall colors, to share food with friends and family. Simple and elegant, this table is easy with simple materials!

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

One of our family’s favorite traditions involves preparing the Thanksgiving meal and hoping that we all get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Having more than 25 friends and family over for dinner at our house is no small feat, so preparing the tables in advance is key to making the day run smoothly. .

Today I’m sharing a Thanksgiving table in warm fall colors, but be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the beautiful tables my talented friends have to share! No matter your style, you’ll find great inspiration here!

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

This year I was inspired by the warm fall colors that are so popular this season. I also remember the fact that the color palette in my house is all about reds and grays, so I decided to combine them to create a warm table and honor the design of my house.

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I started with a plain white tablecloth as my base and added a gray tablecloth on top. While this may not seem like the start of a warm fall table setting, it creates an unexpected contrast of colors and a beautiful finish.

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I wanted a centerpiece that included fall color without being too dark, so I used a white heirloom pumpkin as the “vase” and created an arrangement using roses from my garden (yes, they’re still blooming!), seeded eucalyptus, chamomile , some dried flowers and orange blossoms. I found all the flowers at my local market for under $30 so this was a perfect centerpiece too!

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations & A Hostess Checklist

I mentioned making a flower in a pumpkin two weeks ago. You can find these details by clicking HERE.

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Along the centerpiece, I placed fake white pumpkins and then sprinkled a few more small pumpkins and some fake scents around the table. I also placed some pieces of eucalyptus and dried the “bunny tail” on the runner to add color and texture.

To set the place settings, I started with a galvanized box that matched the color of the table. This is important to add focus and colors. I placed my all-time favorite tablecloths over the bowl, (I swear by these tricks for almost every table setting!), then folded a drop cloth into a long piece and placed it on the edge of the table.

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Table Decor: Top 12 Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

I went over the place settings with these seasonal salad tables I bought and I absolutely love them!

And of course, I had to add the beautiful copper that I love, so I used my favorite accessories and copper bags to complete the look.

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I also added some simple decor to the dining room. A bowl of dough is filled with warm pumpkins, small fall leaves and some real plants to create a simple fall look.

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape On A Budget

I love the combination of this table because it’s a reminder that mixing sounds and tones works well. I was able to balance out the colors by matching the patterned table and then adding warm fall colors on top.

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Paying attention to small details, such as adding pieces of eucalyptus and oak, will help pull the look together.

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This warm colored Thanksgiving table is light and bright, yet captures the season and is cozy! Perfect match in my book!

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving table and some ideas on how to create a beautiful setting for your friends and family!

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Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Fresh Fruit Thanksgiving Centerpiece // 5 Easy Steps to Make a Thanksgiving Centerpiece // Thanksgiving Ideas // Thanksgiving Table Settings // DIY Floral Centerpiece It’s Easier Than preparing all the food for Thanksgiving, thinking about how to serve it. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for four or 40 friends and family, you need to make sure your table looks as good as your food, including everything from the tablecloth to the place cards. If the idea of ​​creating a festive fall table has eluded you, then these Thanksgiving table setting ideas will help you get started.

You might want to go for a warm and inviting look with wicker charger plates and a pretty checkered table. You might want to bring some festive decorations with gold plates and a coffee table. No matter your style, there are Thanksgiving table setting ideas that will grab your attention and make your dining room as happy as your turkey. Don’t forget to set your Thanksgiving table with an amazing centerpiece!

Simple Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Diy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Forget over-the-top Thanksgiving menus—this new menu infuses classics with fun ingredients

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