South Indian Table Decor

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Wedding centerpieces are a great way to enhance your wedding reception decor. These wedding table decorations come in a variety of themes and complement the look of your guest’s dinner table perfectly. From wedding floral centerpieces to Indian wedding table centerpieces, here’s a list of the top 10 wedding decorations that will give you the biggest #decorationgoals!

South Indian Table Decor

South Indian Table Decor

Inspired by the beauty of trees, these wedding centerpieces have branches spreading in all directions, decorated with everything from flowers, leaves, crystals, candles, and more! Tree inspired wedding centerpieces are a great idea for indoors rather than outdoors!

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Using bird cages or bird nests is a major decorating trend right now! So why not use this to your advantage and add a beautiful bird to your wedding table decorations with flowers, lights or candles as a wedding centerpiece?

South Indian Table Decor

The best idea is to use umbrellas as wedding centerpieces in India! The choice of colors and styles you can find in decorative umbrellas is almost endless! Choose an umbrella that matches the rest of your decor and match it with flowers, curtains or glass pendants!

Do you love light as much as I do? Well, these wedding table decorations that use chandeliers, fairy lights, and all kinds of mood lighting are the perfect wedding favors for your big day!

South Indian Table Decor

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If you want to keep the wedding table decorations as small as possible to avoid clutter, you can choose ceiling hanging wedding decorations. Creating a garland of flowers or lights over the reception table decorations and hanging them from the ceiling is a great idea!

Honestly, the candlesticks all look like royalty. Placing elaborate candlesticks along with your wedding table decorations will definitely make your decorator look classy. Decorating a candle holder with flowers or crystals will elevate your wedding centerpiece!

South Indian Table Decor

A great way to enhance the look of your wedding table decorations is with candle holders. Even if you have a wedding centerpiece, hanging a chandelier over the wedding table decorations will give it a bright and elegant atmosphere.

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Top 21 Trending Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

If your personal style is sleek and minimalist, these wedding decorations are the right choice for you. Simple yet charming, everyone uses minimal amounts of flowers, candles, and other decorative materials to create a clean and elegant wedding table setting.

South Indian Table Decor

Do you like to decorate flowers? Get these wedding centerpieces that use extravagant floral arrangements to create a royal look.

Tip: If you want a more sophisticated look than decorating your wedding table, you can use only one color and one type of flower!

South Indian Table Decor

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South Indian Table Decor

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South Indian Table Decor

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South Indian Table Decor

South Indian Wedding Decor Ideas To Consider For Your Wedding

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Your email ID has not been verified. A confirmation email was sent when you signed up. Check your inbox or click here to resend your email. Hello, it’s been over a year and I’m back on the blog. Life is busy with babies and I’m happy to be with my loving family and spouse all the time. Ok life aside, let’s go back to the Sremantham decorations I made for my Srimantham a year and a half ago. Sreemantham is a traditional baby shower in South India.

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South Indian Table Decor

I planned this background in advance. I wanted a traditional, simple, background deity or symbol. I wanted to relax and go with an old maroon and cream color combination. I was inspired by the Ganesha flower from a wedding photo I saw on Pinterest a long time ago. I didn’t want to use fresh flowers because the holidays are such a chore. So I went ahead and ordered these fabric flowers from Thisetsy and they took 15-20 days to reach me.

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I used foam board from the dollar store and started drawing the outline of Ganesha. I attached everything that was different from my inspiration character (hands, idol legs). If you have the patience and energy, I recommend using thick cardboard instead of foam board. Because the foam board is easily worn after painting. The foam board will be resistant to single use.

South Indian Table Decor

I painted it with red acrylic paint to match the flowers so the white board wouldn’t peek through the red flowers.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the fabric flowers to the cut foam board as close as possible. The plastic stem under the flower should be cut and glued.

South Indian Table Decor

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I hung it on the back support using wire. I reinforced the back of the Ganesha cutout with some foam and hot glue to add some strength to the joints.

For the backdrop, I bought some satin fabric and a backing from Amazon. I sewed a large curtain out of cream fabric and made a pocket at the top to hold the stick. I followed this video from youtube to fix my background and fabric. I tied some string from the top left corner to the top right corner of the back edge to add some beads my mom got from India. For the top center I used some faux flowers I had on hand.

South Indian Table Decor

Sreemantham traditionally places 5 or 9 plates on the table filled with lots of fruits, nuts, sweets and sweets. I borrowed a steel plate and diva stand from a friend. My brother-in-law is so sweet, he went to great lengths to bring my favorite dessert from Atlanta to Tucson. And my mother did little at home. We added a simple 2-tiered cake to the table, but this is not customary in India.

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The most important items on the Sreemantham table are bangles and flowers. Each guest gives a bracelet to the mother and blesses both mother and baby. She chose pink and green bracelets to match her saree.

South Indian Table Decor

As a return gift, I bought these cute bracelets from India. Each friend’s hand is roughly estimated and their name is written on the bracelet flap to make it easy to give them to the party.

We collected bangles, tambulam (beetle leaf, betel nut, fruit, pasupu, kumkum, piece of shirt) on a decorative plate.

South Indian Table Decor

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For the return gift bags, I used my Cricut to add a thank you note and a little bling.

All in all, the party turned out exactly how I wanted it to, and the best part was that everyone loved the food my mom and sister-in-law cooked at home.

South Indian Table Decor

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Additional Information: If you are in the US and looking for fresh flowers, beetle leaves, mango leaves or pooja, there are websites that offer overnight delivery anywhere in the US. I didn’t know this before sreemantham. I thought a word might help someone.

South Indian Table Decor

Here is a picture of my husband and I from Srimantam (South Indian baby shower party). Hope you enjoyed the party too. Thank you for your acceptance.

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