Space Party Table Decorations

Space Party Table Decorations – Just last week my son turned 3! To celebrate his birthday, we had an out-of-this-world themed party. All the details and finishing touches with delicious food and family, made for great memories!

Blue and White Marble Milkshake Cupcakes with Gold and Pearl Star Sprinkles and Gray and Gold Sugar Cookie Stars – By MaiB

Space Party Table Decorations

Space Party Table Decorations

Although I kept the decorations to a minimum with the balloon arch, wreath, balloon #3, and rocket ship, they still had a lot of visual impact and brought the scene to life. I went with a modern gray/silver/white color scheme for the balloons and flowers, with a pop of color from some 3D planets. Such a quick and easy setup and I love how it all turned out. It took a total of 3 hours and cost less than $75!

Best Space Themed Snack Ideas

Balloon arches look scary, but they are so simple and easy to put together! This balloon kit comes with everything you need – 103 balloons in various sizes and colors (basic, white, silver), a balloon tying tool, decorative string and stickers. Ballooning is time consuming, so I highly recommend using an electric balloon pump. They are worth it (especially if you consider that you will do more than one series in your life) and they get the job done quickly. To assemble the arch, attach an inflated balloon to the decorating line by inserting the balloon ties into the holes. Once all the balloons are inserted, use glue dots to attach the arch to the wall or ceiling.

Space Party Table Decorations

For the centerpiece of our wall we used this set of flowers. These include a rocket, two shiny silver star spinners, a “moon” wreath, and six 3D comb planets. The silver stars, banners, and planet rings matched the theme perfectly and the planets added a nice pop of color to the room. The planets can be mounted on the silver cord provided, but I choose to mount them on the wall.

Designed as a fun tool and playhouse for children. ‘Draw your own rocket ship’ has a working door with many parts to paint such as windows, guests and control panels. The children had hours of fun – they loved playing inside and coloring outside with crayons and markers. It’s a little loose from kids getting in and out of it, so I highly recommend securing it with heavy duty duct tape. It was easy to assemble and folded up easily for storage.

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Space Party Table Decorations

Outer Space Astronaut Training Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

This #3 silver foil balloon is 32″. You can fill it with air and stick it to the wall or fill it with helium and tie it to the weight of the balloon. You want to use this crescent moon balloon. I was too, but I didn’t make it in time.

This birthday party was so much fun to create! I hope this gives you inspiration for your next party.

Space Party Table Decorations

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Baby Shower Banner Birthday Party Background Outer Space Universe Children Photo Backdrop Newborn Dessert Table Decor W 1015|background|

I have a confession to make. Originally, I planned to have my youngest child’s first birthday party.

Space Party Table Decorations

And then came the quarantine and it didn’t work. A quarantine party was more appropriate for his birthday then.

So I stocked up on party supplies and convinced the middle one that it would be a lot of fun for her 5th birthday.

Space Party Table Decorations

Blast Off! Outer Space Birthday Party Ideas

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I’m excited to share a few ideas you can make at home – whether you’re celebrating as a close family (like we did) or inviting friends and family!

Space Party Table Decorations

Read on for all the birthday party details and buy a copy to create your own party.

Table Decoration Ideas 2022 — Chic, Easy Tablescape Ideas

For the dining room I made two pieces of balloon flowers and I love how they turned out.

Space Party Table Decorations

I used a new technique where I blow up two balloons and tie them, blow up two more and tie them, then cross and twist them to form a group.

Then you can use clear fishing line or balloons that are used to make pictures of animals to tie them.

Space Party Table Decorations

Halloween Home Decor Ideas To Easily Spook Up Your Space

Two mylar balloons, including this astronaut, held it together. I also like the circle option – it has two sides so you can choose which side you like best.

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This wreath can be used to hang on a fireplace mantel or on the wall as part of your home decor.

Space Party Table Decorations

I always enjoy setting the table because there are so many plates, paper napkins and cups.

Birthday Decoration At Home With An Easy Way Of Tips

I really have a stash, I can be addicted to buying cute accessories. It’s like I save paper plates!

Space Party Table Decorations

These star panels are no exception. They are great for this table, but they will work for many other themes and holidays such as New Years.

I love the look of layered dishes, which are great for desserts, programs, and big events!

Space Party Table Decorations

Out Of This World Space Party

For a festive touch, these space lollipops can be placed in each setting as a fun little gift for each guest.

Festive posters are my favorite way to decorate. They can be printed, cut, and stitched and can bring together a party at a low cost.

Space Party Table Decorations

This printable space can be found in my shop and you can print and print it in a traditional way.

Achilles’ Out Of This World 6th Birthday Party! — Ana Jacqueline

A welcome sign is always a good idea! I put this on the dining room table but you can create a small vignette near the door or banquette.

Space Party Table Decorations

Different size signs and different subject words are easy to add valuable information.

It’s really fun to match the signs with the food and the scenery. Use these reversible tent cards to label items.

Space Party Table Decorations

Creative Balloons Decoration Ideas For Your Party

Nice! I don’t know that I have the motivation to exercise, so I’ll leave it to the experts.

Instead, I picked up a cake from the grocery store that had no decorations and got to work. Obviously I forgot to take a picture before but let me explain what I did.

Space Party Table Decorations

I wiped the frosting, which was characteristic on the cake and put it on a plate. I then smoothed the frosting back onto the cake using a pastry cutter and rolled the cake onto the cake stand.

Rocket Ship Diy Cake Stand That’s Out Of This World!

I added purple food coloring to the bowl to add a gala effect.

Space Party Table Decorations

This rocket cake topper was made by “print and cut” on my Silhouette Cameo. I printed it on cardboard to give it weight.

Do you like these party details? Shop for jewelry at retailers such as Oriental Trade and Amazon. Some items may have been discontinued by the time this article was published.

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Space Party Table Decorations

Pack Of 10pc Space Theme Birthday Decorations Hanging Swirls Rocket Planet Astronaut For Happy Birthday Supplies Kid Home Decor

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it.Ok20 Space Birthday Party Ideas for Kids – From space party games, space party decorations, Printables, Gift Ideas, and space invitations.

If you’ve got a little inventor at home, we’ve got some space art ideas for kids as well as 20 space crafts for kids that are just as amazing as they look. Use these to learn about rockets, spaceships, the moon, galaxies, constellations and more.

Space Party Table Decorations

I was recently asked by a reader if I could take orders for craft ideas / gift giving for their child’s outdoor party. But this thread has given many ideas and the net can be a blessing for you, so here it is

Simple Table Decorations For An Italian Dinner Party

We have a special gift for you. Click the image to download the Free Solar System bingo game.

Space Party Table Decorations

I will make a custom invitation – black card stock (chart paper), some Stars, and a rocket print.

I can dress it up a bit by cutting a circle out of a spaceship and taping a picture of my kids on the back.

Space Party Table Decorations Toniful Outer Space Party Table Decorations 2 Set Blue Purple Silver Centerpiece Balloon Stand Holder Kits With Astronaut & Rocket Balloons 14 Sticks 14 Cups 2 Bases For Space Theme Baby

If you’re not going to make the cards yourself, there are plenty of digital options for printing your invitations 🙂 .Here are a few that I really like –

Free party posters created by Valerie from Catch My Party. I love cute aliens, rockets, astronauts and planets! Collection

Space Party Table Decorations

The collection includes invitations, cakes, food cards, water bottle labels, “Happy Birthday” posters, awards and recognition signs.

A Celestial Birthday Party For Cooper That’s Written In The Stars

Make your own rocket and start using leaves – it’s a great way

Space Party Table Decorations

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