Spotlight Table Decorations

Spotlight Table Decorations – Golden hour: Florist Milli Proust loves straw flowers on the table—they’re affordable and work well with winter foliage and branches. Photo: Millie Proust/The Observer

Homemade cookies, twinkling lights and lots of fun… top tips on how to make your table the star of the show this Christmas

Spotlight Table Decorations

Spotlight Table Decorations

I love thoughtful decorations on the Christmas table. This year my table will be filled with our cookies, along with funny (hopefully!) jokes, hats and stickers. Each location will also have one of our ceramic balls – little things that will adorn their trees for years to come.

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Add impact and color without spilling a new tablecloth by using wrapping paper for each guest’s oversized place setting: marbled paper from Compton Marbling or Shepherds book binders. Cut a standard sheet in half and place your place on top, including utensils and more. Also, vintage madeleine molds that are easy to find on Etsy or eBay make the most beautiful taper candle holders.

Spotlight Table Decorations

Our Christmas table was a white tablecloth with lots of candles and paper white daffodils – a daffodil you can force to bloom indoors in the winter, which I sometimes serve in smaller silver cups. But I really like looking for whatever I can find – pink butts look great.

I think napkins are great for elevating the table. I have a variety of napkin rings, but other than that, you can also make your own with twine or twine. Look for bay leaves or holly to thread through the string. Even better, if you find a large flat sheet, you can write your guest’s name on it as a business card for a very special touch.

Spotlight Table Decorations

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Using what you can find outside—holly, fir, bay leaves, and herbs—and mixing the stem of one flower into another makes for an effortless centerpiece in the middle of your table. I like how different layers have different accents; use an upside-down bowl or old fashioned glass as a base for other bowls of fruit or snacks for an interesting “up and down” effect.

I always make my own cookies (from any major craft store). This is a great way to give a great gift other than nail clippers. I always paint them myself (or my daughter helped out this year) with bold acrylic paint, then I wrap colored thick velvet around the ends for something very personal.

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Spotlight Table Decorations

I just love decorating paper – it’s affordable and durable. Find vintage streamers online and at vintage markets that you can weave around the table, and add a bowl of marzipan fruit and candied almonds for an extra treat and some fun festive color without resorting to the usual cliche colors.

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A Christmas table should be fun – start with a pretty tablecloth. I like the high/low effect with taper candles and twigs because it creates a nice visual effect and you never want anything to cut off the person on the opposite side. My plates and bowls are also elevated so you can squeeze other plates next to them as there is never enough room.

Spotlight Table Decorations

I like to use straw flowers as they glow by candlelight and for only £10 a bouquet they make a beautiful sight. Cut them to different heights and put them in bottles or stone vases, place them next to different candles and they will glow so beautifully. They also work well with winter foliage.

I always want my tables to look gorgeous, just like the ones in the paintings. That means lots of candles at various heights and stacked cake stands on which I place pears, apples, grapes or leafy clementines for a sense of abundance. Small bowls of nuts, chocolates and gold coins scattered in the center of the table can also look very festive. Meet Toni Lenzi, Simply Flowers, With several years of design experience behind him, Toni has opened a boutique studio specializing in eye-catching floral arrangements for those who love to entertain or just have fresh flowers in their home. Since then, she has ventured into wedding design, focusing on detail-oriented couples who want beautiful wedding flowers, keeping in mind the importance of enjoying the process. There is an endless stream of newcomers, but she still likes that every wedding has its own unique style.

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Spotlight Table Decorations

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Toni and I have worked together for many years and it was a real pleasure to work with her throughout the planning process and she does a fantastic job with every wedding. Emily and James’ wedding at Saints Faith Hope and Charity Church and Indian Hill Club is just one elegant example of her work. We worked together to combine the paperwork with the bright mint and coral floral and decorative designs she created for the day.

“I was blown away by the simplicity of the invitation, but when you look at it, the details are so subtle, the soft mint border and the charcoal ink, and oh, and the blocky font with their names written in handwriting, perfect.” – Tony Renzi

Spotlight Table Decorations

Photography: Nicodem Creative | Planning & Floral Design: Simply Flowers | Ceremony Venue: Saints Faith Hope and Charity | Reception Venue: Indian Hill Club | Stationery: Glamor Studio

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Spotlight Table Decorations

STEP 3 – If using placemats, place them in place. If you choose to use napkins as placemats, fold the napkins in half and place them so that they overhang the edge of the table.

Step 4 – Now it’s time to make the plate. Put each charging plate in place first, then the large dinner plate, then the side plates, and finally the bowl.

Spotlight Table Decorations

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STEP 6 – Use several bowls and plates in the center of the table runner as sharing plates. If your table is large enough, use a napkin to make a small station for your sauce or condiment. This will create interesting layers in your table setting.

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STEP 7 – Finally, use various decorations and take the center of the table to fill in all the space between the bowls and plates. Start with larger objects, such as candles and larger ornaments, and then fill in with smaller objects, such as baubles and picks.

Spotlight Table Decorations

STEP 8 – Once your table looks nice and full, the last thing to add is place cards or sweets for your guests. Step 1 – Begin by threading the eucalyptus branches through the wire wreath. Continue weaving and overlapping branches through the wire wreath and other branches until the wreath is completely covered. Fill any gaps with sprigs.

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STEP 2 – Flip the wreath over and fill in all the holes with more branches and leaves so that the sides of your wreath are clean and tidy.

Spotlight Table Decorations

Step 3 – Cut 2 lengths of jute twine and tie each end on opposite sides of the garland. The length of the string will depend on where you’re hanging the wreath, so cut it long enough so you can adjust the height after hanging it.

Step 4 – Cut a few lengths of Christmas ribbon and tie around the ball. We cut the existing baubles loops/strings and used Christmas ribbons instead so the baubles could have a consistent look and hang at different heights.

Spotlight Table Decorations

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Step 5 – Once all the baubles are strung, they are ready to hang. Tie the ribbon of each ball to the garland, making sure the heights are always different.

Step 6 – Finally, add more baubles to the wreath base by pulling on the green.

Spotlight Table Decorations

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