Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas – In this post: If you love seasonal decorations, these simple spring decorating ideas for your dining room will help you bring a fresh touch to your home.⇒

I spent a lot of time and effort removing most of the color from the dining room.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Still, I paint colors when spring comes. “What am I thinking about?” you can ask

Spring Table Decor: How To Style For The Season

Oh, but that was part of the plan! The point of returning my room to a stylish neutral color was to make it easier to add any pops of color with accents and details. Our next post will detail our dining room transformation, but today we’re sharing some simple spring decor ideas to help you celebrate the season in your favorite room.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Thanks to sponsor Amara for providing many of the spring decorations in this post. To find these items for your home, check out our list of resources below.

The main thing in my seasonal restaurant was a very simple style. Unlike the recent Easter table setting, with lots of color and pattern, this room has a softer approach.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Green And White Easter Table Setting

Against a neutral backdrop of dark wood, creamy white and gold accents, it doesn’t take much to make an impression.

No wonder you always use fresh flowers at home without thinking. But in spring I like to use seasonal flowers like tulips and hyacinths. I am completely mesmerized by the scent of hyacinths, and I purposely wander past them to catch a fleeting whiff. Filling a vintage dough bowl is always fun, and if you’re doing nothing else, that alone will go a long way in helping you hang on to spring.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

It doesn’t have to be completely white, but creamy white ceramic plates are a great way to brighten the mood. The blush pink napkin adds softness, and the overall goal is to create a light base that allows the flowers to shine.

Cottage Farmhouse Table Decorating Ideas

Soft pinks, pale periwinkles, rich creams and soft greens add just enough color to signal spring without overpowering the reds, oranges and yellows.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Can a butterfly get far behind with a bowl full of flowers? This gorgeous gemstone napkin ring is perfect for the season with a nice hint of color and a conceptual nod to nature. These are my favorites so we’ll be seeing a lot more in the future.

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When fresh flowers are not enough, how nice it is to emphasize the seasonal look with a glass decorated with flowers of an unusual color.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

How To Arrange Simple Table Decorations In Minutes

In addition to these specific spring decor ideas, here are some “year-round decor” items that will add a touch of spring.

My dining room is dark, so lots of crystals help reflect the light around it. Likewise, clean white underwear always says spring to me.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Gilded accents adorn the scene. While I love it, it works well for all season decor. From vintage candlesticks to modern gold trays, playful tulips go together beautifully.

Simple Easter Table Setting Ideas

It doesn’t take much to add simple spring decor ideas to your dining room while maintaining an elegant tone with a subdued palette.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

As the season progresses, the colors may get a little stronger, but a light hand and restraint can speak volumes, even if the season is just beginning.

To view, click the item below for a direct product link. We have provided similar options in case the actual item is no longer available. If a product is out of stock but can be restocked, we leave it on the list.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

How To Decorate A Table For Spring

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop My Favorites, My Instagram, and My Amazon. Enjoy!! The color of spring is my favorite color! I love to decorate certain parts of my home with spring decorations. I don’t know if it’s the flowers or the colors or the cute Easter bunnies and eggs, but I’m just happy!

The color blends so well with the rest of our home that it’s easy to add here and there without having to renovate the entire room.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

For most holidays or seasons, we only decorate a few places around the house to keep things cheap. The exception is, of course, Christmas, when the whole house is transformed. The dining room is a space I frequent and decorate every season. It’s the perfect place to decorate and give your guests a seasonal welcome!

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Spring Table Setting For Mother’s Day Luncheon

Changing the decor is very easy without spending a lot of money. Pillows, table centerpieces, bargains from the Target dollar spot and Hobby Lobby, and the setup is complete! This year I decided to buy some new runners to spruce up the table a bit. Found this adorable bunny design from TJ Maxx. The adorable bunny hopped into my cart when I received the runner and two Easter plates!

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Target’s cute burlap Easter tree is from last year. It went perfectly with the pastel tones of everything else. I’ve also seen them in the Target Dollar section this year, so if you’re lucky you may still be able to find them! I kept the table decoration simple. There are only a few pieces on the runner and top. This contrasts with the Winter Wonderland dinner I made for Christmas!

Sometimes decor calls for a room full of beautiful things, sometimes it calls for simplicity. Don’t be afraid to try both!

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Dining Table Decor Ideas For Summer

Hobby Lobby’s Mycotton Garland already hangs on my wall all year long, so I put it in there because it goes perfectly with the rest of my decor. I added another garland to the window that I found at TJ Maxx. How could you not fall completely in love with the pink eggs and the delicate look of this wreath?

The sideboard holds my collection of Rae Dunn mugs and dinnerware and I love that it matches all of my decor colors! I added a basket of easter eggs to the mug and the color is perfect!

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

But my favorite item to swap out for every holiday is a galvanized layer tray. Switching is very easy and cheap. A quick trip to the Target Dollar Spot and a few items from World Market, Pier 1 and the seasonal section of the supermarket will transform your tray! If you want to decorate every holiday but don’t want to spend a lot of money, these trays are great.

Easter Table Decor Idea

At the end of the buffet, a garland of anegs was hung on the mirror! The last thing I did was replace the cushions I had on the aqua chair. With so many great seasonal pillows in each store, it wasn’t hard to find one that you loved!

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Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

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I love comfy pillows, warm down comforters, rustic furniture, and seasonal flowers to add some appeal to a room. Decorating my dining room table is a great way to express our family’s individuality. It’s more than just a table, it’s a place where we share food, play family games, and help the kids with their homework.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Spring Centerpieces And Table Decorations

I love simple, classic decor. Unique baskets, vases and wooden accents are on trend right now. I love finding things that really speak to me and excite me and creating jewelry around them. I love floral arrangements (you can see a lot of it on my Instagram account!) so I decorate a little with each new season!

If DIY flowers seem scary or just not your jam, don’t delay, create your own tablescape. A simple eucalyptus stem in a cool, rustic vase will make a beautiful centerpiece for any table.

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

Start there and build around a central point. Add free color, texture and height. Soon you will have the perfect decoration for your spring table!

Simple Spring Dining Room

I love Easter accents on the dinner table in the spring. However, it is worth planning a table that can be adjusted after Easter. When the Easter Bunny is gone, you’ll want to pack some bunny ears. Does your table still look like a spring masterpiece? Or just need a few extra accents or a flower or two?

Spring Dining Table Decor Ideas

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