St Patrick’s Day Table Top Decor

St Patrick’s Day Table Top Decor – March 17th is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking and planning what St. Patrick’s Day decorations you want to make to spruce up your house this year. If you are looking for some crafts for St. For seasonal touches, try golden shamrock jars or moss-framed four-leaf clovers, both perfect for display in the weeks leading up to St. Paddy’s Day. If you want a few fun touches to add to your celebration and complete your St. Patrick’s Day recipes, there are so many great ideas, like a sparkling shamrock wreath that would look perfect draped around a buffet. The leprechaun hat treat cup is a great option for kids to make, and the St. Patrick’s Day napkin liners are ideal for setting a festive table with family and friends.

Many of these ornaments are printable St. Patrick’s Day quotes, so the projects will be quick and easy to put together. You can even create some of these decor ideas with your kids, like a light-up leprechaun hat or rainbow terrariums. These easy St. Patrick’s Day decorations will ensure a fun time, whether you’re snacking on some St. Patrick’s Day desserts with friends or hosting a fun party for your kids and their class.

St Patrick’s Day Table Top Decor

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

The house is decorated and the party favors are ready, why not treat yourself to a sparkling four-leaf clover pin. Attach it to a baseball cap, lapel or bag strap. This will guarantee that you will not be pinched!

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To make: Glue paint a small wooden four-leaf clover, then sprinkle with green glitter. Once dry, glue a small metal rod to the back.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

To spice up the design of your St. Paddy’s Day party, try wearing these sparkly shamrock garlands above the buffet or hanging from a chandelier — hopefully it won’t be where your guests end up!

Gold or mini yellow pompoms? In any case, make this hanging mobile yourself and lots of luck and wealth will surely come your way!

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Pieces St Patricks Day Table Wood Signs Rainbow Shamrock Table Top Decor New 691201757536

To make: Cut 1-inch wide paper strips from colored craft paper. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the center of each paper strip; stacking paper in a rainbow order. Thread a piece of twine through the holes, tie it just above and below the paper to hold the paper in place. Fold a piece of black craft paper in half and cut out the pot shape so you have two identical pieces. Cut two pieces of yellow craft paper into a dome shape and sandwich between the black pieces, gluing everything together. Glue the mini yellow pompoms onto the yellow paper. Make a hole in the top of the yellow dome and thread the string through it, securing it with a knot. Cut mini shamrocks from green craft paper and glue to the front and back of the pot; outline with a white pencil if desired.

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This cute four leaf clover ornament will look just as cute hanging from a fridge magnet or front door. Make it as small or large as you like.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

How to make: Tear the light green, dark green and white tissue into small pieces. Place pieces between self-sealing laminating bags; press. Cut out a four leaf clover shape. Make a small hole in the top of the clover with a small hole. Thread the ribbon through the hole and pin.

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Gold and rainbow die cut containers would also be a great addition to this cute shadow box idea.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

You’ll want to keep these bright, sparkling terrariums in your room all year round. The best part? No need to water!

If you have a knack for crocheting, this adorable St. Patrick’s Day wreath pattern will brighten up your front door just in time for March 17th.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Not Tacky’ Ways To Decorate For St Patrick’s Day

Pull out this sweet message if you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party with friends to remind them how happy you make them feel.

If you’re hosting a St. Paddy’s Day party, these printable napkin liners are great to brighten up any table.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Throw some flowers (maybe even some bells of Ireland) into a gilded shamrock vase for instant St. Patrick’s Day decor. St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Clover Lucky Table Sign

The hue makes them festive enough for St. Patrick’s Day, but these jars are so pretty, you’ll want to leave them out all spring long!

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

With some green and yellow jelly beans, glittery shamrocks and twigs on the outside, you can make this eye-catching decoration.

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St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Leprechaun’s Hat And St. Patrick’s Day Decor On Black Table Stock Photo

Celebrate Earth Day with these craft ideas. Get egg quotes for these DIY Easter Basket Ideas 17 Fun Ways to Use Jars for Easter. How cute are these printable Mother’s Day cards?

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37 creative crafts for St. The March 17th celebration is full of traditional Irish foods like sock bread and beef and cabbage, the sharing of thoughtful Irish blessings, and a rich history inspired by legends. And get this: March is also National Crafts Month. So get the best of both worlds this year by making some DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations and crafts as part of a holiday tradition.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Full of bright gold and green hues, all of these crafty ideas are worth incorporating into your celebration. Looking for a green paper wreath to hang on your mantelpiece? You’ll find it here, along with other easy St. Patrick’s Day craft projects, like cute cork coasters to pair with your St. Patrick’s Day drinks, and even a cheerful paper shamrock that doubles as an activity for your kids.

Best Places To Buy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Some of these decorations come with printable St. Patrick’s Day quote templates, so they’re even easier to put together. And if you really want to make your own, check out the other treats, including “leprechaun decoys” that serve as party favors for all guests. There’s even a shamrock wreath that will spread cheer to your neighbors and any passers-by. Just remember to wear green while working on these easy St. Patrick’s Day decorating ideas so you don’t get pinched by one of those naughty leprechauns! 😉

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

If you’re looking for a craft that’s super cute and just as quick, you’re in luck! It takes about 15 minutes to make these yarn trees. You’ll take some styrofoam, wrap it in white yarn, and then put on your shamrock stickers. The best part? Stickers can easily be removed and replaced with other shapes (hearts for Valentine’s Day and pumpkins for Halloween) for decor that lasts through the holidays.

Everyone will be happy to sit at the table decorated with these beautiful candle centerpieces – and they are so beautiful, it will be hard to believe that you made them yourself. But it’s easier than it looks. Just place the candle in the vase and then use the peas as filler.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Happy St Pat’s Patrick Patrick’s Day Irish Lucky Tabletop Wood Block Decor Set With Beads And Gold Coins Banners & Signs Paper & Party Supplies

Throwing a party this March 17th? This is the perfect backdrop for taking photos in all-green ensembles. Cut out a shamrock shape using cardboard and tissue paper, decorate it with balloons and some greenery, then hang it up for your guests to enjoy!

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Here’s another way to make your table festive! The faux moss squares used for this race track can be found at many craft stores. Place candles and sprinkle gold coins for even more (lucky) charm.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

This is fun to get the kids involved! After cutting a few pieces of ribbon and glittery gold paper for the straps, they can help you paint the pots and then glue on the accessories. We suggest making one for each family member and then placing them around the house!

Table Decorating Ideas

Guests or kids will love discovering the little leprechaun traps around your home! They are incredibly easy to customize, but chocolate gold is of course the best bait.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Sprinkle your home with lucky confetti that would be the envy of leprechauns. These poppers double as great place setting decorations.

Don’t want to drop the big bucks on holiday glassware? Not even this blogger! Instead, you can use these simple printable stencils to add some gold to your table.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

Green And White Table Decor Ideas For Saint Patrick’s Day

Simple hearts cut out of paper are used to make shamrocks, but add a fourth heart to each and you have a wreath that is as happy as it is beautiful.

Creative use of negative space makes this print look almost like a painting. Find a cute floating frame and your home will turn into an art gallery St. Paddy’s!

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

What is the name of a leprechaun who collects used cans, newspapers and plastic bottles? Cyclist! This shamrock wreath is made entirely from scrap paper, so you’re cute and eco-friendly!

Best St Patrick’s Day Decorations

Decorating for St. Paddy’s Day doesn’t always have to be flashy. Use green fabric in this project and you’ll have beautiful decorations in no time.

St Patrick's Day Table Top Decor

You can go ahead and print the cut

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