Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Succulents Wedding Table Decor – Succulents are taking over the world! Everyone is crazy about them! Why are they so popular? Because they look lovely without flowers and don’t require much maintenance. So why not use it as a wedding decoration for a wedding reception? Plant pots made of china and wood, buckets and glass containers – there are many varieties. You can mix them with rocks, moss, or cacti and place them in some light-colored pots or containers. With these centerpieces, your wedding will be stylish and stylish, let’s take a look at more tips for composing a chic and juicy wedding centerpiece.

Your succulents can be used on their own as they are very eye-catching and super cute, but you can also add other things to make the arrangement even cooler. Add cactus rock succulents to a bohemian desert wedding, choose succulents and greens for a fresh and modern look, or add succulents to a floral and greenery arrangement—depending on the wedding theme and style you choose. Light green and purple succulents contrast with bright blooms – yellow, burgundy, red or pink for a bright and chic decor.

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A gorgeous wedding centerpiece with succulents and greenery, and a topper is a stylish modern wedding decor idea

Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A casual wedding centerpiece with box pots of moss and various succulents; and a gilded glass container with succulents

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A cozy rustic wedding centerpiece with a wooden disc, succulents in a teacup, tin can and table number

A lovely copper terrarium with moss, wildflowers and pale succulents is a chic and stylish idea for a wedding centerpiece

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Succulent Wedding Centerpieces That Wow [photos]

A large polka dot vase with mostly succulents and blush flowers is a cool and fresh idea for a wedding centerpiece

A rustic and natural wedding centerpiece made with simple earthenware pots and moss and succulents is a lovely idea

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A stylish wedding centerpiece featuring moss, white flowers and pastel succulents is a lovely rustic and natural idea

Diy Wedding Centerpieces

Summer wedding centerpiece with silver bowl, bright flowers and large succulents and wooden disc table number

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A wooden tray with succulents and greenery and candles on the shelf is a lovely retro and rustic centerpiece

A long wedding centerpiece with a wooden pot, several succulents, pink flowers and some greenery

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Amazing Ways To Use Potted Plants In Your Wedding Decor

A creative white egg planter with colorful succulents and moss and lots of greenery is a unique idea for a minimalist wedding

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The vases and containers for the arrangement can be chosen according to the style and theme of the wedding. The coolest and most sustainable idea is to grow succulents in a few pots – wooden boxes for a rustic wedding, terracotta for a boho wedding, concrete for a minimalist wedding, tin cans for a vintage wedding, and more. You can also place your arrangement in different vases to match your wedding decor and theme. Terrariums are great for wedding decor, where you can arrange moss and succulents. If the pot has some space, you can cover it with moss, pebbles, hay or even small wildflowers for a cooler look. Below is a gallery of succulent centerpieces for your reception table, look around and get inspired!

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Brightly painted buckets with pebbles, cacti and succulents are a great idea for a modern bright casual wedding

Cool Ways To Use Potted Plants In Your Wedding Decor

A stylish terrarium wedding centerpiece with lots of succulents, moss and twigs is your natural style at the reception

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A mini terrarium with pebbles, succulents and greenery hanging on it, a lovely idea for a hanging decoration centerpiece

An easy rustic wedding centerpiece made from a painted wooden box and lots of succulents in different colors

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Pretty Greenery And Succulent Wedding Theme With Pastel Touches!

A retro book to use as a succulent is a lovely idea for a nerdy or book-loving wedding

A boat with pebbles and planted succulents is a romantic idea for a lake, river wedding or someone who likes rustic decor and succulents

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A rough wooden bowl filled with light colored succulents is a beautiful wedding centerpiece for a rustic or woodland wedding

Rustic Wedding Table Setting With Succulents And Moss Stock Photo

A wedding centerpiece made of stained wooden boxes and colorful succulents is a cool rustic decorating idea

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Creative wedding centerpiece made of metal plates, colorful buttons, air plants or succulents, bells and table numbers

A wine bowl with lots of succulents and a table name is a simple and lovely idea that will add a natural touch to your decor

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Inexpensive Solutions For Succulent Wedding Decor

A bowl of moss and succulents – put a few on the table to create a beautiful and simple centerpiece

A wooden box with different colored grasses and succulents is a rustic centerpiece with a natural touch

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A large glass terrarium with lots of colorful moss, grass and succulents is a lovely and bold core idea

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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas We Love

A large plate of pebbles and some large succulents is a simple and casual centerpiece with a natural feel

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

A heart-shaped concrete planter with colorful moss and succulents in different shades brings a touch of romance to the reception

Round mini pots with small green and larger purple succulents are a great choice for a modern wedding centerpiece

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Charming Ways To Use Succulents In Your Wedding

An oversized concrete planter with plenty of succulents, billy balls and table numbers is a simple and stylish modern decorating idea

Modern and rustic wedding centerpiece made of plywood planters, large succulents, white and yellow flowers and billy baubles

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Refresh your reception with a worn tin pot with pale and purple succulents Cecilia of my taste space is here! Can you help me put together the best DIY home decor and plant design guides?

Best Ideas To Incorporate Succulents Into Your Weddings

There are many reasons to love succulents; their beautiful and attractive shape, many different colors, endless possibilities for arranging them both indoors and outdoors, their sturdiness and ease of maintenance! Every time I see a succulent I like, I buy it because it’s especially good in color or shape, and I know that even if I’m not using it at that particular moment, I’ll find a place for it; whether it’s in coffee In miniature pots on the table or in glass containers!

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

In short, succulents can go anywhere! I like to store succulents because I always create something new with them. I keep moving them from one pan to another, or whatever new arrangement I’m making. You can never have too many succulents! !

Don’t miss the tutorial at the end of this article that shows how to create your own Succulent Placeholder & Favor for your dining table. Download here.

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Creative And Unique Succulent Wedding Bouquets Ideas In 2021

A great way to display your succulents is to use them as table centerpieces at your dinner parties year-round! Because of the wide variety of colors and shapes on the market, succulents are not considered seasonal decorations, and they can be used year-round. Of course, it’s common to see succulents as wedding centerpieces and pets, which usually happens in spring and summer, but more than that, let’s take a look at the possibilities! I divided the article into two main table decoration categories; juicy centerpieces and succulent favors.

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Before I start, I want to be clear, when I talk about succulents, I’m also talking about cacti… You know all cacti are succulents, but aren’t all succulents cacti? So don’t be surprised or confused when you see some pictures of cacti arranged in this post!

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

I love this juicy centerpiece because it looks more natural and less carefully put together. The trick is to grow all your succulents in the same style or in the same color pots. Light pinks are more suitable for weddings or spring dinner parties, while clay pots are more neutral and can be used for almost any occasion!

The Benefits Of Using Succulents In Décor

The two images below show different examples of scattered pots; the first image shows the pots, all of which vary in style, size, shape, and color. The second shows the use of terrariums of different sizes to display succulents as centerpieces.

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

The pictures below show succulent cuttings combined with moss or eucalyptus branches to create a beautiful tablecloth. In these two special cases, use succulent cuttings instead of planting succulents. This means that the succulents have been cut and they have no roots. Unfortunately, in most cases, the succulents are discarded after the center piece is used.

The photo below shows an alternative to table runner succulent cuttings. The most common are box runners, where the roots of succulents are grown in a box, and other elements such as flowers and moss can be added around them.

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Trend Alert: Sensational Succulents For Your Wedding Décor

The second image shows how to combine succulents with driftwood, air plants, and moss to form a long-distance runner. In this particular case, the succulent can be used with its roots tucked under driftwood or covered with moss.

While the previous examples all work for rectangular tables, here are some ideas for what you can do with the main and center sections for round or square tables.

Succulents Wedding Table Decor

Retro boxes seem to be very popular no matter how old they are

Succulent Centerpiece Ideas

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