Summer Themed Table Decorations

Summer Themed Table Decorations – Feel free to approach the celebrations this festive season and be the host of the meeting as well as the guests. Choose from these easy yet beautiful ways to reserve a table.

The first rule of organizing the show: expect unexpected guests! Arrange the chairs at your table so there’s always room for another. Stacking chairs are a space-saving way of having extra seats in the wings. Mixing up a few benches means guests can come closer to create space. And when you’re done, push the chair against the wall for a convenient spot to sit when your dancing legs get tired.

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Think three-dimensional when decorating your desk and add a hanging screen. Attach it to the theme of the celebration so guests feel truly immersed in the event. For this summer table, interior stylist Ashlyn Gibson hung a garland tied into a string along the length of the table. Tip! Use reusable artificial flowers for parties that last all season!

Summer Wedding Centerpieces: Rustic, Elegant & More

The table is the star of this show and you can make it shine with one simple idea – throw a tablecloth. Choose a patterned fabric that sets the mood for the party and everything else will suit your location. Party time often means more than one table is needed. Characterize your outfit by covering each table with a different textured fabric. Great, fun and easy!

Summer Themed Table Decorations

“Relax while hosting, keep your perfectionist style! Don’t worry about mixing things up, you’ll find it easier to use the ones you already have at home – with a few extras added. And use fabrics, they are a quick and affordable way to set the mood.”

You want your guests to enjoy their time at the table – and stay as long as the conversation goes on. So add comfort when you can. Choose dining chairs that are designed to keep you comfortable. And add cushions and seat cushions to soften the rougher edges of chairs made from natural materials.

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Summer Table Decorations: Let These Settings Inspire Your July Or August Soirée

“Party is when people come together. Encourage community spirit with your table. Let it relax so everyone feels welcome. And think about placing large bowls of food in the center of the table for all of you to share.”

We love seeing our customers get creative with our products. Go ahead! But please note that changing or modifying products so that they can no longer be resold or used for their original purpose will mean that your commercial warranty and right to return the product will be forfeited.

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Summer Themed Table Decorations

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The website uses cookies, which make it easier to use. Learn more about browser cookies. Whether it’s a summer beach celebration or a chic backyard event, some of the wedding industry’s elite will suggest elegant table ideas that guarantee a seasonal event will impress. impressive.

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Offering comfort and luxury, the tables and chairs are the perfect addition to any outdoor event. Christina Millikin, owner of Glow Events, suggests creating a sophisticated dining experience using furniture that complements the surrounding outdoor space. “Don’t try to fight the aesthetics of the place,” she said. “Working with existing environments will make your designs feel authentic and purposeful.”

A chic and elegant way to incorporate playful elegance into your summer scene is to use a variety of vibrant mugs. Lyndsey Hamilton, Creative Director at Lyndsey Hamilton Events, recommends this to add elegance to any bar or table. “I love the classic colored glasses for the perfect summer cocktail,” she says. “Bold in bold!”

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Garden Party Ideas

Accustomed to the ethereal elements, Aleah and Nick Valley, founders of Valley & Company Events, suggest using your dining table setting as an elegant balance between comfort and celebration: on cocktail napkins, table runners or spread over tents and greenery. Soft tones like sky blue, light headband and buttery yellow can be added to evoke an authentic summer feel.

One of the most elegant ways to add elegance and sophistication to any dining table design is to use distinctive flatware. Whether antique or modern, a variety of styles and colors can make vintage forks, knives and spoons a design accent. Ashley Sawtelle, owner of Ashley Sawtelle Photography, advocates the use of gold when finishing cutlery styles. “Nothing makes a table stand out more – or complement the surrounding color palettes – than gold,” says Sawtelle. “You can’t go wrong with this timeless pick.”

Summer Themed Table Decorations

A relaxed and fun way to spice up an outdoor party is to have a great picnic. Laura Ritchie, lead event designer at Grit & Grace, recommends this layout with the inclusion of porcelain and trays to make dining easier. “Picnic receptions take the guesswork out of creating a memorable event for guests,” she says. “Throw back to childhood summer with fresh fruit, small snacks and toes in the grass that make for a casual yet classy party.”

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Summer Wedding Table Décor Ideas

Calder Clark, owner and creative director of Calder Clark, balances the savory layers of the first course with the floral motifs of summer linens to add an inviting contrast for a playful display. “Play with textures on linen, flowers, and even food,” she suggests.

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Take your view around the room, taking advantage of the space above and around the table. Jenny Schneider, owner of Jenny Schneider Events, introduces this idea with a setting that goes beyond the traditional board. “Add lamps, garlands, and even chandeliers as you extend beyond your table decor,” says Schneider.

From a delicate flower to a business card with capital letters, the details scattered throughout your display can make a big impact on your guests. Lindsay Jani, owner of Simply Sunshine Events, agrees: “The smallest personalized touches often have the biggest impact and are memorable.”

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Dining Table Decor Ideas For Summer

With flowers the traditional choice for an elaborate presentation, Virginia Edelson, founder of Bluebird Productions, recommends using a lush wreath to adorn the classic summer table. “We work on texture layers with our florists and countertop suppliers to ensure there is enough depth and dimension,” she says.

Jacin Fitzgerald, owner of Jacin Fitzgerald Events, is making good use of all of his rarely used tableware. Even when hosting an outdoor event, incorporating those formal touches can add a touch of luxury. “Use the stylish item you’ve saved up and make it your special occasion by bringing back goodies!” she speaks.

Summer Themed Table Decorations

As well as extending your design ideas above – and around – your table, the same idea can be applied to nearby seating. Kathleen Deery, owner of Kathleen Deery Designs, used Italian rough fabrics to decorate the bride and groom’s chairs while also matching the overall theme of the space. “Ruscus piercings were seen as the focal point of the seasonal peonies in the centres,” she recalls.

Coastal Table Decor Ideas

Decorative and ingenious, lanterns are the perfect summer accessory. Dawn Goldsmith, owner and creative director of DM Events and Design, suggests: “Lanterns are classic and when paired with a seasonal floral arrangement, they look like a summer paradise.

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Summer Themed Table Decorations

Leslie Mastin, President of Leslie Mastin Events, reaches different depths using a variety of materials. “A collection of hard goods, containers and flowers helps build a multi-dimensional, layered look,” says Mastin. Other materials such as wooden boxes, delicate vases, and rough fabrics can also enhance the display of the table.

Expand your creative horizons beyond chargers and cutlery adding an eye-catching quality to your overall theme. Francie Dorman and Britt Cole, co-founders of 42 North Weddings, encourage vintage details and catchy colors for paper goods, such as “visually illustrated summer scenes on each custom menu , a welcome note or a companion card as a splash that your guests will treasure . “

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Floral Decorations On Summer Party Table. Candle In Glass Vase, Flower Wreath Around It. White Plates, Table Cloth, Romantic Wedding Reception Stock Photo

Take it a step further by curating a menu full of engaging courses. Kelly Leonard, owner and lead producer of Events of the Season, encourages a focus on fresh seasonal items that help transform your board’s theme. Along with the small plated plates, placing charcuterie plates on the table is a surefire way to keep all of your guests happy, she explains.

Brandi Reiland, creative director and owner of Soiree Weddings & Events, uses layers to create a softer look. “Combining fabrics like linen or velvet in lighter shades with earthy items like slate, stone, wood, fruit, or mixed metals can make for an interesting presentation,” says Reiland. and lively.

Summer Themed Table Decorations

Place cards are a great way to show an even balance between personality and style. For dinner in the garden, Sara Fay Egan, owner of Jackson Durham Events, used small terracotta pots with capital letters in place of traditional nameplates. “Mini pots are also considered party favors for each guest,” she said.

Wedding Table Setting Decoration Ideas For Reception

Brianna Sumey, Sales Manager at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard, is a mature, wildlife lover. This season’s signature card combo could easily be translated to

Summer Themed Table Decorations

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