Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations – The Valentine table is a special table at the wedding reception just for the happy couple, with two chairs on the same side facing the guests. The other option is a main table where the couple sits together with the wedding party.

Valentine tables are a great way to create an intimate moment for the two of you, even in the middle of the big party. No option is better than the other – it just depends on what you want! If you’re thinking of going down the Valentine table route, here’s some inspiration to help you create a spectacular piece.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Create a chic table centerpiece using a silk or satin tablecloth and decorate with cascading baby’s breath. If you want a touch of color, opt for a jewel tone tablecloth, or if you want a more classic look, fabrics from the cream or peach family are perfect. Add candles for a more romantic touch.

Repurposing Ceremony Flowers For Receptions

Combining green tones with copper tones creates a rich feeling. Use a copper table or copper accent chair and pair with a garland of greenery to complete your minimalist look without sacrificing individuality.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Add simple elegance to your table by tossing rose petals on top and adding candles in tall glass holders. If you want to add more, consider a “Mr. and Mrs.” sign to complete the look.

Instead of chairs, choose a tufted sofa for your table. If you want a more classic look, stick with neutral colors or add a touch of glam with a bold color choice. From linen to velvet, fabric is also a fun way to customize the look.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Mauve & Dusty Rose Sweetheart Table Flowers

If you’re looking to add a “wow” factor to your table, look no further than neon signs. You can rent an existing one or have one custom made for you. Either way, neon signs add a really fun and exciting touch.

Add a backdrop to instantly make your table stand out. If you have a backdrop in your ceremony, consider reusing it as a backdrop. Or if you’re creating a specific table set, let your creativity shine. Consider hanging rows of wreaths and other rows of lights shining vertically, macrame rugs, a giant wreath, an industrial installation of Edison bulbs. The options are endless!

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

If you are a couple who likes to look glitz and glam, add a little sparkle and sequins and sparkle. You can even hang matching fabric above your table to add pizzazz.

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For an elegant, luxurious look, choose an all-white table complete with acrylic vases filled with white roses and crystal glasses and decorations. Add a white tablecloth to your table or your tablecloth and you have the perfect table setting.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Choose an uncovered wood table and add wooden chairs and linens that have a more comfortable feel, such as linen or cotton, to add to the rustic, earthy look.

If you opt for an indoor table, use a textured fabric to incorporate a more homey vibe. Consider getting a vintage tablecloth with a lace or crochet pattern to give it an even more American look. Finish the look with a simple green wreath on the table and you have perfection.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Sweetheart Table Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Decor

Valentine tables are a great way to create an intimate moment for the two of you, even in the middle of the big party.

A great way to add a rustic feel to your table is by adding accessories like lanterns, wooden crates, and pallets. Make sure these accessories have a vintage look to add to the earthy feel.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Whether it’s “Newlywed” made of brass or your initials made of wood, adding custom signage to your table using earthy, organic materials will take it to the next level. When choosing the font, make sure it matches the other event signage and text on the invitations. We think that a cursive version is better for rustic.

The Sweetheart Table: Tips To Making It Stand Out

Opt for two peacock chairs as a way to stand out without needing a bunch of extra flowers or decorations. Add an exposed wood table and you have a simple but beautiful option with just a hint of boho vibe.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

When planning your table, mix table textures, chairs, linens, etc. The wedding linked above used Adirondack chairs, leather throw pillows, fringe throw pillows, and bright seasonal flowers.

From pampas grass to dried flowers and palm fronds, when it comes to choosing flowers to decorate your table, think outside of the traditional roses. Experiment with different textures and other unique types of flowers and greenery to add to the natural, earthy aesthetic of your table.

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Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Head Table Or Sweetheart Table? Which One Is Better?

Nothing says boho like stunning macrame. Hang a piece of macramé over your table, use a frame to create a macramé chain, or attach a smaller macramé to the back of each chair. No matter how you use it, you can’t go wrong adding this boho accessory to your table.

An affordable way to add a “wow” factor is with signage. Whether it’s a personalized banner with your signature hanging on the table, a Mr. Plus, you can hang these pieces as art in your home after your wedding is over.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Reuse decorations you used for your ceremony. This could be a wreath lining the aisle, a flower arrangement at the beginning of the row of seats, sets, etc. Be creative!

Sweetheart Table Ideas You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For

Adding candles to elevate your table might seem like a no-brainer, but take it up a notch, using candles or candlesticks at different heights. We love the look of large, thin candles placed in holders of various sizes to add to the appeal of your table without increasing the price. Bonus points for choosing bold colors.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Adding a string of string lights is an easy, cost-effective way to add appeal to your table. If you don’t already have a place to hang your lights at your venue, you can rent a simple wooden canvas or make your own if you have it on hand!

Everything that would go on your other reception tables (ie plates, linens, glasses, etc.) would also go on your candy table with the addition of any extra decorations you would like to make your table stand out.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Coolest Sweetheart Table Backdrops To Try

This is your chance to use some of the most luxurious rentals you like that might be too expensive to put on every table. For example, if you find tufted velvet chairs that you like, but they are too expensive to justify renting £100, rent just two and make them just for you and your partner. When designing your table, keep the color palette and vibe of the rest of your wedding in mind, but definitely give yourself the freedom to elevate it for your table. After all, it’s your wedding!

Consider things like sitting. Maybe you want to choose a sofa instead of chairs. Think blankets. Maybe you will add a bold color to your table runner. Add special lighting. Bring fancy lamps or a variety of different sized candles. It’s time to get creative!

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Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

It depends on the space, but it should be big enough to fit the two of you comfortably. If you choose a round table, a 48-inch table is good. If rectangular, do not exceed 6 feet.

Our Top 25 Ideas For A Gorgeous Head Table — Wild Hill Flowers And Events

Romantic boards are a great way to have more intimate, one-on-one time with your partner without sacrificing time with your loved ones. Plus, they’re also a great way to splurge on items you might not be able to afford or rent for your entire guest list. Plus, these tables add a really fun “wow” factor to the reception and can serve as the centerpiece of the entire wedding.

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Now that you know what’s on the valentine table, discover these 20 DIY wedding table decorations for the rest of the reception table!

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Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

Ideas For Sitting Pretty At Your Head Table

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An ocean theme is highlighted with a floral center of lush blue and white chrysanthemums and white gladioli. Large and medium-sized leaves frame the flowers against the white tablecloth. The blue butterfly cutouts are glued to the tablecloth and the wedding set as if

Sweetheart Head Table Wedding Decorations

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