Table Decor Valentines

Table Decor Valentines – Just because you’re staying indoors for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same routine. Sharing a meal in the privacy of your own home can be more romantic than dining at a fancy restaurant (not to mention cheaper). And a stylish Valentine’s Day table setting will set the mood for an intimate, passionate evening. Whether it’s just you and your partner or you’re hosting a Galentine’s Day dinner party, these Valentine’s Day tablescape ideas will make for an evening to remember (and that homemade food look even better) — from subtle and modern to bold and dramatic, the hardest part is choosing which one to replicate.

For a moody Valentine’s Day centerpiece, use lots of purple flowers like morning glories or orchids. Then sprinkle some black candles on it and set the table with gold cutlery. Opt for a loose linen tablecloth as an effortlessly elegant and sexy backdrop.

Table Decor Valentines

Table Decor Valentines

Do you live in a warm place in the winter? Celebrate Valentine’s Day outdoors and channel this tablescape. The contrast between these lush green plants and the intricate, geometric copper accents is super romantic.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas

Leave blank cards on the table so you can write each other a thank you note the real Valentine’s Day way. Place a sprig of rosemary in each place setting for a fresh scent and a hint of greenery.

Table Decor Valentines

Dim the lights for a romantic atmosphere, then bring drama to your tablescape with dried cotton stalks or cherry blossom branches. Then place some sheepskin throws on your dining room chairs for a warm, intimate atmosphere.

You don’t need to go bold with bright red – keep a soft pastel palette for a more intimate dinner. Set the table with baby pink salad plates, choose copper or rose gold candles, and use lots of pale pink in your floral centerpiece for a small Valentine’s Day dinner.

Table Decor Valentines

Valentine’s Day Table Setting With Yummy Heart Cakes

These watercolor place cards pop against the sky blue plate and clustered navy blue linen napkins. Add some dried flowers and gold flatware to take your Valentine’s Day table setting to the next level.

For an informal Valentine’s Day dinner or lunch, you can choose a buffet-style meal. Then decorate the buffet table with beautiful flowers and eye-catching citrus fruits.

Table Decor Valentines

Why stop at your desk? Dress your chairs in white angel wings … Or put them on your own chair, because the real angel in the room is the one who prepares the delicious food.

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Top 3 Dining Room Table Ideas For A Luxurious Valentine’s Day

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you’re limited to one theme. Let your table decorations and centerpieces reflect the kitchen. For example, if you have Mexican food, enhance it with colorful succulents and pom-poms. Tacos and margins on repeat,

Table Decor Valentines

Print your home-cooked meal menu to make the special occasion feel extra special. Plus, it gives your partner or dinner guests something to keep and remember.

Even small details, like these gold utensils tied with red velvet ribbon, make the whole table look luxurious.

Table Decor Valentines

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Hadley Mendelsohn Senior Editor Hadley Mendelsohn is the Senior Design Editor of House Beautiful and the co-host and executive producer of the Dark House podcast. I love the color and am in awe of my latest table creation. I made my first ombré table to use as a table decoration for Valentine’s Day.

I love the ombré. I love the way the colors flow into each other and I think it makes a wonderful statement centerpiece with color. Isn’t this the best table decoration for Valentine’s Day?

Table Decor Valentines

I have an idea to make a Valentine’s table for my family. Not only did I want to use the ombré flowers, but the ombré place settings. The more I thought about the idea, the more I thought it would be amazing and beautiful.

A Romantic Red And Gold Valentine’s Day Table For Two

I started with fresh flowers. I knew then that the colors of the flowers would determine which china, chargers, napkins and utensils I would use.

Table Decor Valentines

If you can’t see, this is by far, without a doubt, 100% my favorite table I’ve ever designed. Always.

The colors are so fun and while I have seen an ombré centerpiece, I have yet to see an ombré table!

Table Decor Valentines

Mixing Valentines Day And Winter Decor

I haven’t been to the Los Angeles Flower Mart in a long time! I knew I needed lots of fresh flowers for this table, so I went to one of my favorite places, the LA Flower Mart. We are very lucky because there is a flower market nearby. Not all cities have a flower market and Los Angeles is big enough to open the market to wholesalers and the public.

I knew I wanted to style a pink table (I’m a bit obsessed with the color pink these days) and found the most amazing flowers in ombré shades from dark pink to blush and white tones. I found some ruby​​​​ peonies, large magenta roses and smaller light pink and white tea roses, magenta hyacinth and old carnations (more ruff than regular carnations) in ruby​​​​ red, light pink and white. I also found pale pink sweet peas, blush and pale pink ranunculus, blush hydrangeas and iceberg roses from my garden.

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Table Decor Valentines

Once at home with my arms full of flowers, I started cutting them, removing leaves and unsightly/discolored petals. Then I collected nine square vases to place in the very center of our dining room. I assigned three for each of the color families, dark pink, medium pink, blush and white flowers.

The Yellow Cape Cod: Valentines Table With Christmas Decor

Here are some of the flowers I bought at Flower Mart. I decided to arrange them on our kitchen island because I have so much work to do!

Table Decor Valentines

I wanted the flowers to be under the vase so that the centerpiece would be uniform in shape and size throughout the table, the only difference being the color. To keep the flower heads above the top of the vase so they don’t slide down the bottom of the vase, I made a grid of masking tape and put strips in each direction. Creating this grid makes it easy to create an unobtrusive setup. Once the grid is in place, start filling in the top of the vase.

I started with the darkest color first. I used peonies, old carnations, hyacinths and large magenta roses. When I quickly filled the three square vases, I switched to a medium shade of pink. For three square vases for medium/light color pink flowers. For this I used old carnations, light pink tea roses, light pink sweet peas and light pink ranunculus. For the blush/white flowers I used white tea roses, blush hydrangeas and iceberg roses from my garden.

Table Decor Valentines

Pretty Pink Roses Valentine’s Day Table Setting

When I lined up nine vases full of flowers in the middle of the table, I was literally speechless.

This tablescape turned out even more amazing than I imagined. I am so excited to share it with you!

Table Decor Valentines

I even made some Mercury Glass Hearts to go with the ombré theme. You can see how to make these ornaments in my blog post DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments. I used heart mirror decorations this time.

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Valentine’s Day Table Decor Ideas

This table is so unbelievably beautiful, I think I should make an all pink dinner so the food complements the flowers. That makes sense, right?

Table Decor Valentines

Maybe I can make salmon, pasta with vodka sauce, radish salad and a strawberry dessert. What do you think?

Means “shadow” in French and can be translated as mixing one shade of color into another, usually moving shades and shades from light to dark. Ombre has become a popular part of hair coloring and even cooking, in addition to its use in home decoration and graphic design.

Table Decor Valentines

Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Decor

Can be used in many products, from textiles to glassware, and as a mural technique, painting walls in colors that gradually lighten or darken at the other end.

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Table Decor Valentines

I love adding cozy fall kitchen decor to our home. These beautiful fall leaves add so much color and beauty to our kitchen. Autumn has officially arrived at our house. And so autumn has cozy kitchen decorations. It’s going to be hot in Pasadena this week (ok, about 100 degrees) so lots of…

Valentines Day Decor Ideas

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Table Decor Valentines

I love painting pillows and this is my favorite Valentine’s Day pillow ever. I love pink heart pillows! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably looking for Valentine’s Day decorating ideas. Well, look no further! Today I will show you how to make a super easy and cute valentine heart pillow. All you need is…

Decorating our house for summer is so much fun! Since we live in Southern California, we are only halfway there

Table Decor Valentines

Easy Peasy Valentine’s Day Home Decor

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