Table Decor Without Flowers

Table Decor Without Flowers – We used to put flowers on the wedding table: some beautiful flowers in the color you want. But what if you break the tradition and create a place that is not flowers? Check out some of the options you can take. Dry branches decorate with jewelry or anything you want, candles, ice, pieces of yarn, even the world that gives the name to the table! A good idea for an autumn wedding is a bowl decorated with vegetables, and for a spring or summer wedding – a wooden box with some fruits, for example peaches . The beach wedding will be accentuated with glass bowls with sea stars and sand. Choose a piece based on the theme and color of your big day. An ikebana piece, a lemon pyramid or a peacock feather bouquet – check out some examples below and get inspired!

If you don’t want to splurge on flowers, stick to greenery, air plants and succulents – they are so popular and trendy, they can be included in almost any wedding decor, from rustic to modern . Create high points of the scene using a variety of green flowers, create geometric terrariums with air plants and succulents, put them in boxes, trees or vintage books. Choose what suits your wedding decor.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Table Decor Without Flowers

A bright yellow plant wedding centerpiece with pillar candles is a beautiful idea that is easy to recreate.

Teapot Table Centerpiece Ideas For Your Wedding

A modern centerpiece with clear glass vases and palm leaves is great for adding a warm atmosphere to the table.

Table Decor Without Flowers

The rustic wedding centerpiece with moss, succulents, candles and a number for a relaxed and natural feeling.

The tall gold wedding centerpiece with large leaves is a great and innovative idea for weddings.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Simple Table Decoration Ideas You Can Easily Copy

A summer wooden crate with moss, succulents, mushrooms and greenery is a great choice for a wedding tree.

Ferns and fir branches with pillar candles are a beautiful and budget idea for a winter wedding centerpiece.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Add moss, greenery, succulents, air plants and vintage pocket watches to the vintage cage for a beautiful and unique centerpiece.

Our Favourite Ideas For Decorating Your Wedding Without Flowers

Vegetables and fruits are great for creating a cool atmosphere – put them in bowls, plates, bowls and other containers to match your wedding decor. It’s a budget idea that can still be eaten, plus it will save a lot of space on the table – you won’t be left wondering where to put the fruit or vegetables and flowers.

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Table Decor Without Flowers

A fun idea of ​​pepper centerpieces to show hot love – what could be more cute and beautiful

A hot bowl with a variety of fruits – grapes, pomegranates, apples and plums is a smart and attractive idea.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas

A hot and tropical place with pineapples and flowers and leaves is a great idea for a modern wedding.

An unusual and bold wedding centerpiece with a bowl hammered, pepper and candles in a candle.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Candles are also good for creating a focal point: they create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere at the table. Place them on a plate or mirror, add greenery or flowers around and enjoy!

Summer Wedding Centerpieces

Jute rugs, candles in candles, a vase with blue crystals, white orchids and a vase with sand and stars.

Table Decor Without Flowers

There are many other ideas – aquariums with corals, sand and stars, cages with rice, moss and vintage books in the pocket to look at and more. Everything depends on your idea and style of your wedding. Inspiration!

An overhead white faux bloom centerpiece will save space on the table and a matching garland on the chairs will help

Table Decor Without Flowers

Best Christmas Centerpieces

A white vase with colorful peacock feathers, a glass bowl with bright ornaments for a New Year wedding ceremony

A large cloche with moss, LED lights and a LOTR book is a great idea for a wedding

Table Decor Without Flowers

A cotton branch in a copper vase is a cool idea that you can use as the centerpiece of a winter wedding.

Fresh Ideas For Your Spring Wedding Centerpieces

An arrangement of wheat, lavender and craspedia in a jar will not break the bank and will add a rustic touch to the place Flowers are undoubtedly the centerpiece of the wedding day, but that does not mean that they should be everywhere. Beautiful flowers have passed through most of your decor and you are looking for a new source of inspiration, or you are in the mood for more flowers (or flowers!), maybe you thinking of a new design idea. : centerpieces without flowers.

Table Decor Without Flowers

When it comes to the centerpiece of your wedding, flowers. Books, branches, and sculptures are just some of the cute options we’ve seen lately, but they’re definitely not your only options for truly beautiful accessories. You can use balloons, candles, garlands, fruits and vegetables, and even painted leaves, as seen on this chair, which is designed by D’Amour et de Deco. In fact, with a space without flowers, the sky (or the ceiling of the reception area) is essentially your only limit. You can get as sweet and simple or big and bold as you like.

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With that in mind, we’ve put together some creative and modern centerpiece options that are perfect for both traditional and classic celebrations. Regardless of your wedding style, theme, or color palette, these ideas are the ultimate inspiration for never-before-seen decorations. From candles and greenery to seashells and pineapples, the possibilities for accenting flowerless centerpieces are amazing (and endlessly chic!) Click through to discover all the ideas – and prepare to be dazzled by the sheer number of able to plan your blossoming big. day.

Table Decor Without Flowers

How Big Should Wedding Centerpieces Be?

A subdued, small tablescape can be as beautiful as its brightness. Take this curated vignette from Duet Weddings, for example—just a few decor elements, including leaves, geodes, and modern candles, bring the feeling to life.

Who needs knots and sailboats when you can present a nautical wedding theme with deep sea creatures like coral, conch shells and sea glass? Jet Set Wade did just that with these nautical-inspired tablescapes, which also featured a series of aquamarine goblets, anemones, and driftwood.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Modern decor based on bohemian design in this chair, designed by Britta Olsen Creative. Gold leg candelabra juxtapose against mid-century modern candle sticks and goblets for a dynamic aesthetic. Small jars of greenery and books complete the look.

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas To Set Your Table From The Rest

Green-filled planters, often placed in the ground, make an unexpected impression when placed on the table. Matthew Robbins’ design includes a variety of vessels, shapes and sizes (these arrangements were made by Bellafair) while assembling this rustic furniture, which also has bright lights Bitter, striped farm and wire.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Be like Jacin Fitzgerald and go for seasonal fruits and unique textures instead of flowers. Here, the fresh pears and a hard tree combine together for one of the centerpieces.

If the GreenLion design medium proves anything, it’s that the unexpected often makes the most interesting comments. Designers use theatrical clothes to hold flowers that support the choice of four – a small vignette adds a beautiful moment to a table of great size.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

The star of this emerald green scene is undoubtedly its luxurious velvet runners. But we were impressed by the candle-less candles, which made a strange (but fun!) statement.

If you are impressed by the idea of ​​replacing the floral centerpiece with a stack of books, be creative with your choices. Novels, travel guides, dictionaries and memoirs that define who you are – this is just what East West Vintage Rentals and Classic Event Rentals do. Top your pile with candles and telephones, and finish with eucalyptus sprigs, like Flora Asheville’s post here).

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Table Decor Without Flowers

These lighting fixtures, designed by Jamie Leigh Events, not only add competition to your table – they also protect your party from flames, if you choose to light your candles.

Stunning Handmade Wedding Table Decorations

Celebrate your wedding season of the year by putting seasonal crops front and center. Surrounded by greenery and candles, a summer peach fruit bowl from Soirees Southern Events and Suwannee Town Florist brought color to this dinner table.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Infuse your party tablescapes with a touch of Southwestern desert flair from side pots of cacti, on the best day ever.

If you are throwing a wedding venue, be sure to bookmark this idea of ​​tropical foliage, which is used in many ways in your place. For this Cancun attraction, Heirloom Catering and Event Design teamed up with Canteiro Weddings to create a small, colorful, free-of-charge floral arrangement that complements the landscape.

Table Decor Without Flowers

Centerpiece Ideas For The Dining Table You Can Make In Minutes

Speaking of tropical, fill your neutrals (like Salt + Poppies) with fruit duos and monstera leaves for a fun, far-away look.

Foliage takes up more space than flowers, which is something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a beautiful space without flowers like Ines and Mary.

Table Decor Without Flowers

All fruits, regardless of type, immediately bring intrigue to the table. You can take it a step further by channeling Evergreen Flower Co. and open that fruit. Pomegranate and lemon inside only add dimension, especially if they are ready, such as slices or food.

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Scout Walker proves that a single, snaking tree branch brings rustic elegance to a wooden table, especially if it is small splashes of greenery.

Table Decor Without Flowers

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