Table Decor

Table Decor – A quick guide to creating a simple dinner table for any occasion or celebration, using tricks to make a simple dinner table look beautiful.

When it comes to everyday life, we are not like tables. (I mean, more than I care to admit, there’s a potato-eating situation here.)

Table Decor

Table Decor

But for entertaining friends or family in our dining room, there is a simple table that I have used for years for any occasion (and no special occasion).

Spring Table Decor Ideas

And I use a few tricks to make things that don’t sell look good. Some of my favorite dinnerware and table decorations that I’ve used for a long time are from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart.

Table Decor

So, if you are hosting a good dinner party and wondering how to set a simple dinner table, this post is in my favorites.

(P.S. Check out our dining room blog for more on DIY tutorials, paint colors, and patterns.)

Table Decor

Simple Table Decorations For An Italian Dinner Party

The best reason to choose white, gray, beige or black boxes is that it gives you the freedom to choose the colors you want for any occasion and flower arrangements!

Some people may call unique dishes “cool,” but using it as a blank canvas can set the tone for any celebration with a simple table setting.

Table Decor

I love this clay pot set that we’ve had for a couple of years. They are very durable (even when our kids break them) and because they are stone, we can put them safely in the oven.

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It’s also easy to find unique dishes (especially vintage ones) at the thrift store, so be on the lookout on your grocery shopping trip.

Table Decor

Add a sprig of rosemary, a handmade place card, or a letter to any special celebration.

It’s not something to do every day, but one small print can make Thanksgiving, an anniversary, or a birthday even better.

Table Decor

Fall Table Decor Ideas That Will Be The Hit Of Your Party

Last fall, we picked magnolia leaves from our yard, washed them to place in each blessing spot, and had our first daughter write names on them with a silver marker. always.

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Our hydrangea plants are always exploding this time of year! And I love how easy it is to set up with just a few greens. (Or you can dry hydrangeas for a simple dining room.)

Table Decor

I just put whatever flowers or plants I find in a unique bowl like this light pedestal bowl.

Reception Table And Photo Album Table With Signage By Patson Decor

I like to cut some ginkgo stems from our ginkgo tree in the front yard when it turns bright yellow every fall.

Table Decor

Or skip the pot and spread the green beans straight on the table as a simple holiday treat.

Last fall, I cut some purple leaves from the loropetalum trees in our yard and planted them in some pear trees to make an easy Thanksgiving decoration that anyone could make. down.

Table Decor

Ideas For Beautiful Fall Table Decorations

For Christmas, I cut up some hemlock and cedar branches to make a humble Christmas centerpiece and added dried orange slices to the orange pomanders I made with the girls.

I added some juniper berry branches that I cut from a tree in the parking lot of our daughters’ school (with permission, of course).

Table Decor

A few candles can liven up a simple table. The flickering of the flame evokes a birthday or anniversary dinner.

Dining Table Decor Ideas For Summer

At home, my daughters and I play a little game – after lighting the candle on the table, we do well and warm the table. (My parents and grandparents did the same thing with my brother and me growing up, and it’s one of my favorite memories.)

Table Decor

You don’t need to fill the center of the table with trinkets or cover every space with decorations.

The table will “breathe” and leave open spaces in the middle for serving dishes or a baking tray.

Table Decor

Simple Easter Table Decor Ideas!

A favorite serving bowl is this acrylic multi-functional 5-in-1 cake dome that can be used as a cake stand, serving bowl, cup and saucer, punch bowl or serving bowl. And it works well outdoors because it doesn’t break.

I use this white bowl at home not only for serving food on the table, but also for a fruit bowl on our kitchen counter or to grow white pepper sprouts as a winter table decoration.

Table Decor

This cutting board is the perfect size and shape to make a cutting board for 6 people. I can’t believe it’s from Walmart! It looks like it’s from a high end store.

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Abstract Figure Sculpture Ornaments Nordic Style Creative Rock Sand Thinking Thinker Resin Art Decoration Ins Style Table Decor

We take these pieces of black or gold foil for the table to add a little more to the usual silver.

Table Decor

This is our table decoration. There are many small details that become special when we want to be beautiful.

Don’t worry though… most of the time we eat plain tacos on paper plates. If this post gives you the idea that we eat pinky up candle light food every day. 😉 Well, no. That’s exhausting.

Table Decor

Christmas Dining Table Decor Ideas With Floral Arrangements

But during a special dinner table, it’s good to put down the phones, turn off the electricity, and enjoy each other’s company every once in a while. This kind of table setting encourages us to work.

More information on DIY tutorials, paint colors and patterns in our changing room can be found here.

Table Decor

Have you hosted a dinner party lately? Even without the lights and flowers? For the style of the table, it is more important to have a good time than anything else. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas or New Year’s party, you’ll want to give your guests something to post on Instagram besides food photos!

Gorgeous Round Table Wedding Décor Ideas

Rise to the occasion with our specially designed array of tropical color curtains and floral decoration ideas to add warmth and fun to your celebrations and meals.

Table Decor

Red may be traditional for Christmas, but the current preference is for a softer, more pastel style, such as burnt red with dark orange.

To recreate this bright and cheerful Christmas table decoration, purchase flowers from Far Eastern Flora as the basis of your flower arrangement.

Table Decor

Christmas Table Decorations For A Festive Holiday Dinner

Here, the table provides tall glasses, brandy, champagne glasses, wine glasses and candles to the table using height.

Then visit prop and decoration stores like Daiso, Spotlight, Chin Giap Soon Trading, Lovera Collection and pick up all kinds of little things you’ve collected over the years.

Table Decor

If red is too hard for you, tone down the red theme with grays and earthy reds for a fresh touch.

Top 34 Dining Table Décor Ideas

The slow pace of living seems to have brought soil plants and plants back into our homes. Add a rustic Nordic touch to your holiday table with this dark green palette.

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Table Decor

To complement this Christmas table setting, get rich greens, eucalyptus, dark yellow flowers and some free Christmas trees from Far East Flowers.

Ornaments and decorative items are maintained with the ease of growing greenery. Choose cupcakes, colorful glasses, paper decorations and decorations, gray cloth napkins and put some small green decorations to enhance the beauty.

Table Decor

Christmas Table Decor To Wow Your Guests!

Dust off your pine collection and bring in the mismatched pine plates and bowls for this setting. If you have to buy, these porcelain bowls don’t have to be expensive. Pictured is a set of Royal Beaded White Mugs ($5.90 each) from Lovera Collections.

Don’t be afraid to disagree. Here, a three-tiered gold coffee table ($48.90) sits next to white salad plates ($15.90) ​​paired with a stainless steel cake server ($10.90) from Lovera Collections .

Table Decor

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect shade of blue for a dinner party setting, from baby blue to navy blue or denim.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Admire the beauty of the blue sky, surrounded by the warmth of the candlelight and the clinking of crystal champagne glasses – the best result of the year.

Table Decor

Choose cups in a variety of blue and gold cups. Pots and glasses are kept in purple and red, and yellow lights.

Create warmth with rich oranges, reds and hot pink plastic cups like these from the Lovera collection.

Table Decor

Farmhouse Table Decor

Here, blue salad plates ($14.90) are paired with purple ramekins ($19.60) and Bitossi Italy Abracadabra ($82.90) by La Tigre from Lovera Collections.

Nice, easy to add to a day with decorations from Cold Storage, Tangs or Daiso.

Table Decor

Don’t leave the table empty-handed! Whether you have a narrow or round table, there are table runners to suit all types of tables.

A Pink Valentine’s Day Table Decor & Ideas

You can get options from

Table Decor

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