Table Decorating Contest

Table Decorating Contest – Now, that’s a good question, and as you know, I participate in the state fair table competition almost every year. So I might have some answers!

But let’s start by saying that it’s a lot of fun! I don’t always win, but I always meet interesting people and learn a lot!

Table Decorating Contest

Table Decorating Contest

This year I received a wonderful red ribbon award for second place in my class, the Regency Holiday Dinner. Read on for the process and all the cool details!

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A while ago, I wrote about the divisions and seasons at the Oregon State Fair in another post. This year, the first row choices were Route 66 Brunch, Regency Holiday, Fairytale Picnic, and Oregon Coast Lunch. Only celebratory meals should follow standard American table setting rules. This is the one you chose, of course!

Table Decorating Contest

I’m not sure which organization made these rules, but they are part of our fair guidelines each year. They know that cup of tea/coffee shouldn’t really be put down to the start, but they still want it.

Also, I emailed about what not to do about the dessert dishes and they confirmed they should be left out.

Table Decorating Contest

Easy Rustic Centerpieces For Winter

I chose Christmas as my holiday and then began researching the Regency period in England. This is the era of writer Jane Austen and the Bridgerton show. I’ve never actually watched the show, but I’ve seen a lot of Bridgerton trailers on YouTube and myself

My research included things like how Regency housewives ate, whether they used tapestries, what style of centerpieces they had, and more. For example, I realized that they don’t often use flowers on their tables, but they make art. Presentation of the fruit. I used scenes from the films Emma and Pride and Prejudice for a lot of inspiration.

Table Decorating Contest

A line from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (one of my favorite books of all time) helped me:

Best Dining Room Decor Ideas

Now there was business for the whole party—for though all could not speak, yet all could eat; Soon, pyramids of grapes, nectarines, and peaches were gathered around the table. Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Table Decorating Contest

Besides the inspiring Emma photo above, I’ve found a few period paintings that really pay off in tiered layers.

I tried to make a real pyramid with peaches and nectarines, but the peaches with fruity stones didn’t go well with my Christmas theme. In addition, I had a hard time picking the fruit! This quieter arrangement worked well.

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Table Decorating Contest

Food Focused Wedding Table Setting Ideas

I went with red – apple, pear and pomegranate. Plus the grapes because they are very beautifully wrapped on the edge of the plate. A little Holly for the Christmas theme, and we’re all set!

My usual job preparing for a backgammon competition is to set up my table and try different combinations of everything until I’m happy with it! This usually takes several months. This year I had a pretty good idea of ​​what I wanted from the start.

Table Decorating Contest

I was aiming for the traditional green and red, and since I had seen the beautiful green and gold china, I asked for a two place setting. The Fitzgerald pattern was designed by Noritake. Isn’t that cute!?

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I knew I wanted to use the two silver trays I picked up at Goodwill a few years ago as chargers. (This is why I use them the most.) Also, candelabra. And at first, I thought of having smaller candles on the counter as well. However, it was very crowded.

Table Decorating Contest

For the table skirt, Joanne had a great selection of fabrics, including a marble green variety that matched my plate perfectly! Unfortunately, there weren’t enough of them to make a table skirt, so I had to get creative again. We’ll have more on that later.

In the meantime, here are some pictures so you can see the evolution of the table top.

Table Decorating Contest

Backyard Decorating Ideas

First, I laid out the white tablecloth and laid out my main parts to give it character. Like I said, I knew almost exactly what I wanted to do, so I didn’t have to mess around as much as I usually do.

Next, I decided on a tablecloth and finished with the china and crystal. I was still trying to decide which tool to choose. You can see the placement on the left is my silver Wallace Rose point. On the right, Oneida has Wordsworth, which also has a rose!

Table Decorating Contest

I still thought I could use one sided candles and didn’t really understand the focus of the holiday. I added a table skirt, but there was still something bothering me about the table besides the edge that wasn’t finished yet. When it’s all square, the table can look like a decorative box!

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So I decided to flip it diagonally across the table and it looked better in my opinion. The little sticks also gave him a little something extra. (Obviously, that weird pack seam goes all the way in the back!)

Table Decorating Contest

In addition, I understood the sacred and evergreen center. I think it looks more like my inspiration picture now.

Here’s the final table, including napkins and menu. On the other side of the chair, you can see one of the fabrics I tried on for the tablecloth. It was actually kind of cool, but a little too busy and not exactly the right look. I’m sure you’ll see it in another tab soon!

Table Decorating Contest

Absolutely Amazing Fall Table Decor Ideas For Entertaining

Our painting competition participants are given our theme, but it is up to us to find something interesting about it. I chose to host this Christmas party at one of the locations that appeared in Jane Austen’s Emma.

Enscombe is the name of a country estate for one of Emma’s apparent suitors, though Mr. Churchill married Jane Fairfax instead.

Table Decorating Contest

I transferred this idea to lay out the cards. I can imagine Jane and Frank throwing a lovely birthday party in their new home. (We assume that Mr. Churchill has gone to visit friends.)

Spring Table Setting Inspiration

I decided to use a cordless phone for several reasons. The first and most important is that it looked better. And secondly, I was a little concerned about theft because the price of silver is so high right now. I had to use silver butter knives because they were the only ones I had. Fortunately, the judges didn’t say anything about the inconsistency of the entire group!

Table Decorating Contest

Amazing! So after all that prep, I unwrapped everything and washed every single piece of china, china, and crystal to a sparkling shine.

And polish every piece of silver! And polished, and polished, and polished… some of the pieces were badly dull. But Wright’s elbow grease and silver cream won out in the end, as they always do.

Table Decorating Contest

How Do You Win A Really Fabulous Prize At The Table Setting Competition?

Transporting everything to the fairgrounds is a challenge of its own. To keep the linens from wrinkling, I wrapped the fabric around my trusty pool noodle and pinned it with straight pins.

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You can also see him leaning against the doorframe on the right behind the desk in the photo below.

Table Decorating Contest

Since I made my table skirt out of sheet fabric, I finally came up with the idea of ​​laying it flat and cutting it into a plywood table top. See in the photo below, with the green cloth held in place by foil clips?! 🙂

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I left everything at the door to do some inventory before closing the car:

Table Decorating Contest

Table, plywood top, table skirt, tablecloth, place settings, dishes, candles, fruit, tape measure, tape, iron, extension cord, needle and thread, Windex, water bottle – must have water – and more. check it out!

Then I put everything in the car and drove to Salem – an hour or so listening to my favorite music and podcasts.

Table Decorating Contest

Beautiful Easter Table Decorations

The first step was setting up the table and mounting the plywood. This keeps the setup smooth and also gives me a few extra inches. We get a 36″ x 36″ and my desk is only 34″.

So the base plan for my stained table involved cutting square boards, one for each side. Since there wasn’t enough fabric for each panel, I had to cut them out and then add smaller pieces at the edges. I felt like I was creating a stitching pattern that I had to cut out.

Table Decorating Contest

But they all went so easily with duct tape. I did some gathering around the top edge of each panel to give them a little drape and not look like a wrapped box!

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The tablecloth covered the tied part of the skirt, so everything came out. (If you look closely, you can see the folds on the edges, but I didn’t think they were very noticeable.)

Table Decorating Contest

Then go to setting up the actual schedule. The first thing I do is my spinning trick, which really helps pull everything together. put a pin

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