Table Decoration Ideas For Husband’s Birthday

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband’s Birthday – So my husband turned 40. Not just a regular 40, a leap year baby 40 and he wanted a 40th birthday party! Two months before the big day, I was surprised when he said he wanted to hit the ground running for his 40th birthday. I didn’t argue with the birthday boy and just got to work. Literally the next day event planning started with the budget she gave me and I shared her 40th birthday party ideas. To put this whole shabang in perspective, I was on a very tight budget. To be honest, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to throw a killer party with a few grand. But I got down to business and somehow managed to stay on budget with a rockin’ DJ, a great caterer, a full bar with two attendants, and of course the room decor.

YES, I had to make this large open space inviting, fun and masculine in record time. Luckily the great caterers from Fancy Food Catering came and set up the food stations. I didn’t have to worry about setting up the bar either, because Schaefers sent two great bartenders to take on their very important task of the bar. A great local DJ had also arrived and made me laugh while setting up.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband’s Birthday

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

I just had to take care of everything else. But I figured if we have food, drinks and music we’ll be fine!

Easy Birthday Decoration At Home

Well I knew we needed a theme and for the men’s party we wanted to have a beer, vintage and rustic theme. The great thing about this theme is that I can do a lot with crafting/crafting materials. For example the middle parts. We had three large tables for those who needed to sit, rest, eat, chat and three high tables. Also, all the dining and standing tables also needed flowers.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

I contacted my girls and told them I need amber beer glasses and I need lots of them. Well, within hours, I received a text message from a guy that said, “Challenge accepted.”

Love it! He accepted the challenge of supplying me with more than 36 bottles in two months.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Throwing A Birthday Party At Home — Redefining Domestics

I removed all the labels and then put them in the dishwasher on high heat to give them a shine. In my basement (for quick storage so my husband doesn’t find them – 98% of the party was a surprise to him) I played around with various ideas. I finally settled on the one below. Wrap three bottles in burlap and tie to a black chalkboard sign.

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So now I needed flowers. Keep in mind that I’m on a tight budget, I couldn’t spend more than $50 on flowers, which isn’t impossible if you prefer green and a solid color, which to me was white. I went to our local flower shop, Morning Glory, and showed them a picture of the bottles. I explained that I wanted a rustic barnyard feel with lots of green and white. They were kind enough to help me play around with a few ideas

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

I knew what look I wanted and after some play we settled on the last green. Hours before the event I picked up 2 large buckets of greens. Thirty minutes before everyone arrived and handed them out on the dance floor, I had my 10-year-old son bring me each bottle one at a time while I staged the flowers myself. I couldn’t believe I could pull it off.

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I placed a group of bottles on a bark board and added some tension candles to finish it off. Oh, and I used 6-pack beer carriers too! They came with the bottles for free. I printed birthday logos on them and then filled them to the brim with chips. All of this was on a kraft paper runner

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Okay for the other tables I needed something to put down straws, forks, knives but that stayed on topic. I took plain mason jars and super glued them to another type of burlap tape and tah-dah.

See them in the lower right corner. Of course I forgot to take a picture with the cutlery inside.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Super Fun Dollar Store Party Ideas

At the buffet, I hung a paper table runner on the board to write small messages like “eat, happy birthday” or to list the dishes on offer.

To add a little personalization to the sideboard, I added a large 4-0 black and white photo collage of the birthday boy over the years. Given the rustic theme I didn’t want to do a video slideshow, I figured it would go better with everything.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Okay, so you need entertainment. I had a great DJ handling the music but I wanted the guests to remember the night with a photo booth. Of course, I didn’t have the money in the budget to get a photo booth, so I copied the idea that I’d done at many weddings. Using step and repeat banners as background and adding props.

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Cheap And Fun Party Decorating Ideas

I found these awesome website stickers and banners that made me a HUGE custom 8×6 vinyl banner for about $50.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

You can’t have a photo booth banner without props. One thing I didn’t have time for was designing props, luckily there’s etsy for that. SurpriseINC is a great Etsy shop with props for every occasion. For $16 I got over 40 different props.

I also found Etsy shop Down Emery Lane to make beer labels for our pint table. I knew I could do all the smaller printed labels for the centerpieces, but I just needed more instructions for the beer labels.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Celebrate Husband’s Birthday With Amazing Birthday Gifts, Experiences & Husband Birthday Decorations At Home

Well, I’ve got the music, I’ve got the food, I’ve got the “photo booth”, I’ve got the drinks and the centerpieces. Oh, and I got some of his awesome buddies to roast him. It was a riot. I loved looking over at my husband and seeing him laughing so hard at the toast with tears in his eyes. My husband is a good man but he roasts his colleagues and friends every day so it was their time to make amends and they did. Now it was just time to enjoy the party and we did!

If you have a party coming up, here is a link to all the services and goods I bought for the big 4-0

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Fancy Food Catering // Shaefers // DJ Rick Loiben // SurpriseINC Etsy Shop // Stickers & Banners // Micheals (for all ribbons and small craft paper) // Down Emery Lane Etsy Shop // Tree Bark Platter // Kraft Paper Runners

Small Birthday Party Ideas You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

This sweet girl turned 4 this summer and told me in January (she plans ahead like her mom) that she wanted to have a “baking party with cupcakes, pizzas and chef’s hats.” What fun!

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I had a big day with my Cricut Happy Birthday cake lettering and these fun chandeliers my husband suggested:

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

I also used a custom Chef [name] apron for each child as the freezer paper template. Amazon’s kid-sized Chefskin apron and chef’s hat sets cost about $5 each. I kept the party small – 8 kids total – to keep costs and chaos to a minimum.

This fun garland was simply made from cupcake papers of various sizes and colors that were randomly threaded onto embroidery floss with an embroidery needle!

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

…drawn by the very talented Sister Alison Bowe, a missionary currently serving in our church! (I enlarged them to 11×17 for the kids.)

Steps Guide For A Perfect Cake Table Decorations For Kids Birthday Party

As the menus said, once the kids were all there and dressed up as chefs, they could make pizza. Our local Grimaldi’s donated the dough and “Chef Dad” tossed it pizzeria style before the kids “decorated” with words for the birthday boy.

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Then they made fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits. So not ALL party food was junk.

Finally the part everyone has been waiting for: decorating the cookies and cupcakes! With 6 different icing colors and over a dozen different types of sprinkles, what could go wrong?

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

It turns out not much. Luckily all the parents were there to help which reduced the mess and the kids took their decorating very seriously!

(I used this Beetroot Velvet Cake recipe. I had to counteract that sugar somehow, didn’t I? See what a conscientious party host I am?)

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

Each child could decorate 4 biscuits and 2 cakes. They ate one each at the party and the rest went home in these cute Michael’s treat boxes, complete with baker’s twine and a cute tag.

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What fun we all had! Special

Table Decoration Ideas For Husband's Birthday

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