Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day – I don’t know about you, but my house feels so bare when I take down my Christmas tree!

Luckily, one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner. It means I can take out my Valentine’s Day decorations and suddenly everything looks a little better.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I usually don’t go too crazy with Valentine’s Day decorations. A pop of pink here and there or a few hearts is all it takes to add some color to my home during these dreary winter months when I need it most.

Home Date Night Ideas For Valentine’s Day And Beyond

If you’re also looking for Valentine’s Day decorating ideas, you’re in luck! I’ve rounded up my favorites and there’s something for everyone.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I found everything from Valentine’s Day wreaths to table decorations and centerpieces and even vintage Valentine’s Day decorations. Any of these Valentine’s Day decorating ideas are easy to recreate, so are you ready to get started?

This simple Valentine’s Day look from Elle Claire is as perfect for a romantic dinner party as it is for a get-together with friends.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Simple Ways To Decorate For Valentine’s Day

The free printable My Heart Talk Banner is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day decor ideas! Just print out these heart-shaped ornaments, then tape them up or use them as DIY Valentine’s Day cards.

This vintage Valentine’s Day ornament from Sadie Seasongoods is a smart way to show off your favorite Valentine.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I love heart decorations this time of year (who doesn’t) and the Origami Puffy Heart Bouquet is so fun and easy to make!

Easy Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Do you have empty cans? Create a mason jar for Valentine’s Day, like this one from The Country Chic Cottage.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I love unique Valentine’s Day decorations, like this No Sew Valentine’s Day Flag I made a few years ago.

Here’s another affordable heart-shaped decoration for Valentine’s Day… use old jeans to make this Jeans Heart Wreath from Pillar Box Blue!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Decor Inspiration: A Curated Mix Of Beauty And Romance

A DIY tissue paper garland is a simple DIY Valentine’s Day decoration that can be hung on a mantle or used for a party.

One of my favorite things to do for Valentine’s Day is to make a gallery wall of hearts. It was in my house in New York, but I might hang it again this year!

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Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I love this Valentine’s Day decorating idea because you can use things you already have and combine your favorite hearty decorations. For this I made a milagre heart that I found in Mexico, a vintage heart plate from New Orleans (I got married there!) and a heart shadow box.

Modern Farmhouse Ideas For Valentine’s Day

You can recreate the heart shadow box using a white shadow box and hearts cut from pink or red magazine pages or sentimental Valentine’s Day cards (one of the hearts I used is from a card my husband gave me) . Then hot glue the hearts to the back of the shadow box.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Get inspired by this Made in a Day Valentine shirt … I love her faux fur!

Eating them isn’t as tasty, so use them to make this cute talking heart block from Simply ling.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Simple Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

This adorable pom pom heart yarn from Refresh Living is the perfect way to add seasonal decor to your home.

This easy Valentine’s Day decor from Worthington Court shows how just a few touches of red and pink can make a big impact!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I love this simple coffee table vignette I created in my New York home using red books, bird figurines, and a vase full of African violets.

Diy Valentine Party Ideas & Decorations • Kids Activities Blog

The vase was purchased years ago, but you can create a similar look with bucket vases and chalkboard tape.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I love this sweet white rose heart wreath for Valentine’s Day, it all starts with color, and it’s so easy to make!

My DIY paper pom poms have so many uses! Make them pink, red or white to decorate a table, mantle or wall.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Simple Savvy Ideas For Budget Valentine’s Day Decor

These hearty valentines from Lolly Jane would look great on a buffet, mantle or as a Valentine’s Day table decoration.

This DIY pallet nail art from A Little Craft is a fun Valentine’s Day craft that you’ll pull off every year.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I created this rose gold for a birthday party, but it would also be a great Valentine’s Day decor theme!

No Cost Or Low Cost Valentine’s Day Centerpieces

Then you’ll love this free Valentine’s Day printable (also in silver) from A Night Owl. Just print it, frame it and you’re done!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I love to update my DIY chalkboard for each season and this Valentine’s Day chalkboard art was simple but so cute!

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This black, white, and gold mantle from Tater Tots & Jello is another non-traditional Valentine’s Day mantle that I love!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

A Valentine’s Day Table Setting With A Sweet Centerpiece

P.S. Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas? You can check out all my Valentine’s Day crafts, recipes, and ideas here!

Ginny is a writer, photographer and lead content creator at Hello Little Home. She loves trying new things (whether it’s making delicious vegetarian recipes, exploring a new city, trying a fun DIY project, or sharing a cute decorating look), and she hopes to inspire you to do the same! Read more about Ginny here. If you want to decorate your Valentine’s Day table, here are 30 beautiful ideas – dining sets, centerpieces, coffee table decorations and consoles – all the inspiration you need for a beautiful table in your home!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

It’s a wonderful time between Christmas and spring decorating. You may have winter decor (I do!), but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, sometimes you want something a little brighter and cheerier than just winter whites and winter neutrals. It’s definitely cozy…but we have bright days in February.

Diy Romantic Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

I love the idea of ​​having something in the front door, even if you don’t want to decorate the entire entryway. But sometimes we need to bring some of that joy inside. Decorating your table for Valentine’s Day is often enough if you don’t want to redo the entire decor for such a short holiday season.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

When it comes to decorating the table for Valentine’s Day, there are several ways to approach it. First, you may want Valentine’s Day centerpieces for your table — whether it’s a dinner or dining room table — or you need a console or coffee table decoration. A simple centerpiece is sometimes all you need. Below I have some inspirations that are great ideas for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re specifically looking for a Valentine’s Day table or dinner table, you can find ideas for place settings and tablescapes, as well as centerpieces. It really depends on your lifestyle. Is this a frequently used table? Then you definitely want to keep it short and simple – otherwise there will be a lot of movement on and off the table.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Table: Candlelit Dinner For Two

If it’s a dining table that’s more for special occasions and doesn’t get used very often – well, then you have more flexibility in how creative you want to be.

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Maybe you need a table for a bachelor party for the kids or a Valentine’s Day lunch. Maybe it’s a romantic dinner for two. No matter what you’re planning for Valentine’s Day, there’s a schedule to suit your needs and preferences.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Below you will find many ideas in different styles – some lean more towards soft pastels and spring. Others are bold and dramatic reds. Many options can still be ordered. Use the images as a starting point – and feel free to click through to see more ideas in original posts beyond what I’ve shared here!

Awesome Diy Decor Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day Party

If your Valentine’s Day decor leans more towards spring and flowers than hearts and “pretty”, check this out! This table has romantic vibes with pink flowers and hearts.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

I just love this for a romantic Valentine’s Day table centerpiece! Choose any fresh flowers and it’s perfect for the transition to spring! Great on the dining table, console or coffee table!

If you love a little sparkle on your Valentine’s Day table, it’s crazy what a box of paint can do!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

A Romantic Red And Gold Valentine’s Day Table For Two

How wonderful is this tablescape! Eucalyptus wreaths, flowers and holiday sets are perfect for friends or a group date.

This is a great idea for a romantic setting that you can use on a coffee or console table or as a dining centerpiece in the kitchen.

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

You can never go wrong with candlesticks on the dining table! Adding dimples is a great idea too!

Easy Valentine Day Table Decoration Ideas

I’m just in love with this look! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day brunch or romantic dinner!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Flowers and candles, everything. That’s all you need for dinner. Just a magical sight for Valentine’s Day.

Love this pink theme! Confetti in apothecary jars is just genius! And those little white houses that are typical Christmas decorations are perfect for this!

Table Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Blush Pink Valentines Day Table Decorations

Red and gold is another idea

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