Table Decorations For 1920’s Party

Table Decorations For 1920’s Party – Are you ready to party like it’s 1920? Gatsby and Flapper parties are all the rage and we’ll show you why. The 1920s were an era of glitz and glam, progress and counterculture. Decade-themed parties are very popular, especially around New Year’s Eve, and a 1920s party is a great way to ring in the new year with a bang. The ever-popular speakeasy theme is sure to appeal to the grown-up crowd, so you can Charleston all night into the new year while the kids are in bed. If we’ve piqued your interest with this Great Gatsby party idea, keep reading for more 1920s party ideas.

They adorned the silver screen. While it may or may not be easy for you to find these movies on Blu-Ray, you can familiarize yourself with their art deco aesthetic when choosing your party decorations. Lettering signs should be big and bold, and the design is often geometric in nature. If you prefer the silent film look, you can also use black type with white or gold lettering and a typical silent film border. Also decorate using various items that are black, gold and white. Balloons, strings of pearls, napkins, plates, silverware, large white ostrich feathers and other Gatsby decorations and party accessories will look great when coordinated in all the colors!

Table Decorations For 1920’s Party

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

The 1920s were a time of prosperity, so get ready for a hearty meal. (Not necessarily healthy food, mind you! And you may have to compromise for vegan and vegetarian guests.) Not only had Americans just started Italian food, but they were absolutely addicted to ham, putting the food in the sauce, and you could find plenty of Weird Jell-O Recipes – It’s the pinnacle of 1920s cuisine! (Trust us on the Jell-O—that’s a rabbit hole for another day.) Healthier options include light tea sandwiches with fresh cucumbers. Huh!

Cool Party Favors

This brings us to the types of drinks you can offer at your party. During Prohibition, mixed drinks became increasingly popular in an attempt to mask the taste of alcohol that seemed to be even more prevalent in counterfeit alcohol.

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

Remember what I said earlier about decorating with black, gold and white? Your party invitations will absolutely shine with gold details on black paper. (If you really want to go all out, make the gold pieces in gold foil!) Use geometric lines and art deco shapes as a frame, and choose a retro font that fits well. Whether you decide to make your own 1920s party invitations or design them for yourself, your guests are sure to be delighted to receive an invitation to your decade-themed party!

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Anyone who can book a live show or a 1920s crime mystery show should have no problem with a night of entertainment. However, if you don’t like money like Jay Gatsby, we have other fun for you and your guests! A simple idea is to enable quick and easy games at select tables where guests can mingle. Leave decks of cards and instructions for simple card games like Kings in the Corner, Go Fish, Old Maid and War. Crossword puzzles have also made their way into newspapers, so crossword pages are another easy pastime. If you are looking for more complex games from the 1920s, mahjong and chess were popular games in the 1920s.

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

Feathers Cake Decorations Great Gatsby Roaring 20s Table Decor Feather Cake Topper Cupcake Picks Flapper Beads Necklace For 1920s Gatsby Birthday Wedding Party

Let it be jazz! The 1920s were part of a period known as the Jazz Age, so you can’t go wrong with a playlist full of greats like Louis Armstrong (as seen above in Doctor Rhythm), Count Basie and Duke Ellington. Don’t be afraid to mix in some blues—your guests won’t want to miss the tunes of artists like Bessie Smith or Lonnie Johnson. Some of their best and most popular songs include songs like “West End Blues”, “There’ll be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) “. . If you know your party guests like to kick their heels on the dance floor, you can add some fun to the night by finding dance lessons and teaching everyone how to dance 1920s dances like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop .

Send your party guests home with some inexpensive 1920s party favors. Whether you choose to put their gifts in a fedora or a small gift bag, inexpensive party favors such as beaded necklaces, boas featherweights and cigarette holders are always welcome. (They also make great additions to anyone’s New Years costumes!) Add some black and gold tissue paper or confetti and some black and gold foil wrapped chocolates or caramels and you have a little party favor for each guest!

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Table Decorations For 1920's Party

Hi! I’m Christy with . I’m here to show you how to dress up a little with a flapper costume for Halloween. Today I will be using a cream based eye primer. I will be using a navy eyeshadow (you can choose other colors to complement it), including a white highlighter under the brows, black eyeliner, pink blush and red lipstick with a red lip gloss. for the lips. Let’s begin!

How To Throw A Fabulous Great Gatsby Themed Party

So first you’re going to take the cream eyeshadow primer, you’re going to warm it up on your fingertip and then you’re going to apply it over the lid, over both lids. Somehow it covers all the imperfections of the eye and the powder eyeshadow stays on much better.

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

So go ahead and grab an eyeshadow brush and that matte navy eyeshadow. You’re going to start with that color and then you’re going to contour and then around the lash line, so basically you’re just going to create a smoky eyeshadow with a navy eyeshadow. And then I like to take the shadow and go along the bottom of the eye to create that smoky look again. And you will do the same with the other eye.

And then you’re going to pick up that highlighter color with just an eyeshadow brush or a sheer brush. Take a white highlighting shadow and apply it under the browbones and then in the corners. And you may want a smaller brush for the inner ones. And I like to take a little bit of white and put it where you’re missing that eyeshadow, right on that lid. And, the most important part is the blending, so make sure you get a nice, even eyeshadow color so that the navy goes into the white, which goes back to the navy, for a nice, continuous look.

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

S Party Foods

And then, if you want, you can go ahead and add that black eyeliner. Just spread the lid a little and apply that black pencil. And then draw it into a kind of cat eye. It was popular back in the day. You’ve kind of already created that line with the eyeshadow, so just trace it with the pencil. Then go ahead and do the same with the other eye.

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Next, you’ll want to get an eyebrow pencil that’s the same color as your brows, maybe a little darker if you’re a lighter blonde. They had a beautiful and strong brow line. So go ahead and fill in your natural brows. Again, start from the inside of the nose towards the edge. So again, you’ll want to touch your forehead to that corner. They usually have a thin, arched eyebrow.

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

Then you will do the blush. You will blush. I chose a beautiful dewy eyeshadow. So go ahead and grab your brush and highlight those cheeks. So when you smile, it kind of creates apples, so I’m going to put that blush there.

S Gatsby Inspired Table Centrepieces

Finally, you’ll get that nice red lipstick and I’ll put it on a full lip. And then apply some red lip gloss. I like to just put it on the bottom of the lip. Come on, put your lips together and you’ll just make that pucker.

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

So now you can go ahead and add thick black lashes with just mascara or some fake lashes to give that drama. Now all you need is your wig and costume and you’re ready for your fluffy evening. Thanks for viewing!

If you’re planning to attend a fancy 1920s function, beaded suits will naturally come to mind. There are plenty of suits for women to choose from, whether you’re looking for tassels and beading or lace. You can even find several costumes of movie characters from the era, including the infamous Roxie Hart from

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

S Party Decorations For Halloween (or Any Time!)

Dress.) We have some gangster costumes for women that are sure to be a lot of fun and keep your feet warm on cold Halloween and New Year’s Eve nights.

Gentlemen, you mustn’t let the ladies have all the fun at the masquerade ball. Look like a slick criminal with our wide range of gangster costumes or be a stylish cat in a nautical jacket. You can even have a little fun

Table Decorations For 1920's Party

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