Table Decorations For First Communion Party

Table Decorations For First Communion Party – If you are looking for some great ideas for your Communion party,  Jackie from Party Hats by Glam offers some unique ideas for creative boy tables. She was kind enough to let me share her photo. Decorations for Martin’s first communion focused on the table setting to celebrate the special day. A simple color scheme with white, gray and light blue patterns makes this special decoration a big hit. Elaborate themed decorations complement the open table design and pop of color to bring the perfect balance to the table setting. The beautiful decoration specially designed for the celebration of First Communion, as well as the simple and open spread so that it is not distracting or complicated, make this party table a big hit.

In addition to the overall table setting, each individual table decoration and food add something extra to the event. Theme wraps in milk chocolate candies are at the front of the arrangement, while a variety of desserts and other snacks fill the rest of the table.

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

Whether it’s specially designed to match the theme of the day, or just an elaborate party color scheme, each item plays an integral role. Cookies have toothpicks with communion symbols on them, cookies were in the shape of a crucifix, and ribbons worked together with all the other items on the table to add some flair to Martin’s special day. Nekstgen First Holy Communion Party Decorations

The background is a white background with a triangular message to commemorate Martin’s first communion. “God Bless Martin” also appears on several other items on the table. Together, the entire dessert table rotates each item down to the smallest detail.

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

I think Jackie did a great job on all the tables. The white-based color scheme and light blue complementary pieces draw your attention, but don’t distract or overwhelm. The simple nature of the colors and the white background are aligned with the theme of the first communion. Also, the dessert itself is very sweet. The intricate details in each piece and the decorations on the table show how important this day is to Martin and how much care has gone into the entire design.

The communion cake is elegant and decorated with a golden cross on the top and a chalice on the lower tier.

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Table Decorations For First Communion Party

First Communion Girl

With a selection of desserts to match the theme of the first communion, there really is something for everyone. From wheels to ribbons, these eye-catching decorative table settings are both practical and beautiful. A lot of thought went into all the planning, and it certainly made for a day Martin will never forget. Decorating for first communion can be a fun task, especially with great photos from the event taken by others along with some unique tableware. Here are some of our favorites.

Chalice Favors Candle – These beautiful candles can be used as table decorations and can also be taken home as favors. Be sure to keep it in a box if you are going to use it as a favor.

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

First Communion Dessert Buffet – There are so many beautiful decorations that make this dessert table so elegant. It is made by Little Big Company – located in Australia.

How To Throw A Stress Free Communion Party At Home

In the center of the stage was an elegant white celebration cake. It is very good to use the cake as a decoration. Save money and add beauty. In fact, some party hosts I know put a small decorated cake on each table as the only centerpiece. Little Big Company also does a great job of integrating the decor into the character of the room. Here is a close-up shot of some items from the table.

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

Little Big Company has created some of the simplest items as part of the decoration. You’ll see a variety of glass bottles filled with jelly beans, chocolate kisses, and meringue cookies. Four pieces of yellow rock candy in a glass jar add a splash of color to this gorgeous color scheme. I like how the sign on the jar is attached with blue tape. A simple gold frame is a great decoration if you’re giving an overview of what’s served at the buffet, sending a thank-you note or sharing a communicant’s photo. A simple glass cylinder vase filled with some flowers is also a nice decoration. The one shown in the photo also has some paper decorations that add color. The smartest touch is the box wrapped in gold paper, which is used as a candy jar. This is a great way to change the height of your communion decorations.

A communion cup with a standing cross is a wonderful decoration, as it can also be used as a gift for guests. You will find crosses in a variety of materials including clear glass, crystal, ceramic, plastic, resin (hard plastic) and metal. You can place them around a vase of flowers or place them on each table to bring them home. Some communion hosts use a mirror as a base and place a standing crucifix on it along with other important statues. This past weekend, my daughter Maia celebrated her first Holy Communion. A great thing in the Catholic faith!

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Table Decorations For First Communion Party

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As you know, I’m a huge DIY’er, if that’s the case, lol! As you can imagine, I did everything… it was a bit stressful because I had a sinus infection last week, but thank God I did a lot of preparation beforehand 🙂

For those who want to try DIY for this kind of event, I would suggest you buy an electronic cutting machine. My favorite machine is the Silhouette Cameo, but there are many others! My poor Cameo has come in very handy over the past few months in preparation for the big day.

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

As you can see, besides the cake, treats and roses, most of my table decorations are made of paper! All the files I used came from SVGCuts, I love how versatile these files are! For those of you interested in the exact files used, they will be listed throughout and at the end of this post 🙂

God Bless Robby First Holy Communion Party Ideas

How would you like to decorate my ceiling? A tule, some balloons and tissue balls… Oh, and some flowers that I randomly stuck to the tissue balls. It’s so easy!!! I just used a pin to put the ends of the tulle up on the ceiling (when the ceiling is textured, the holes are barely visible). I think it’s Friday night and the party is Sunday, pretty much the whole week…even the balloons! Keep reading and I’ll even give you a secret to keep it out!

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

How cool is this chalice? For those of you who are SVG CutsFa fans, you may recognize the top as a tea cup from the Tea For You and Me SVG Kit, and the bottom as a lamp base from the Maison de Madeline SVG Kit! Smart, know 😏

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(K, just ignore the little pearl that fell… I didn’t catch it when I took the picture, damn it!) Anyway, back to the cross… It’s actually the letter “T” from the 3D Letter SVG Kitplus Iron Cross from the SVG Collection Christian Elements. Cool huh? Yes, I’m Canadian!

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

First Communion Party Ideas For Girls

Flowers are used everywhere! First I used this cute Topiary tree, then on the wall, and finally as a little accent throughout… they kind of become grass, lol. Same flower different size, different layers!

This perfect little book is a place to store my son’s memories from that day…it’s stuck! I wish I had made it a little bigger!

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

The invitation I made below, I have one of the favorite projects of the event. Simple and easy to make, especially if you have a lot to make! Isn’t pearl wine the cutest?

Backyard Communion Party Details

Here’s a look inside, done using Print n Cut in Siluette Cameo.

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

How cute is this little favor box?!? They are the perfect size for small thank you notes for guests to take home.

Look, I told you there were flowers everywhere! Weed, I told you!!! They even came to every single pew in the center aisle of the Church (I didn’t get a single picture… “YAY”… I was kicking myself!)

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

Sweet Dove First Communion Printable Party Express Set

Oh, oh, and here’s the cake! clean isn’t it!?! And it’s delicious! I try to make it look like my daughter’s dress…as much as possible!

OK! Are you ready for the SECRET to keep balloons from deflating (at least 1 week!) Quick-dry scotch glue!!!

Table Decorations For First Communion Party

While experimenting with how to cover balloons with tulle, I had a light bulb moment! I know that the inflatable balloons at the party venue have some kind of liquid injected into them to make them last longer, so I thought why not inject some glue into the back of the balloon (where

The First Holy Communion Table Decoration Stock Photo

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