Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party – Whether it’s a summer beach party or an elaborate backyard event, some of the wedding industry’s elite sparks are coming up with elegant tableware ideas that are guaranteed to make for an impressive seasonal event.

Providing comfort and luxury, furniture is the perfect addition to any outdoor event. Christina Millikin, owner of Glow Events, suggests creating a sophisticated dining experience by using furniture that complements the outdoor elements. “Don’t try to fight the aesthetics of the place,” he says. “Working with an existing environment makes your design realistic and purposeful.”

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

A great and elegant way to incorporate playful elegance into your summer setting is to use an assortment of bright glassware. Lyndsey Hamilton, creative director of Lyndsey Hamilton Events, recommends it to add style to any bar or table look. “I love antique colored glasses for the perfect summer cocktail,” she says. “Be brave!”

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No strangers to ethereal elements, the founders of Valley & Company Events, Alea and Nick Valley, suggest using tableware as the perfect balance between comfort and celebration: on cocktail napkins, table runners or drapes and greenery. Add muted hues like sky blue, pale brown, and yellow to evoke a true summer feel.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

One of the most elegant ways to add style and sophistication to any table setting is with unique flatware. Whether antique or contemporary, a range of styles and colors can make classic forks, knives and spoons a design showpiece. Ashley Sawtelle, owner of Ashley Sawtelle Photography, advocates using gold when completing cutlery styles. “Nothing sets a table apart or complements the surrounding color palette more than gold,” says Sawtell. “You can’t go wrong with this timeless choice.”

An easy but fun way to style an outdoor party is to make a whimsical picnic. Laura Ritchie, chief event designer at Grit & Grace, suggests this arrangement by adding china and trays for snacks. “A picnic reception comes from the premise of creating a memorable event for guests,” he says. “Throwing back to the summers of childhood with fresh fruit, sweet treats and fingers in the grass makes for a casual yet classy night out.”

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

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Calder Clark, owner and creative director, balances the savory layers of the main dish with the floral motif of summer linen to add eye-catching contrast to the fun show. “Play with linen, flowers and even food motifs,” she says. “Here, we’ve combined the delicate morsels to create a refreshing treat.”

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Use the space above and around the table to convey your vision throughout the place. Jenny Schneider, owner of Jenny Schneider Events, illustrates this idea by setting it up outside of the traditional schedule. “When expanding beyond table decor, add candles, garland, and even a chandelier,” says Schneider.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

From a delicate flower to a calligraphic business card, a splash of detail on display can make a big impression on your guests. Lindsay Janey, owner of Simply Sunshine Events, agrees that “the smallest, most personalized touches are often the most memorable and have the biggest impact.”

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With flowers serving as the traditional choice for a beautiful presentation, Bluebird Productions founder Virginia Edelson encourages the use of bouquets to decorate a classic summer table. “We work with florists and tabletop vendors on layers of texture to make sure there’s a lot of depth and dimension,” she says.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

Jacin Fitzgerald, owner of Jacin Fitzgerald Events, puts all of her rarely used cutlery to good use. Even when hosting an outdoor event, adding that formality can add a lot of flair. “Use that fun china you’ve been saving and make it a special occasion by bringing out the goodies!” He says.

As well as extending the design concept across and around the tablescape, the same idea can be applied to adjacent seating. Kathleen Deery, owner of Kathleen Deery Designs, used Italian ruscus to decorate the bride and groom’s chairs, matching the overall theme of the space. “Ruscus tips were noted as an accent to seasonal peonies in the centerpieces,” he recalls.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

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Decorative and ingenious lamps are the perfect summer staple. “When candles are paired with a classic and seasonal floral arrangement, it’s a match made in summer heaven,” says Dawn Goldsmith, owner and creative director of DM Events and Design.

Leslie Mastin, president of Leslie Mastin Events, reaches different depths with many materials. “A curated collection of durable pieces, vessels and flowers help create a multi-layered, multi-dimensional look,” says Mastin. Other materials such as wooden boxes, delicate vases and intricate fabrics can also enhance the look of the table.

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Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

Expanding your creative vision beyond magazines and cutlery will add an engaging quality to your overall theme. Francie Dorman and Britt Cole, founders of 42 North Weddings, encourage attractive colors for classic pieces and paper products, such as “visualizing a summer look on any personalized menu, greeting card or accompanying card as a special touch for your guests. love.”

Summer Tablescape Ideas For An Outdoor Party

Give extra effort to follow through by organizing a menu filled with interesting foods. Kelly Leonard, owner and executive producer of The Story of the Season, encourages a focus on new seasonal elements that help transform the table’s theme. “Placing charcuterie boards on the table alongside small plates is a surefire way to satisfy all your guests,” she explains.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

Brandi Reiland, creative director and owner of Soiree Weddings & Events, uses layers to create a soft look. “Pairing fabrics like linen or velvet in light tones with earthy materials like slate, stone, wood, fruit or mixed metals can create an interesting and vibrant presentation,” says Reiland.

Place cards are a great way to show an even balance of personality and style. For a garden lunch, Sarah Faye Egan, owner of Jackson Durham Events, used small calligraphy clay pots instead of traditional business cards. “Small vases were also liked by every guest at the party,” he says.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

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Brianna Sumey, director of sales at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, is a lover of the wild and the wild. Adding this season’s flair can easily translate to a tall, on-trend canopy. “A floral canopy over the head table gives off a sense of nature and elegance,” says Sumey.

Using non-traditional materials to decorate centerpieces will not only connect your menu with the overall design of the table, but also become a conversation starter among guests. Whether it’s fruit, candles or other imaginative items, Jill and Co. Events owner Jill Remy recommends “using organic and edible elements in your centerpieces,” providing a guaranteed way to go above and beyond on your presentation schedule.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

Florals in the foreground of a summer table are an attractive way to bring a sense of home and sophistication to display items. Melissa Porter, Asheville Event Co. managing partner and wedding planner, wants to remind couples to focus on other elements when finalizing their concept. “A pretty placemat, a stitched napkin, a neat menu or place card can really enhance a summer table,” she advises.

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After taking the time to plan a beautiful display, no one tries to imagine an empty space. “A bold charger can fill a void and add a touch of gilded glamor to any table,” says Kate Whelan, owner of Kate Whelan Events, who opts for a bold dinnerware display to avoid unnecessary frills.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

With the seasonal abundance of summer flowers, what better way to create a unique centerpiece than with blooms in your own garden. Rosemary Hattenbach, owner of Rosemary Events, suggests using lovely garden flowers of your choice as details in your arrangement. “Fiery summer flowers add a nice touch to a crisp, breezy white table,” says Hattenbach.

Timeless pairings like blue and white create an attractive display that evokes the feeling of summer. Emily Clarke, creative director and founder of Emily Clarke Events, used this technique to decorate the festive table for a wedding in Mexico, complementing the red tablecloth with an ornate layer of lace. “We added pink and peach blossoms to bring the perfect softness to the display,” she says of the installation. My best friend had a wonderful farewell party at her house. Here at DIY Inspired to share some outdoor dining ideas with you.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

Table Decoration Ideas 2022 — Chic, Easy Tablescape Ideas

This party was simple and elegant. She used an all-white tablecloth, gold coasters and white dinner plates, allowing the bouquet to take center stage on the table.

The flowers are a mixture of white, yellow and green. I love how she mixed in the palm fronds. I like them to be low enough to not block guests sitting across from each other.

Table Decorations For Outdoor Party

This episode was great. The host used a Cricut machine to cut

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