Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation – This is definitely not my favorite type – saying goodbye to the priest and his family. I hate saying goodbye. don’t you Our church wanted to have a farewell party to honor our pastor and his family. We want to thank them for the time, energy and love they have invested in our congregation and our church. Sounds simple enough, right? Ummm…let me tell you how I pulled it off with a little creativity, love, and the help of a bunch of volunteers. Task one: Set the theme. Our pastor was always known to wear a tie. (Our congregation is fairly typical, so that was definitely his trademark.) His wife loves Swedish Dala horses. (We go to a Swedish church- covenant denomination). Their young daughter loves art and painting. Tie…Dala Ghor…Art…What? How do you make a theme out of it? Well, I asked myself this question over and over again. We sincerely wanted every member of the family to feel loved and appreciated. I needed to include all those ‘unrelated’ things in this program. This was definitely my hardest themed party to date!

Men are the easiest to start relationships with. I started collecting old ties from newly retired men at thrift stores and churches. I put in the church bulletin for everyone… men, women and children to wear a tie to the party to honor our pastor. On the day of the party, I had a box of extra ties in case someone forgot the dress code!

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

The gift bags on the table were decorated with fabric ties. (Cards and money were collected in gift bags.) Instead of ribbons on the table, we used men’s ties. I went with the traditional blue and yellow Swedish colors to honor the pastor’s family heritage and the denomination of our church. Swedish Dala horses were a bit tougher. I couldn’t find anything budget friendly to buy, so I printed the horses on red card stock and taped them to painted wooden skewers. It was placed in the center of the flower. It confused our pastor’s wife that we thought of her and not just her husband. 4 Pieces Pastor Appreciation Gifts Wood Plaque With Wooden Stand Pastor Appreciation Decorations Pastor Gifts For Men, Pastor Table Sign, Pastor Thank You Gift For Religious Christian Tabletop Decor

The directions read: “Decorate a notecard with crayons. Write a thank you note inside the card. Place the finished card in a gift.”

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

Blue and yellow plastic buckets contained blank cards. There were 3 types of cards to go with the 3 themes.

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A tie card, a Swedish Dala horse card and a frame card for making art. (Yes, I tried putting a tie around a horse…)

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

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The directions were taped to both sides of colored cardstock, so everyone at the table could see them. Large colored sticks were used to lift the buckets.

Greenish yellow and white flowers were stuck in vases, with dal horses on a blue stain.

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

A yellow and blue round, plastic tablecloth covered the table. A large strip of white butcher paper made a table runner. Blue and yellow crepe paper also added some color.

Flowers — Patrick J Clayton Productions

Many kitchen volunteers helped prepare a delicious brunch. Families were asked to bring Ing casseroles to church. A member of the church is famous for his Swedish cardamom bread recipe. She made bread and rolls for everyone! I used extra dala horses to label the foods.

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

A friend of mine planned the event. It included the priests’ favorite songs, special gift presentations for each member of the family and they ‘tied’ it all up with some ‘tie-related’ jokes. You know what Ty said to the hat? “You go ahead, I’ll come around.”

Oh, I almost forgot..we also had a tie contest! The most fantastic tie, the most beloved and most ‘Swedish’ tie to our Pastor Ty. Yesterday we welcomed our new senior pastor (formally our youth pastor) to our church with a potluck lunch and event. I was in charge of the table decoration. Every pastor, in my opinion, needs a lot of kind words to keep them going, so I’m here to decorate the branch with tips of encouragement. Our pastor is an outdoorsy, bird lover so it worked out great. Look here!

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

Thornton Community Chorus — Engage

Using cardstock from a church supply, I spent a good 2 hours at the Ben Franklin craft store using their AccuCut machine. I cut three different types of leaves and some doves.

I told a friend at church that I needed branches for each table. He said he would take care of it…I love those kind of church friends! (Thanks, Chris!) Later, he told me that when he got home Friday night, he pulled into his cul-de-sac and a large tree branch was blocking the road…a god send, I’m sure. !

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

He cut the large branch into a stand. He made holes in it so that the small branches could stand up.

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Meanwhile, I punched holes in the paper cut-outs and enlisted the help (thanks, Mari!) to thread them with curling ribbon.

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Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

My ‘wonderful’ husband, (as I like to call him!) helped me place paper cutouts and pen rings on each table.

The branches were placed in the middle. The instructions were: Please write a note of encouragement and gratitude to Pastor Adam and his family. Branch your messages.

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

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Everyone wrote a message during the potluck. (I guess I was having too much fun ‘pottalking’ to not take pictures?!) Here are the entire branches. I took them home and rebuilt them into three full branches.

To me, branches and green leaves represent new growth and life for our church. Doves are symbols of peace. I have been keeping these ‘super abundant’ branches on display in our pastor’s office for some time. Finally I will keep all the messages for her in a book. Our beloved Children’s Pastor (Pastor Mary) retired in December…and guess who was in charge of the party? Yes me! Actually, to be honest… I willingly went!

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

I love this wonderful woman so much (she also has a wonderful husband), that I had to throw her a great retirement party! She is an important part of my children’s and my life!

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We asked several people to bring egg casseroles to add to the menu of sausage, potatoes, fruit and Swedish cardamom rolls. (We attend a Swedish church that always needs good Swedish food.) Coffee and juice were also provided.

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

(Don’t those Swedish cardamom rolls look amazing?! And don’t you just love those fruit towers? Remember the one featured with veggies in this post?)

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ve seen me decorate our church’s family center many times. Click here or here or here for a refresher.

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

Chairs And Table Set Up By Batik Bali Wedding

This time it was Christmas themed and I made sure I had a ton of volunteers to help me out!

I typed out everything we needed to do and taped the lists to the wall. When the assistants arrived, they chose a task and got to work! As we finished we crossed things off. It took us 3 hours to do everything. Not bad!

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

Cedar boughs from a tree in my yard and evergreen boughs from another pastor’s yard add great texture to the centerpieces of these round tables and the stage.

Michelle Paige Blogs: Pastor Appreciation Table Decor

To go with our theme we had to have a ‘gift’ centerpiece. I ordered 50 small boxes online and all came with volunteer wrapping paper, scissors and tape. Everyone gathered the boxes and started wrapping them. It looked like we were having a Santa workshop!

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Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

After wrapping the packages and tying them with thick wireribbon, we punched four holes in the top of the box to insert the balloon sticks.

I wanted a party atmosphere and it had to be kid-friendly, so of course we wanted balloons, and what better way to display them than by sticking them directly on the packages?

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

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A friend brought a box of adorable Christmas ornaments to add to the greenery. We also put some mini candy canes and some golden, curly wood fibers in the greenery.

Drinking glasses were placed upside down on the tables. During meals, water jugs and coffee carafes were added. The head table had name tags for invited special guests.

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

I made these activity books for kids. The books were filled with word searches, dictionaries, and coloring pages that related to events Pastor Mary had organized over the years. I asked another friend to collect it for me… because I had forgotten how to use the copy machine’s special functions?!

Columbus Early Learning Center

A few weeks ahead of time, we asked all the Sunday School and Youth Group kids to make ornaments for Pastor Mary. The ornaments were collected and used to decorate the Christmas tree. Children signed their names and wrote short notes on their ornaments. Many of the ornaments were ‘gifts’ to go with our theme. During the program a child presented the tree and told who made the ornaments. We call him Pastor Mary Tree.

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

See a featured quilt? Our church quilting group made a beautiful quilt for our pastor too! Awesome!

A friend of mine made a ‘Merry Tree’ look great with lots of thick ribbon and some balloons! Wood M was painted by some teenage girls. Love!

Table Decorations For Pastor Appreciation

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The quilt pictured above is a t-shirt quilt, using several t-shirts from summer day camp that our pastors have.

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