Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party – My kids are obviously not teenagers, so when my friend from church, Melissa, asked me to help plan her daughter Haley’s surprise sweet 16 party, I was a little nervous.

For Hayley’s sweet 16 party, she wanted something classy and sophisticated. I’ve never planned a 16th birthday party before so it was all new to me, but it went really well and I think Haley had a great time with her friends.

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Look at this beautiful 16-year-old girl! I can’t believe this girl was driving. I remember when he was born!

Centerpieces — Elegant Balloons

Planning a Sweet 16 party is basically the same as planning a children’s birthday party, but it’s different in a few ways. Today I’m going to share the basics of throwing a PERFECT sweet 16 party. Let’s go for it!

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Make sure that the child does not fall on the side. There’s a fine line between rustic and decorative, so be careful what decorations and sentiments you decide to use. Melissa decided to go pink and gold for Hailey’s party and we’re all over it!

For the backdrop, we decided to use these white ruffled curtains decorated with pink and gold paper flowers and hanging around picture strings. Melissa has many photos of Haley with her family and friends from when she was little. Friends are everything to teenagers, so I thought it was a sweet touch.

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party 170 Piece Rose Gold Sweet 16 Birthday Decorations For Girls, Disposable Dinnerware Set With Table Cover And Banner (serves 24)

Melissa ordered a rose gold tablecloth for the dessert table and it rounded out the table look perfectly!

For dessert, we served Haley’s favorites – Oreo Balls, Chocolate Covered Crepes, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Creme Mint and Strawberry Macarons from La Rue French Macarons. What would a Sweet 16 party be without macarons?! Such cute little round cookies!

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

The beautiful cake was made by friend Heidi Church. It matched the theme of the party – pink flowers, gold sequins and a sparkly 16 on top. She did a great job!

Mardi Gras Themed Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Melissa created fun youth group games for them to play that teenagers love to play. I used to like to play in church, but now I don’t remember how to play because I’m old. (Yes!)

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Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

We also have a photo booth set up with photo props. I made this photo booth backdrop out of tape we found from old bed sheets that we ripped into strips. Very simple and beautiful!

Tip: Spend the extra money and get good quality balloons from Party City. We ordered cheap ones from Amazon and they stopped when the lady at the store started blowing them up. Melissa’s friend came over from Party City with these rose gold 30 inch balloons (they look gold in the picture, but they are rose gold and so pretty!).

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Here’s Exactly How To Plan A Sweet 16 Party

There you have it! Planning this party was a blast. I’m always a little nervous when asked to plan an event that I’ve never done before, but it’s going to be a lot of fun. Although it can be nerve wracking, it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone. Of course, it’s not comfortable here, but it’s clothing that you grow and learn from.

I am a proud woman, child of God and mother of two beautiful little girls who have allowed me to get through this thing called life and I am sharing my journey with you. I love parenting, traveling, cooking, parties, organizing and sharing many small aspects of families. Welcome everyone! I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and stay a while! From themes to decorations to 16 of the sweetest party ideas! If you’re looking for 16th birthday party ideas, check out this list!

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

It’s been a while since I’ve shared party ideas, and unfortunately today it’s all about Suite 16 Party Ideas!

Our Top Selling Sweet Sixteen Party Supplies

I learned my love for parties from my mom (who now works with me) and she threw me a pretty epic Sweet 16 party when I was growing up.

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

It ended up with a pretty pink lunch box with a little silver bell that my friends or I could pull out whenever we needed something. I was on cloud 9!

I know how much fun it is to throw a sweet 16 party, so I wanted to share some 16th birthday ideas that you’ll love! I hope you get lots of inspiration for your 16th birthday party!

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Jenna’s Sweet Sixteen

Let’s start with one of my favorite holiday elements, the cute tag! I love the 16 Yellow Sweet Party featured in Catch My Party by Express Floral & Event Design. Chalkboard signs are a great way to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday with a cute poem or saying! They also make a great photo booth prop.

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Here’s a sweet 16 birthday printable sign from SimplyFetchingPaper on Etsy! I love that you can download a digital printable and print it yourself. You can decorate the entire party with peachy pink flowers, desserts and decorations around the sign above!

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Think outside the box with your theme! While I love a good “sweet” candy themed Sweet 16, I love the boho themed party that my friend Tori threw for her daughter’s 16th birthday. It’s great!

Sweet 16 Brunch

You can keep the cake simple by adding this cute topper with a letter to you! Make your own or ask for a plain white butter cake at the grocery store. Then decorate it with a topper with this one or fresh flowers. Here’s a cake idea perfect for birthdays in my book!

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

I love these sweet 16 cupcakes, a smaller version of a larger cake batter. They’re great for simple cupcakes, party favors, snacks, and more. very convenient to connect. Find them on Etsy!

If you’re looking for an invitation, check out these cute sweet 16 invitations! If you want to keep your budget in mind, you can always opt for a digital invitation.

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Birthday Decorations,sweet 16 Balloons Happy Birthday 16 Decorations 16th Birthday Decorations For Girls

For a colorful theme perfect for a summer birthday, I love this sweet 16 luau themed party! Gold mylar balls are great (go thrift store, you can usually find them in silver, gold, and magenta).

The sixties love to capture photos and memories, so I love the idea of ​​a handwritten board to hashtag the party so friends can share great photos and videos of all 16 parties! After that, the birthday girl can print out the photos and make a birthday memory book. Sweet Sixth is an important coming-of-age party that recognizes your child’s individuality, growth, priorities, and accomplishments as they reach adulthood. Thus, when planning a sweet sixty birthday party for your child, it is recommended that you choose a theme that perfectly reflects your teen’s style and personality. Think about what motivates them, like their favorite hobbies, dreams, colors, or even places to go. While their favorites give you endless options for theme ideas, you can always enlist the help of a reputable party and DJ planner to create a memorable party for your child.

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Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Below are some sweet ideas to help you decorate your 16th birthday party!

Best Sweet 16 Party Ideas And Themes

An outdoor movie night can be the perfect surprise for a movie-loving teenager. Hiring an event planner can help you create a simple teen movie theme by hanging your kids’ favorite movie posters with lights. You can also ask your event planner to arrange an old popcorn machine and soda dispenser to add to the vibe. Your child and their friends will love this cozy party theme.

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Still can’t find the right theme for your sweet 16 party? Consider throwing a simple black and white themed party with black and white glitter birthday cakes and balloons. Better yet, clear jars can be filled with black and white candies and other delicious themed treats like chocolate fountains. However, if you don’t think black and white is enough, you can consider adding a cool color theme with your party planner.

Going to Paris to celebrate a birthday with your loved ones may seem like a dream come true, but it could lead to riches. How about creating your own Paris party with Parisian decorations? An event planner can help set up a cafeteria scene with a miniature Eiffel Tower, hanging lights, and a teen birthday banner. Consider choosing a color theme to tie everything together, and don’t forget to surprise your guests with a unique, thoughtful birthday invitation.

Table Decorations For Sweet 16 Party

Buy Sweet 16 Birthday Decorations

If your teen loves to dress up, hosting a Halloween themed party is just what you need to make her birthday an unforgettable experience. Decorate the venue with the help of a professional party planner and invite your guests to dress up in their favorite scary costumes. You can also create special games like mummy wrap or apple bobbing to make it a party favor

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