Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Table Decorations With Pumpkins – Short on time or money this fall? Here’s how to create a fall room you can use year after year using faux pumpkins, plants, and candles collected over time.

A few years ago I made an entire fall table with fresh fruit and flowers and a naked cake. Last week I shared a fall table of freshly sown eucalyptus. I love making centerpieces and table decorations with cool stuff. However, this is not always possible due to budget or time constraints. So for this tablescape, I wanted to show you how to make a fall piece that you can use year after year using faux pumpkins, plants, and candles collected over time.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Do not mistake yourself. If I had enough money and endless time, I think I would choose to use real flowers, greenery, and fruit for all my tablescapes!

Perfect Diy Pumpkin Decorations

As much as I love freshness, sometimes it’s a little disappointing to spend all that money just when the whole tablescape fades one day. If I only plan one special meal, that’s fine, of course. But if I want my mid-season centerpiece to last a little longer so my family can enjoy it even after taking pictures, that short lifespan isn’t all that fun.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

If you’re not creating your tablescapes for a magazine or blog, it probably doesn’t matter as much to you as it does to me. But since I collect vignettes and centerpieces to share on the blog and in magazines and books, I can’t always depend on seasonal items. This week I see real pumpkins and such in the store for the first time. And even then, selection is limited by climate and harvest times. But I had to do this tablescape and shoot it last week.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only creative person who relies on “moods” to get things done. I regularly accomplish a lot, but when a mood hits me, it definitely goes easier and faster. Fake items are ready and waiting for this moment!

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Festive Fall Table Decor Ideas!

This genre also speaks to the point of longevity. Real pumpkins, flowers and greenery, of course, only last about a week (depending on the variety). But if you collect GOOD replicas while they’re on sale, you can collect a nice collectible that can be used over and over again for less. (Note that I said GOOD replicas. Just because you’re buying fakes doesn’t mean they have to be ugly!)

In case you were wondering, I regularly empty my stash. Last winter I went through all of my seasonal bins and LOTS of my seasonal decor that I hadn’t used in years, donated or donated. I don’t collect or keep things that I won’t actually use! My centerpiece almost completely wrong

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Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Yes, almost completely wrong. One of the tricks to creating a great fall room with faux items is to add a few real things too.

How To Throw A Pumpkin Carving Party

As a runner. First I put the big pumpkins on it. Then I layered the medium and small pumpkins and placed the faux antlers in between. A few sprigs of faux eucalyptus

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

That’s why I love having fake pumpkins and plants around me. And you? Do you keep fake seasonal decor pieces? If you’re planning a fall wedding, pumpkins might not be high on your list of must-have decorations. But with their range of shades, sizes, and textures, these versatile and unmistakable fall decor pieces can make a chic, eye-catching statement.

But first: pumpkins and black and orange accents are best avoided to avoid Halloween associations. Instead, consider the color palette and overall mood of your wedding, and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if you’re going for an autumnal fall feel, opt for pumpkins in traditional orange and treat them subtly on your wedding day for consistency.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Halloween Background With Cute Decorations And Pumpkins On White Table. Flat Lay, Top View, Copy Space. Halloween Party Invitation Card Mockup Stock Photo

Some favorite ideas? Line them up as aisle markers, place them on a welcome table, or send your guests home at the end of the night. If your color palette runs into bright orange, consider buying faux options or a few cans of spray paint. When done in different shades, pumpkins can add texture to your decor without compromising the overall design aesthetic (think metallic tones for added ambiance and white for a more understated look).

If you’re looking for organic seasonal decor, combine pumpkins with other fruits and vegetables (like pumpkin and apples) for an effortless, market-chic style.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

We’ve rounded up a dozen ways to incorporate the beloved squash into your big day. Trust us, these ideas are anything but simple.

Autumnal Thanksgiving Place Setting On A Table With Pumpkin Ornaments And Leaf Decorations Stock Photo

Make your fall wedding decor the center of attention (literally) by lining the ceremony path with pumpkins of different shapes and sizes. The seasonal favorite – shown here in green, white and orange – can add a rustic touch to any decor

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Table Decorations With Pumpkins

After the ceremony, consider escorting guests to their reception seats by attaching escort cards to mini pumpkins. This look can be achieved in many ways, but we especially love the blue and white look shown because it complements the wedding color scheme. To recreate this display for your own wedding, simply tie ribbon (any color) to individual white pumpkins. Then place them on a vertical structure like a cabinet or a shelf to show them off.

If you’re going for a higher vibe, meet your new best friend: spray paint. The pumpkins can be painted any color you want, but we like a metallic shade if you want to take the rustic look to the next level.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Charming Fall Centerpiece Ideas To Start Off The New Season With

Pumpkins can also serve as accents for otherwise understated spaces, like this natural tabletop display. Paired with bistro chairs and a pampas grass arrangement, pumpkins play up the fall aesthetic without overshadowing the setup.

Of course, don’t forget the pumpkins when setting the table. Emphasize your fall vibe by placing them front and center. But, as with any centerpiece, remember that the decor should not overwhelm the table or your guests. Avoid this faux pas by scattering pumpkins everywhere and keeping them below eye level.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

When decorating with pumpkins, it’s important to remember that you’re working with products that aren’t symmetrical or aren’t perfect in design. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, so work with what you have by creating lots of mismatched combinations. Overall, this deliberate yet carefree approach can create a relaxed, warm, and welcoming look.

Gorgeous Dining Table Fall Decor Ideas For Every Special Day In Your Life

Another favorite idea is to decorate the table with pure fresh produce. When done right, this concept evokes chic market vibes, even when done on a budget. Our only suggestion is to take the theme and go with it, which means avoiding chandeliers and chandeliers and keeping the rest of the decor relaxed and casual for a while.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Unexpected way to decorate the table, copy Casa de Perrin and create new works of art. Keep this look more “creative” and less “craft project” by sticking to a simple and consistent palette, like here in blue and white.

With a piece of paper and a loop of string, personalized name tags can be inserted or attached to pumpkins so everyone knows where to sit. After use, they will be a great favor for guests at the end of the night.

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Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration, Simulation Pumpkin Model Artificial Pumpkin Decoration, Creative Home Table Decoration For Thanksgiving And Halloween.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: fall wedding decor doesn’t have to be rustic. This decidedly modern setting features Mid-Century-inspired glasses and sconces, plus pampas grass and gold-accented gourds.

Highlight your distinguished seats with an extra special display of pumpkins. Here we love how their warm tones repeat in the table candles and bloom above them.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Before the wedding ends, take one last outing surrounded by pumpkins. Talk about a great photo opportunity — and a perfect ending to your fall wedding. Looking for simple and elegant table decoration ideas for Thanksgiving? This pumpkin flower arrangement combines sage and dusty green corals for an untraditional fall table setting.

Simple Centerpiece Idea For Your Thanksgiving Aesthetic

I admit that I struggled with inspiration this fall. Everyone was pulling out pumpkins and turkeys, and all I could do was change my pillowcases. Then the temperature dropped 40° at night – literally! It was in the 80s when I went to bed on Sunday and in the 40s when I woke up. And I feel like I got my fall mojo back.

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

I now have pumpkins on display in no less than four rooms, and this is my fourth chimney full of pumpkins… You can’t stop me! And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect since I joined my friend Lory from Designthusiasm for Styled + Set – sharing all the inspiration you need to entertain yourself this fall. If you stop at the Maison de Cinq, welcome! Obviously, Sheila and I are both Francophiles and set lovers, but I also think she’s really adorable, and I’m so glad you’re here! Don’t miss the rest of the tour at the bottom of this article.

Like I said, I finally felt inspired to play around with fall decor, but that doesn’t mean I’m still embracing my non-traditional fall colors. This time I decided to go with dusty sage and soft corals, and

Table Decorations With Pumpkins

Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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