Table Diamond Decorations

Table Diamond Decorations – Beautiful sparkling diamond party display and wedding decorations for reception tables: Over 3000 sparkling acrylic table confetti gems in three sizes

Luxury Sparkling Diamond Party and Wedding Decorations for Reception Tables with 3000+ Sparkling Acrylic Table Confetti Gems

Table Diamond Decorations

Table Diamond Decorations

An easy way to add elegance to your wedding celebration, anniversary celebration, birthday party, prom, retirement party or any other special occasion.

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Rich in romance, they will make a great addition to your wedding decorations or add a charming touch to your Valentine’s celebration. Whether you are celebrating a bridal shower, wedding or anniversary with dozens of loved ones or a private romantic dinner at home, you can spice up the romance with delightful crystal diamond table confetti.

Table Diamond Decorations

These sparkling gems change color in different lights and create a beautiful glowing effect indoors and outdoors. They are absolutely magical by candlelight!

These fine diamonds are much more spread out on the table so you get a lot more table cover than larger jewel sizes, plus the three different sized diamonds in this piece create a much more elegant display than just one diamond size

Table Diamond Decorations

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Just sprinkle a little of this diamond to elevate the custom table setting and create a magical atmosphere for your special event.

Just store these diamonds in the small gas bags and you can use these amazing romantic diamond table decorations many times to create your own romantic traditions.

Table Diamond Decorations

These gorgeous diamond party decorations are part of the prep you can do ahead of time to reduce last-minute stress. Order them today to cross off your to-do list and know you won’t miss out on this gorgeous, romantic table setting.

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Each set contains over 3,000 acrylic diamond loose gems (about one cup of gems) in three sizes of 3mm, 6mm and 10mm, which are similar in size to the original diamonds in your jewelry, making it these faux diamonds feel real compared to larger ones. fake fake jewelry.

Table Diamond Decorations

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