Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations – Besides summer, Christmas is my favorite time of year. So much so that I’m always forced to wait until mid-November to dig out my Christmas decorations. We recently moved into a fairly large house with a living room and a family room, so I decided this year would be the year of two Christmas trees.

After looking at the Canadian Tire website, I was inspired by the CANVAS Christmas collection – especially the tea decorations. My living room is gray, teal, yellow, and white, so I knew it would look great coordinating my Christmas decorations with my year-round decor. Since the main floor of our home is open plan, so the dining area is in the same space as my living room, I knew I had to include a wonderful tablescape as well. Read on for great teal Christmas decoration ideas!

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

I started with a 6.5′ canvas pre-lit Doner Pine Christmas tree. It comes with a beautiful and classic white resin suction cup that goes well with the rest of the room. The tree looks very realistic and has plenty of tips to easily hold ornaments of my choice. It’s very narrow, perfect for small spaces, and it’s easy to assemble. I assembled the tree and put it in place in less than 15 minutes, just had to adjust the top quarter of the tree and the rest fell into place. It also has an on/off foot pedal to easily turn it on and off as needed.

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My next stop is decorating the aisles! Canadian Tire arranges jewelry by color, making shopping for color-coordinated jewelry a breeze. I knew I wanted to go with teal, but after seeing this gorgeous CANVAS Silver Glitter Owl Ornament with white and silver accents, I knew I had to go with some white to make the teal stand out.

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Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

Of course, there are many beautiful personalized tea decorations. This CANVAS Arctic Teal Peacock Final Ornament is one of my favorites.

I have to say my favorite find is this CANVAS Arctic Teal Peacock Clip Ornament, isn’t it cute? I actually picked up a few of these, but I’m thinking about grabbing some more. I love how it relates to the teal that I use sparingly throughout the space.

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

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Of course, decorations aren’t just for trees anymore! I picked up the CANVAS Bullet Bottom Vase for small table decoration. I found out that CANVAS has a 6ft Arctic Teal Shutter Ball Necklace. I cut it out and used it to fill the vase with the wreath ornament, leaving about 2 feet of ornament on the wreath.

Ornaments look great in a basket, and it’s such an easy idea to scatter Christmas decorations around a room to add a festive touch. The rest of the necklace is tied, the basket is filled with plastic bags, and the garland is carefully placed on top, like a basket full of ornaments.

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

Stepping into the dining area, I was struck by the unusual rustic style of Lucy Akins of CraftberryBush.com posted on the Canadian Tire website. Yes. I was definitely like, “Hey, let’s put an animal head on the wall!” I’m not a girl who thinks that way. It’s not just me, I assure you, however, for some reason I was really drawn to this look and knew I had to include the CANVAS Silver Deer Wall Decor in my tea room. It worked well because the space had been done in gray and silver and the green of the beautiful CANVAS magnolia and pine garlands balanced out the green of the Christmas tree and my small potted tree.

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How can you not love the look of it? I have no idea. I like that the deer head is shiny instead of shiny and can be hung on the wall. Honestly, I’ve seen similar work elsewhere and this is definitely the best looking deer head I’ve ever seen.

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

For another rustic touch, I had to buy this CANVAS 3-tier slate serving station for my dining table. It’s actually a hand-finished wooden board with a chrome-plated spindle. It’s the perfect centerpiece for an appetizer or dessert, or to layer some on top of a seasonal centerpiece.

While filling my shopping cart with decorations, I came across this beautiful 6-pack of Canvas Arctic Teal Glitter and Sequin Butterfly Ornaments. I knew they would be perfect with my teal Christmas tablecloth.

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

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First, I went and bought a beautiful 40 piece CANVAS plaid dinnerware set. My dinner was terrible. Mind you, I have a lot, but they’re just random bits and pieces I’ve been buying around for food photography. Not for Christmas guests! This dinner was simply amazing. I love the lattice detail, the quality is very good. It includes 8: dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl, mug, and fruit bowl.

I folded a few gray and white napkins I had on hand and placed them in each bowl, cutting out a butterfly here and there.

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

I also picked up a set of CANVAS white wine glasses and a set of CANVAS highball glasses for the table.

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My cutlery was also very disorganized, sandwiched between two missing pieces. I bought a 50 piece CANVAS Madison cutlery set. I love the weight and look of the cutlery, and the set was big enough for our holiday entertaining but also big enough for everyday use.

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Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

I really like how it all fits together and how I can get everything I want from Canadian Tires. I love Christmas shopping, but if it’s easy for you and most of the items are in one area of ​​the store so it’s easy to pick out the right color coordinated decorations, then it’s much more enjoyable. I’d love to say I’m done, but I feel like I have more arctic teal Christmas decoration ideas in the near future, and another trip to Canadian Tire!

Need more holiday inspiration? Check out the Canadian Tire website to see all the great CANVAS Christmas decoration options!

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

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Disclosure: This post was contributed to by Canadian Tire, and I am honored to support my story. However, all opinions are honest and my own.

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Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

Beautiful color scheme! I’ve never thought of putting decorations in baskets before. Sounds great, I think I’ll make it this year!

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I love the pop of teal. I may not have thought of tea for Christmas, but I really do.

Teal And Silver Christmas Table Decorations

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