Teal Dining Room Table Decor

Teal Dining Room Table Decor – I’m so excited to share this Philadelphia dining room makeover with you for a number of reasons: the space turned out beautiful, it shows you how a little work and adding a few key pieces can go a long way. , and you’ll see how transformative a slightly bold color can be. My e-design client did a fantastic job putting everything together. One of the joys of working with local clients is the opportunity for events

After the project is completed in person. When this couple recently sent me a photo of their finished space, I knew I just had to get there to photograph it so I could share it with you all.

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

My clients, Pat and Lauren, live in Queens Village, a wonderful neighborhood in the heart of Philadelphia. I got to know Pete through a group of small business owners that I run into regularly around town. He owns my favorite handyman service called The Home Hero, so if you’re local and need help with some small projects around your home, they’re your friends. Be sure to check them out!

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Pete and Lauren had already bought a few things for their dining room when I joined – including their table and chairs – but they were a little unsure of how to pull it all together. They have good taste and know what they like, but brought in Mix & Match to guide them in their decision making process. They need more functional storage because they don’t use their dining room

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

For meals, but also as a place for homework, and Pete often works at the table when he’s not out running Home Hero. Having some hidden places to store papers, school supplies and laptops was a must – goodbye clutter! They also knew they wanted to up their style game in general and add some color since the dining room opens up to their all-white kitchen on the other side.

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The dining room is quite small (hello city life!), but it’s functional and has more space than you’d expect based on its dimensions. I knew we could make better use of the back wall where the sideboard is (which was something they kept), so we decided to add some vertical bookshelves on both sides that both closed. And there were open shops. This combination of open and closed was key – the closed storage can hide all the miscellaneous papers, school supplies, laptops, etc., and the open shelf will keep it from feeling bulky and give us some places for pretty decorations.

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

How To Decorate A Dining Room

Another request was for them to do something special with the back wall itself. At the beginning of the design process, we were all itching to add wallpaper, but after playing around with several options, my client finally decided to take a bold step down the easy (and cheaper!) route of good ole’ paint . In teal color. And add pattern through the rug. It looks great there, and I think it was the right decision in the end!

We also wanted to add some other pieces like a chandelier above the table to define the area and create a focal point as you enter the room, and a rug to ground the table and add more color. We finished it off with some wall art and some other decor pieces and ended up with a really cool modern and cozy dining room. My clients received the final artwork and decorations and I couldn’t wait to get there to see it. They are very happy with the room, which is the most important part of everything, right?

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Teal Dining Room Table Decor

What was once a set dining room plan is now a wonderful and functional space for a family of four! Your eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful shade of the faucet on the back wall (Benjamin Moore Galápagos Turquoise – 2057-20), but it doesn’t take long to start noticing all the other touches that hold this room together. A good harmonious place to eat and work.

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Let’s start with the chandelier. It’s a simple and clean mid-century modern design, and its flat shape is perfect for the context – it doesn’t block your view of the large sunburst mirror, but the combination of brass and black sets the books really well. With wardrobe and other pieces. the room

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

As for the sunburst mirror, it is large, measuring 42 inches in diameter, and was just what we needed above the sideboard. The rectangular black mirror they had before didn’t do much for the room. It needed something around. Softening the hard edges of the rest of the furniture, and a plain framed mirror wouldn’t be ‘enough’ if you know what I mean, we want the mirror to make a statement, and it definitely does. It is also one

The bookshelves are also a favorite part of the room – Lauren found them and as I mentioned earlier, their combination of open and closed storage was perfect for her needs and her space. The closed storage you see has a door on the top and three drawers on the bottom. Very nice, huh?

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

Teal And Smoke Finish 6 Piece Group

Finally, let’s take a look at that rug. I love the organic design and how well it works with the teal wall and light wood finish we have throughout the room. It adds just the right amount of texture without being too distracting.

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Happy with how this room turned out! E-Design is a truly collaborative design experience, and these clients were a perfect fit for the process. We worked together to come up with a floor plan and design direction that met their needs, and they took it and ran with it! Now they have a dining room they will love for years to come and it will feel completely complete. It’s a really satisfying feeling and I’m excited about them.

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

Below you can find all the sources for the pieces you see in the dining room. Since these clients already had multiple parts, you’ll notice that some sources say “same” in front of them. I tried to find good estimates, but know they are not accurate. 🙂

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If you have any questions or want to work with Mix & Match on your next e-design project, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Teal Dining Room Table Decor

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