Thai Table Decorations

Thai Table Decorations – Whether you are planning a traditional Indian wedding or want a bright and lively theme for your wedding, this Indian wedding table layout will give you all the inspiration you need for your big day.

This warm orange and fuchsia table setting is a great choice for brides-to-be looking for a vibrant, colorful edge. The top bouquet centerpiece adds detail and romance, while the lime cushion cover adds a beautiful contrast.

Thai Table Decorations

Thai Table Decorations

Deep purples and classic Arabic prints will make a more elegant choice for an Indian wedding. Elegant gold tablecloths and illuminated lettering keep it fun and sophisticated.

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Top Tip: You can hang a table runner, fabric or wall hanging behind the display table for a nice color clash.

Thai Table Decorations

Whether you have floor dining or a traditional seating arrangement, this pink and orange arrangement is beautiful and colorful. At its best, it is a blend of traditional and modern elements of Indian design.

Peony is a wonderful traditional Asian flower and a great option for a spring and summer Indian wedding.

Thai Table Decorations

Indian Wedding Table Layouts To Inspire Your Big Day

We love contrasting colors for any occasion and this turquoise and orange combo is the prettiest we’ve ever seen!

Don’t start with elephant and flower centers. Literally a work of art!

Thai Table Decorations

Tip: If you can’t find a neat patterned tablecloth, use confetti or sequins to create a similar contrast.

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Deep purples, shimmery golds and pops of aqua make this Indian wedding table setting a midsummer night’s dream.

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Thai Table Decorations

Tip: Place the table runner horizontally across the table under each position. Cover with a plate and a glass.

Apple greens and soothing corals make this table setting a great option for a spring or summer wedding.

Thai Table Decorations

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Fruit bowls, vintage glasses and printed plates provide the perfect picnic for an outdoor wedding.

Indian wedding table settings are known for their glorious edges, but this one really takes the crown (excuse the question)!

Thai Table Decorations

Rich oranges and shimmering golds round out one of the coolest centerpieces we’ve come across. We also love the matching floral candle holders!

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Top tip: decorate the table with different runners of the same color for an amazing combination of beauty.

Thai Table Decorations

Indian wedding table settings in warm tones are not suitable for a winter themed wedding. Luckily, this gorgeous blue and green table setting is perfect for a winter wedding!

Sparkling glass candle holders resemble ice and a branched centerpiece makes this table layout feel like a winter wonderland.

Thai Table Decorations

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