Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations – Devour, devour! It’s that special time of year to give thanks and whip up some festive foods… what’s not to love? Get the little ones excited with this fun turkey craft! It’s a perfect decoration for the mantle or Thanksgiving table!

Choose your turkey tail colors! You will need two sheets of each color. Leave the browning of the turkey head and body aside.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Align the paper to the height of the layers you want and then cut it out. Fold all the construction paper, 2 of each color, back and forth like an accordion. Using a glue stick, glue the matching colors together to make a long, folded piece of paper.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Preschoolers

Decorate your layers by drawing on them or using bingo dabber. You can refold the leaves and trim the top corner for a pointed feather look.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Revamp your layers with a fan-shaped texture. Add a piece of duct tape to the bottom of the fan to connect the two sides together.

On brown paper, draw a circle (you can use the jar lid as your base) for the turkey’s body. Fold the bottom of the circle so that there is a flat edge – this will be the edge to attach the turkey to the base. Next, draw and cut out the shape of a turkey leg for the head and neck. On a piece of red construction paper, draw and cut out a heart shape for the fight and a yellow paper triangle for the beak.

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Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Upcycled Decorations And Thanksgivings Crafts

Add double-sided tape to the top of the jar lid. Install the smaller fan, making sure to keep it centered and at the front of the hood. Then add the larger fan layers to the back.

Glue or use double-sided tape to the bottom edge of the turkey’s body. Glue to the front of the lid.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

A video from Caitie’s Classroom accompanies this post. Join Caitie in the classroom for nursery rhymes, games, activities, stories, crafts and more! Catch up on previous episodes and sections, follow Caitie on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to Super Simple Play so you don’t miss an episode. Don’t forget to hit the notification bell! We actually had a Canadian Thanksgiving this year, but I’m already looking for ideas for next year and thinking of all our American readers who still have Thanksgiving to come and may be looking for decorations cute table decorations that children can make. Since Thanksgiving is all about family and being together, it’s a great idea to have the kids make some cute table decorations, and we’ve found some great ideas.

Thanksgiving Table Crafts And Ideas To Keep Kids Busy

We’ll start with the centerpieces for your table, they made these adorable Thanksgiving centerpieces (which can also be wreaths) over on the kids activity blog that would look great paired with any of the cute options for Thanksgiving centers. Childhood education.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Next we have placemats, last year we made our own Thanksgiving placemats with all kinds of pretty foliage and ornaments.

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You can also have your kids make their own table runner, like this cute leaf table runner from Hand Made Kids Art. We also found a sweet Thanksgiving table runner made for babies that is bright and colorful at Dirt and Boogers.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Best Collection Of Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids: Classroom & Home

This year we made Thanksgiving place cards with all our names on them ready to be displayed on the dinner table. Ideal for creativity and to practice writing names.

I found a few different napkin ideas that I love, there are Buggy and Buddy beaded napkins that look great and would be a great motor activity for the kids. Then there are the adorable Sugar Aunts Thanksgiving Turkey Napkins! And I also love these fall napkins from Happy Hooligans that have just been painted in the most unique way and look so cool.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

Then, if you have wall space behind the table, I can think of nothing better than this Mama Papa Bubba Thanksgiving Tree to proudly display for all to see.

Turkey Table Decoration

If you’re looking for more Thanksgiving and harvest ideas, check out these awesome lists of bloggers we’ve linked up with from around the world.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Table Decorations

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