Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor – I know it’s easy to give up on everything at Christmas, but I love Thanksgiving. If our kitchen is in use by then, it will be under the wire. (Fingers crossed.) I enjoy designing a table every year – especially the challenge of working with what you already have. Today we’re sharing some Thanksgiving tablescapes from the past, plus an overview of Thanksgiving table decoration ideas and details.

I have used this set a few different years for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can find fresh bunches of eucalyptus inexpensively at Kroger or Trader Joe’s. They also dry well, so even if you set your table a few days in advance, it will still taste great! Add some pomegranates, pumpkins and candlesticks. With the centerpiece of your table and you have a fancy vibrancy.

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

I usually mix and match my black, wood or copper plates and chargers for a more fall look. The charger set is also available in gold at a very good price. The children like to help me set the table. Setting up the cutlery is his favorite little job. For these table settings, I just used a striped tablecloth or checkered fabric in the center!

Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas

These are some of my favorite boards and chargers that I have enjoyed using. I just ordered candles for our Thanksgiving table this year. I have a gold flatware set that I only use on special occasions and holidays, and a black set that we use most often! I just can’t pass up this cute pumpkin dish for $20.

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Even if our kitchen isn’t ready in time for Thanksgiving this year, I know we’ll still be gathering around our table as a family. I might be subscribing, but that’s okay. There are years for homemade recipes and years for just cuddling and enjoying the company of your newborn. Thanksgiving is just a week away! Wow, it’s been a month. For this Tablescape Thursday, I designed a tablescape with toddlers in mind. Do you set the “kids” table for Thanksgiving every year? Sometimes I think it would be more fun to sit at the children’s table than at the adults’ table.

Although this table is designed with toddlers in mind, there are three things I would change about this table when children start sitting here. 1. Each tabletop can have only one glass. 2. I would ditch the salad forks, which can be a bit confusing for the youngest child. 3. I don’t put acorns on the table because they can get into my mouth or fly through the air. 😉 With these three changes, I think it would be perfect as a children’s table setting for Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

I came across a cute pinecone turkey place card holder online at Martha Stewart. His pine cone turkey was made by gluing feathers to the back end of a pine cone from the tail of a turkey.

This tiny turkey can still fit a place card, but instead of feathers for the tail, I made a doily in the shape of a “fan” for the tail. You can find this turkey napkin folding tutorial here: Turkey napkin folding.

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

The yellow autumn leaf colored dinner plates are from Noritake, part of their Colorwave collection. Rattan chargers will decorate the “kids” table without being too boring or formal. The dinnerware is Gourmet Settings and can be found here: Gourmet Settings Treble Clef Available here.

Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table

These quirky turkey plates would be perfect as salad or dessert plates for a kids table because they were so inexpensive. Priced at just $2.99, no one will be mad if you go broke during Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

The pumpkin I decorated with ribbon before Halloween still looks nice and fresh, so it was the centerpiece of this round table.

Glasses from the Dollar Store allow little ones to dine in style like adults. If the glass only costs $1, it’s not a big deal if the glass breaks. Again, if the kids were sitting at this table, I would only use one glass (probably glasses) at each table to keep it nice and simple.

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Fresh Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas Featured On Instagram

This napkin is really easy to fold. I’ll try to post a tutorial soon if you want to replicate this Thanksgiving table setting.

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Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas For A Festive Dinner

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Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

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Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Traditional Thanksgiving Table Decor

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Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

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How To Decorate For Thanksgiving: Expert Ideas From Interior Designers

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Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Filed Under: Fall Tablescapes, Tablescape Thursday, Thanksgiving Holiday Home, Thanksgiving Table Settings, Thanksgiving Tables, The Holiday Home Tagged With: Thanksgiving Holiday Home, Thanksgiving Table Settings for Kids, Thanksgiving Tablescapes, Turkey Napkin Folds Celebrate the Beauty of the Season The first is captured on the Thanksgiving table, in warm autumn colors, designed for dining with friends and family. Casual yet elegant, this tablescape is easy to achieve with just a few simple elements!

One of our favorite family traditions revolves around preparing the Thanksgiving meal and looking forward to all sitting down together to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Seating 25+ friends and family for dinner is no small task in our house, so pre-setting the table is key to making the day run smoothly.

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Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Simple And Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Today I’m sharing Thanksgiving tables in warm fall colors, but be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to see more gorgeous tables shared by my talented friends! Whatever your style, you’ll find beautiful inspiration here!

This year I am inspired by the warm fall colors that are so sought after this season. I’m also aware of the fact that my home’s underlying color palette leans more towards blues and grays, so I decided to mix the two together to create a tabletop that’s warm and inviting, but still complements my home decor.

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

I started with a simple white tablecloth and added a pretty gray woven table runner over it. While this may not seem like the start of a warm fall table setting, it’s the unexpected contrast in color that ultimately creates a beautiful look.

Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Your Dining Table

I wanted a centerpiece that had some color but wasn’t too dark, so I used a white heirloom pumpkin as the vase and created a design using roses from my garden (yes, they’re still blooming!), seeded eucalyptus, chamomile, some dried flowers, and rusty orange mums. I found all the flowers at my local market for under $30 so it’s a pretty budget friendly item too!

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

A few weeks ago I shared how to make a pumpkin floral centerpiece. You can view these details by clicking here.

I placed fake white pumpkins next to the centerpiece and then scattered a few more small pumpkins and some faux acorns around the table. I also raised a few pieces of seeded eucalyptus and dried “bunny tails” along the runner to add color and elements.

Thanksgiving Round Table Decor

Simple Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas For Autumn

For the place settings, I started with a galvanized charger that matches the color of the table runner. Harmonization of form and colors was important. I placed my all-time favorite plates on top of the charger (I swear they work for almost any table setting!), then folded the fall napkin into a long rectangle and finished it off.

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