Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart – I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving, November is coming. As always, I’m sharing a Thanksgiving table setting to inspire you to create your own table setting to welcome your guests in style. I love creating beautiful tablescapes, especially these days when collecting is more important and rare.

This post is in partnership with my favorite brand, Walmart. All opinions and choices here are my own.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Last year I created one of my favorite Thanksgiving tables with yellow and pink roses. This year, I want to use some of the fall decorations I have laying around, like these fall branches. As I always try to get away from the oranges that come with fall, I love how this pastel Thanksgiving table looks. This is a great affordable table set with all the Walmart items. Good chargers are only $20 for a set of 6, if you don’t have these chargers, be sure to get them. They are just amazing, I use them all the time.

Pumpkin Halloween Decorations Thanksgiving Fall Harvest Organic Table Decor 素晴らしい品質

I picked up these plates from the Pioneer Woman at Walmart. Bold lines are classic and romantic. I also used these pink dresses from Walmart, and my favorite gold. There’s something about gold flatware that elevates your table setting, plus they pair perfectly with beautiful gold curved chargers.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

I used roses and dried flowers to create this pastel centerpiece. Plus, using what I got from fall decorations, pumpkins and colorful flowers. While I buy two real pumpkins every fall, I get these fake ones for two years, which is why you see them every year!

Now, one of the most important things to remember when working with dried flowers is to keep each candle! The last thing you want is your desk on fire. I noticed that I removed all the candles from my centerpiece. First of all, my friends.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Fall Tablescape — Revive & Design

Below are some of my favorites from Walmart for your Thanksgiving table. Your table decor is sure to shine with some of the finds this year!

You certainly have a lot to clean up after all the festivities. Below I’ve included some of my favorite pieces to make your life easier. Last month, I shared a little appreciation idea for kids here, so this month I wanted to build on that and share another set. Thanksgiving dinner table and other decorations. All of these pieces are from Walmart and you can get them all for a great price!

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Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

One of my favorite things to do is make charcuterie boards filled with fruits, meats and cheeses. This small plate with gold rim is just the right size and perfect for serving!! I am a curator of neutral and timeless decor with pieces that you can use around your home and all season long! Also, I’m thinking of filling the table with greenery to bring more natural elements and I like the soft candle light (especially since it was so dark at the beginning)! And I’m all for some gold flatware to brighten up the dinner table!

Colorful Farmhouse Tablescape For Fall

I had so much fun making a Thanksgiving table idea that I wanted to throw in some living room decor ideas!! Additionally, I love neutrals with some pops of fall colors like brown and pumpkin colored jewelry. I also feel like many of these pillows and patterns can be used anywhere around your home! Walmart really has a great variety of home decor!!

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

I’m Sandy! I’m a lifestyle and blogger, photographer of my kids, bubble tea lover, shop owner, and love to stay busy. This site features my stuff (lady and mom + me stuff), great shopping deals, recipes, home decor development (it’s a never-ending job, right?), talk about motherhood , and everyday inspiration. My hope is to inspire you to dress up and enjoy life! Thanksgiving is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about the transition from Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving decorations. And it doesn’t have to be difficult – all you need are a few supplies from your local craft store, and some leaves from your yard. start!

Start by rubbing the pumpkin with water. Leaves are oily so it’s best to use old paint for this… I only use this brush to do leaves. Alternatively, you can clean the brush with xylene.

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Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Joanna Gaines On How To Set A Thanksgiving Table

Next, place the mercury glass votives between the pumpkins. Putting the two together breaks things up a bit visually so it doesn’t look too similar.

Between the pumpkins and vines, in the center, cross the large artificial flower elements. Finally, place your oak leaves in the empty spaces. Place some flat on the ground and some vertically or horizontally.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Make sure not to put leaves on top of the candle… we don’t want your center to catch fire!

Walmart Home Fall Dinning Decor

And that’s it. It only takes a few minutes to put everything together, so if you’re short on time you can do this as a last resort.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Brown oak leaves give a natural feel, but you can use colored maple leaves to add some red or yellow flowers to your table.

If gold is not your favorite, silver or bronze will look good in this arrangement as well as how to set the thanksgiving table for your family this year. Create a table for loved ones to gather on a day to celebrate what we are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

The Best Pieces Of Walmart Thanksgiving Decor In 2022

Whether you’re hosting friends or family or having a party at home this year, Thanksgiving table decorations set the stage for your fall. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on what we are most grateful for. Thank you so much for my family’s health..especially during this crazy time.

Even if you plan to stay at home, with your close family, you can create a Thanksgiving table that sets the night aside. Sometimes the best nights are dressing up for a special time in your home with your loved ones.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Today, I’m sharing a simple yet elegant table setting for Thanksgiving dinner inspiration. Most of these tips are easy to pull off, so you can spend less time finding the perfect outfit and focus on what’s most important – food!

Fall Dining Table Decor

A centerpiece is a great way to add color and texture to a table design. I chose to create a floral centerpiece using flowers I found at Trader Joe’s. However, make sure that the small flower in the middle of the table is low enough to see the person sitting next to you!

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Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

For the table runner I used about 5 meters of fabric cut from Joan’s fabrics. I want the fabric to be long enough to hang on the edge of the table for a romantic and whimsical look.

Feel free to mix different dishes together. Especially if you are setting the table for a large group of people. Don’t feel like you have to have the right dishes for all your guests. I want this layout to feel simple but beautiful. To create this look, I used gold chargers combined with light gray dishes.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

Two Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Instead of traditional wine glasses or bottles. I used these mason jars. I love how they create the simplest of all gold pieces.

Name cards are not necessary but they add such a special touch to any table. For this table I started with small apple pies that I found at Walmart….nope..I don’t bake these..haha. Then I tied my pies with string and added a little name. Later I wrote everyone’s name in a golden pen. I added in a little green room for an extra touch.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

For more text type, I put small pies on top of the text page. I just copied pages from an old book. This is a fun idea for Christmas using carols!

Dollar Store Thanksgiving Table Decorations {simple To Do}

Add greenery to your table with branches, wreaths, stems and more. If you have a simple middle, add more green in the middle. I use a little green to touch up the bright green on this table.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Walmart

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