The Incredibles Table Decorations

The Incredibles Table Decorations – My little dash just turned four. He is now obsessed with The Incredibles. Even though I secretly hate most things Disney, I try to be a good mom and play along. So this was the first year I was forced to do a theme. And as I assumed, anything with a Disney logo costs twice as much. So…I cut corners and did a bunch of DIY on the decorations and then gave myself a break and bought all the store bought crap that the four year olds like to eat.

For the treats I bought all the items at the dollar store and handmade cards with cute sayings to display them. In my house we don’t have a printer and it was so easy and simple to make our own. The entire treat table and decorations ended up costing about $25. Since I had all the decorations homemade, I decided to do most of the food store-bought (which in turn saved me from a nervous breakdown).

The Incredibles Table Decorations

The Incredibles Table Decorations

These were party favors that contained homemade felt masks and small sweets. Homemade felt masks are much cheaper to make than store bought ones. Instructions are here. For the large Incredibles icon I simply used a large cardboard square, roughly drew the symbol and dotted it with scraps of crepe paper and Elmer’s glue. It took about an hour, but it was pretty cool! It can also double as a kids wall hanging after the party.

Incredibles 2 Plastic Tablecover

The cake and cookies are pretty much the same too but, alas, not made by me! I used my local bakery and they turned out great!

The Incredibles Table Decorations

Along with all the candy, cake, cookies, punch, and party favors, I also put out a jar full of taco meat and black beans. On the side I had small bags of Doritos chips, salsa, ranch and Edna “Tomodeos”. Guest raved that they serve go tacos – where you put your meat in your bag of chips and eat with a fork and some salsa! When is walking tacos not fun?!

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The party was a success and I think my little one felt pretty special on his big day. Definitely worth the extra DIY time that went into the details to make it extra special but still affordable without me losing my mind! To see a DIY tutorial click here! Another year older—and hopefully wiser, too! This past Sunday I turned 28 and celebrated by throwing an Incredibles 2 Themed birthday party (thanks to my amazing wife Brita who did a lot of the work!). Yes, still a child at heart. No shame. Every year since 2010, I’ve had a Disney/Pixar inspired birthday and documented many of them here on the blog. Check out the “Birthday Party” tab to see others I’ve done over the years, including Inside Out, Monsters University and more. Lucky for me, Pixar movies usually come out in June – which means parties and merchandise are always on time!

The Incredibles Table Decorations The Incredibles Birthday Party Supplies Bundle Pack For 16 Includes Plates, Cups, Napkins, Table Cover, Hanging Swirl Decorations

As usual, I held my party at my parent’s house (the home I grew up in) because they have plenty of room to accommodate my large family. Plus, who am I kidding, it sure is nostalgic to have it there. You can see the front room when I first walked in above and the Incredible 2 Jelly Belly Beans below that were used as party favors for the kids! I didn’t even know these existed (they were a fun find on Britta’s part), so that was a nice touch to see.

By the way, I just wanted to point out that Brita bought most (if not all) of the Incredibles 2 party decorations on the Party City website. So if you’re planning one of these and want some of the awesome decor, check out the full selection of merchandise on the site here. There is a lot of it!

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The Incredibles Table Decorations

Here’s the epic master suite in the family room! Such incredible work. Just look at what she did with the balloons! Britta is always very creative and I love what she has here. She spent hours the night before setting all this up and blowing/tying the balloons all by herself. It was a fun surprise walking in because I didn’t see what she had prepared before entering the room. I like to be surprised and not see the party getting ready while it’s running.

The Incredibles Birthday Party

Here’s a close-up of this year’s coat. Just look at the balloons with the superhero masks, ha! Absolutely brilliant and something I didn’t expect. You can buy these here.

The Incredibles Table Decorations

And the new Funko POPs double as a gift and part of the decorations. Can’t wait to write my full post on these guys!

Read my review of The Art of Incredibles 2 book here! The Big Mr. Incredible toy is the 2014 Thinkway Toys talking superhero figure.

The Incredibles Table Decorations

Blush & Co

Another fun balloon! This one will be with me in my home office until it finally deflates.

I always enjoy having unique snacks at my parties with all kinds of appetizers that I love. I usually try to mix the variety year after year and the spread was particularly good. YUM!

The Incredibles Table Decorations

Lots of fresh fruit, cheeses and crackers. And no party is complete (at least in my family) without M&Ms, onion dip and potato chips.

Florianopolis Brazil February 2020 Birthday Reception Sweet Table Decorated Mickey

More dips and crackers. You will see this Mini Jack-Jack Deeper Crock Pot in an upcoming post very soon!

The Incredibles Table Decorations

Let’s move on to the dining room and check out the main table! Love all the stationery which especially features Mr. Incredible and Dash – some of my favorite characters.

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Click! Below are many of my future posts here on this blog 😉 Such generous gifts from my entire family. From hands-on new home owners, to Solo: A Star Wars Story toys to Pixar/Incredibles 2 gear… I can’t wait to share more of what I got with you!

The Incredibles Table Decorations

How To Throw A Joint Birthday Party For Siblings

Time for cake. I’ve had this strawberry shortcake for my birthday for as long as I can remember and, well, here it is again! This is something I can’t seem to mix or replace. It’s just that good. Maybe someday I’ll move on to something else, but I figure if it ain’t broke, why fix it? yum

After the cake, some of my nieces and nephews and I played the “Put the Mask on Jack-Jack Game”! I didn’t do so hot. I think I am weak.

The Incredibles Table Decorations

And here we are after the game for our group photo with all kinds of fun Incredibles 2 props! Way to go. Yet another great touch that the kids and I enjoyed. I like to consider myself a great uncle.

Of The Best Disney’s Incredibles Party Ideas

Another birthday has come and gone…but it won’t soon be forgotten! I can’t express enough thanks to Brita, my parents and my whole family who made my day so memorable and magical. I am very happy to share all this with you and I hope you enjoyed being there in my party through the photos.

The Incredibles Table Decorations

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below! If you still have questions about anything you see here, don’t hesitate to ask.

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