Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas – With Trolls being a huge hit for DreamWorks Animation, it’s no wonder we at Ally Logan Designs are super fans! When we recently saw a troll-inspired birthday party on our favorite client’s Instagram feed, we had to share it with you all.

As a disclaimer, we do not provide invitations or prints for this party. Kudos to Ashley’s mom for providing the most beautiful products. However, we would definitely love to work with him again! Here are two samples of our troll-inspired appeals:

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Atlee Kate’s birthday cake doubles as the perfect party decoration! If look is half the taste, guests will be in for a real treat!

Kara’s Party Ideas

Speaking of treats, Trolls desserts look like something out of Lady Glitter Sparkles’ best snack dreams. Want to grab one for yourself?

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

As a fun party activity, guests enjoyed a painting station inspired by an iconic song featured in the movie “True Colors.” Handmade treats are a great way to commemorate a fun birthday.

Want to throw a really big, loud, crazy party? We’ve found some other great ideas you might want to incorporate.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Invite And Delight: Trolls Birthday Fun & Favors

That’s it for this party. If you have a great idea, let us know. We are always looking for good cooperation. Your party could be our next featured idea! I’m excited to share all the fun and colorful details from Audrey’s Trolls birthday party last weekend! She has been telling me for a long time that she wants a Trolls birthday party, so I was excited to get everyone together. If you’ve seen trolls, you know that trolls love color and trolls love to party. I made everything more girly with a bright rainbow color scheme (pink instead of red and bright in all the other colors).

For the dining table, I used plastic tablecloths in rainbow colors with white balloons on top to look like clouds. I found the Happy Birthday banner at Party City and it ended up being the perfect length. I put some weird framed photos of Audrey around the table and used some Trolls dolls she already had as decorations.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

I used my Silhouette machine to make a singing flower and glued it to some colorful felt I found at Kroger. Audrey loves the smell of flowers whenever we’re at Kroger, and she gravitates toward these brightly colored daisies, so I was excited to incorporate them into the party decor.

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Trolls Birthday Party Ideas For A Simple Trolls Themed Party

Above the cocktail table I hung an assortment of paper fans, honey balls, and hanging container pieces. I ordered pink party balloons from Etsy and made a cloud bag using thick poster board, fiberfill, paper towel rolls for legs and fuzzy pipe cleaners for her hands. I cut out his face and hands from card stock.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Because trolls love to party, I got a disco light, turned on the music and let the kids dance to their heart’s content. Watching children dance is fun and entertaining.

The children also had the opportunity to feel the embrace of bracelet time. I totally forgot to take a picture of this activity board, but you can check out the tutorial here to see how I did them. Cutting all the pieces was a bit difficult, but the kids had fun putting it all together and wearing them. Raleigh is an adorable little hostess. Every time the children came to the party, he would grab them and lead them straight to the table to make a bracelet while hugging and show them how.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Trolls Theme Decor By Team Birthday Party Planner

Thanks to everyone who came out to party with us! Yall turned into a “big, loud, crazy party”. Our 3 year old had a great time.

I am a proud wife, child of God, and mother of two sweet girls, navigating my way through this thing called life and sharing my journey with you. I love to share tidbits about parenting, travel, food, parties, organization, and so much more about family. Welcome! Hope you stay a while for a cup of coffee! Nadia is 6 years old! I can’t believe it – I feel like I planned her circus party for her first birthday. How long does time fly?! She asked for a troll party, man- I guess I grew up or got tired of going along with it. Character parties aren’t usually my favorite thing to plan, but the kids love them and Genevieve’s Minnie Mouse party was the most watched party on Pretty Real (I think?). And I love movies and music!

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Since their birthdays are only a day apart, I usually throw a party together for Dax and Nadia using the same theme (see their camping party and under the sea party here). But Dax is obsessed with trucks and Nadia doesn’t mind. So I made a party with 2 themes. It was fun. But I will not do it again. 😉 So I had to keep them really simple. I put together 2 fun themed tables (I’ll be sharing Doc’s truck party table next week) and called it a day!

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Trolls Themed 5×6 Table Banner Backdrop/ Step & Repeat, Design, Print

Here are the elements of Nadia’s Trolls party table. Do not forget, I kept it very simple, and the lighting was not great. I’m sharing though because it’s such a popular theme that I thought someone might be inspired!

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

I’m all about store bought treats these days. It takes about 5 minutes to dip these in candy melts + sprinkles!

From now on I always serve water and sweets! The kids drank it and it was so easy to add to the dessert table! These fun neon straws are available at Wal-Mart or here.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Trolls Theme Archives

Simple headband + tulle + little flowers = goblin hair. So easy and beautiful! Note: Add strips of tulle and cut it short to make it even better!

Did you know you can find rock candy at Wal-Mart? Best price! I used the site to save for free shipping.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

I used this recipe for popcorn. It wasn’t as pretty as hers but it was easy and fun.

Kara’s Party Ideas Trolls Inspired Birthday Party

I was inspired by Oh Joy for the balloon background. It’s so easy! You blow the balloons to twist almost all the way up (leave about 4-5 inches at the bottom). Then you start at the top and fold them to create a wavy effect. Then tie the end and cut off the excess. Note: Be sure to attach the bottoms very well before cutting them!

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

I used .97 Trolls mugs from Wal-Mart’s party section for the table and filled them with troll-themed decorations like these.

Publix did a fantastic job on the cake! I top it with a little goblin (similar) and these fun candles. The cake stand is a DIY for the previous project, but you can use this one (very cheap at your local craft store!).

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Party City Is Selling Cute Halloween Trunk Or Treat Theme Packs

The poppy princess behind the cake is only available at Wal-Mart. Nadia got it for her birthday last year and it’s perfect for the table!

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Cotton candy in clear cups add fun to the table! If you put it too early, it will harden, so add it at the last minute.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

I loved Nadia’s Trolls shirt– it was only $5! Hersister’s Trolls shirt was super cute, and $5! (Image below). Trolls is the new animated film from DreamWorks and is sure to be the biggest hit of the season. The trolls are led by their fearless leader, Princess Poppy, who believes that the world is all cupcakes and rainbows. Trolls love to dance, sing, and hug, so keep that in mind when throwing a troll themed party! Grab your karaoke machine and start the troll party!

Trolls Party Ideas

Princess Poppy loves her glitter, so add some hot pink confetti to the invitations. Who doesn’t love confetti on their invitations? Well, maybe the parents – but it’s all about the kids, right?!

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Rainbow Rainbow! Enjoy the color as the film is bright and colorful. Our new bright balloons were used with matching streamers to create a rainbow behind the dessert table.

Mini balloon flowers can be made from water balloons and incorporated into the set and table to add color and whimsy.

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

Trolls World Tour Table Decoration Kit

The dessert table is perfect for our favorite troll, as it is Princess Poppy pink. A pink plastic skirt was secured to a fabric tablecloth to add a feminine touch. If your tablecloth isn’t big enough for the table you’ve chosen, that’s okay…no one will ever know.

More rainbows! This dessert table is fit for a troll! Rainbow Layered Jell-O can be made the day before and rainbow slushies made from frozen popsicles can be made several days in advance and left in the freezer. In the rainbow fruit cup (from below

Trolls Table Decoration Ideas

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