Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Valentine Coffee Table Decor – Hey friends! It’s been a while since I blogged but I’m back! I’m taking a break after the holidays, but right now I can’t wait to share some Valentine’s Day inspiration with you!

The heart sign, note, pillow and wooden tray are from Krumpet’s Home Decor. The roses are from Hobby Lobby.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Let’s talk about the white ceramic pitcher that holds the artificial rose. This jug is from Home Goods and is a staple in my house. I use it everywhere; on the kitchen counter, on the bedside table in the bedroom, to keep fresh flowers, etc. I recommend buying cheap pieces of white plate. White plates, platters and serving bowls photograph better than other colored plates. Have you ever seen a cooking show that almost always shows the final product on a white plate? It’s because of the contrast of the white dish with the color of the food – it’s interesting to the eye!

Modern Twist On Valentine’s Day

I really want to buy holiday decorations that can be used for different holidays. For example, a blush buffalo check pillow along with a pink heart pillow is also part of my Easter decor. Red and white polka dot pillows are often used to decorate three different holidays: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and the Fourth of July. The same thing happened with the red and white pearl garland that appeared on the tray of the coffee table.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

The coffee table tray has hot chocolate at the bottom, I lined it with a few pieces of red and pink tissue paper and added decorations on top. Voila, now that’s a perfect tray for Valentine’s Day! In this post: Looking for Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for your home and table? This shopping guide offers a wide selection of Valentine table decorations to buy now.⇒

There are people who like to celebrate every festival and take the opportunity to spoil themselves with decorations, food preparation and detailed plans.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Valentines Day Decor Ideas: Valentine Table Decorations To Buy Now

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a fun concept if you don’t take it too seriously. I love the break from the winter blah to add a rich pop of color to my pared-down surroundings. Why not have an excuse to treat yourself, as well as your loved ones?

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This is a day to let people know how much you love them, or even to show yourself some love.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

In our house, it’s a ritual to send handwritten cards to everyone in our family. I’ve also used it to send candy gifts, a habit I get into when my kids go to college. Who wouldn’t want giant chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes or french macarons?

Be Mine Valentine Mantel Ideas Simple Diy Ideas To Make

After a while, half the fun is finding something new to post to try and top the previous year, or at least different. The key is to take advantage of the element of surprise.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

For me and my wife, this is a bit of an understatement, but we marked the day with a very good dinner.

Sometimes I want to do more than relax and have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. But often on Valentine’s Day, the offer is limited and the table is crowded. In recent years, I have instead set a romantic table at home and ordered a wonderful meal.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Valentine’s Day Floral Gifts That Won’t Die After Feb 14

Sometimes it’s cooking lobster off the counter (one of the best discoveries I’ve ever made! Who knew?) Sometimes it’s champagne and chocolate, but it can be easy pizza and salad.

For me, the most fun, and the place I spend my energy, is setting a table that exudes romance.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

It always involves showing flowers, different every year but always in the theme. I use pink and red, sometimes one or the other, but mixed together they make the richest presentation. I’m not a big fan of red but this is where I make an exception and send a reward like at other times.

Valentine’s Day Decorations Around The House

So what about you? Are you setting a special table or arranging beautiful vignettes? Do you have the same decorative items that you use year after year? Maybe the same charming heart dish or a pink vase is chosen?

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Or do you like to decorate with new things, little treasures that add to the whole effort?

After you’ll find a shopping guide for Valentine’s table decorations and other ideas for Valentine’s Day decorations, which will look great paired or combined with existing items.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Rustic Valentine’s Decor How We Love Our Homes Tour

The best thing about buying red and white pieces is that they work well for the holidays when December rolls around, while the pink stuff can flow into spring.

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Whatever you do and whoever you do, I want you to love it so much! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

To view, click on the item below for a direct link to the product. If the actual item is no longer available, I have offered the same option. If the product is out of stock but can be replenished, I will leave it on the list.

Cheerful Easter Home Decor Ideas

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop my favorites, Instagram and my Amazon store. Satisfied!! Valentine’s Day is a romantic day full of promises of love and gratitude to those who love you. It’s also the middle of winter here in Colorado, so there’s still time to curl up in a cozy throw in front of the fire. Today I’m sharing some simple and elegant ways to dress up your home with some home decor ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Throw blankets add warmth and coziness to the room. It’s one of my favorite ways to freshen up a room for winter or for a special holiday. There are many ways to use blankets. I definitely bring this Mongolian sheep rug this time of year! I love the warm texture it adds to any space. The only problem with that is my Maltese LOVES and enjoys sleeping in regularly!

Using a soft pink tone definitely adds to the romantic feel of this space (by the bay window in my dining room).

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Christmas Dishes And Table Decor Ideas

The sky is the limit here. You can use all shades of pink, red, magenta or even white. To me, most flowers are romantic, no matter the color… right?! I wore this monochrome red for the wine tasting dinner we hosted earlier this month and they were perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I love using coffee table books in my home and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Some of my favorite coffee table books are red and pink. They are perfect to serve as a base for flower arrangements or other home decorations on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Here are some other great inspirations for using color-coordinated coffee table books (and fresh flowers!) to decorate your Valentine’s Day home.

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Besides fresh flowers, nothing is more romantic than candles and candlelight. Looking at my collection of candles, votives, hurricanes, candelabras, and candlesticks, you might think I need therapy! You can never have too much. I especially love using candles in our bathroom…super romantic!

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

I’ve only been blogging for a year now, but I have a few table settings that I’ve posted that will work for Valentine’s Day celebrations. Both can easily be reduced for smaller guests or just for two. You can’t go wrong with a table full of red flowers!

Last year I threw a Galentine’s Dinner Party to celebrate with my boyfriend. For this function I used a beautiful palette of blush pink and gold to create this table setting. You can see all the details here.

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

Romantic Tablescape For Two

This gorgeous soft pink table setting is super simple and elegant and perfect for my friend Lory’s Sweet Galentine party she was hosting. After her wedding is over, she can still use the arrangements she made in other areas of her home while she waits for Valentine’s Day to arrive. I will put one of them in the bathroom, next to the bed and on the entry table.

Every year I struggle with whether to use red or pink or both for my Valentine decorations. I’d love to hear your favorite colors for this romantic getaway in the comments section below. Hopefully this post gave you some romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day home decor. Here’s a roundup of my favorite products to get your home ready for Valentine’s Day, including fun ones for the kids. for the dining room, centerpieces, coffee table decorations and game tables – all the inspiration you need for a beautiful table, anywhere in the home!

Valentine Coffee Table Decor

It’s a strange time between Christmas and spring decorating. Maybe you have summer decorations up (me!), but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, sometimes you want something a little brighter and funnier.

Valentine Table Décor Inspirations For A Romantic Tablescape

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