Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

Valentine’s Day Table Decorations – Valentine’s Day is a perfect holiday for crafts. Your loved ones will appreciate the usual bouquet of flowers and delicious boxes of chocolate, but there are other ways to show them how much you care, like giving them a personalized Valentine’s Day card or another refreshing DIY gift. . Need inspiration? We are with you.

To help you spread the Valentine’s Day love to your family, friends, and home, we’ve come up with a list of the best Valentine’s Day crafts that are creative, fun, and easy to make (for toddlers and adults). Many of them can be used as gifts, but we also have decoration ideas if you are having a Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

From a geometric heart-shaped vase for the flowers to a beautifully decorated floral mailbox for the delivery of small cards you may receive, our list has options for all craft enthusiasts (beginners welcome! ).

St. Valentines Day Table Setting Stock Photo By ©natashabreen 332637382

These towels are useful for many things. They make great colored treads and can be used to stuff envelopes.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Decorating your home with these pink and red paper hearts will add a festive touch to any room.

If you want to make up your own mind this Valentine’s Day, this floral heart is a beautiful and eye-catching accessory. Nothing screams “I love you” like a giant heart in the center of the room.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Breathtaking Valentine’s Day Table Decor: Centerpieces & More!

Add this wreath to your Valentine’s Day decor or use it to decorate your space for a V-Day themed party! It’s a bold and bright combination for any room.

Ask friends and family to write you letters before you put them in your homemade Valentine’s Day box. When the day is over, you can read their letters and spring from the love that surrounds you.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Take your dog to the park in a new red and white heart scarf so he can spread the love.

Stylish Valentine’s Day Tablescape Ideas

Hang this birdhouse with a V-Day theme in your garden for the birds to admire. You can even leave it at home to store small items.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

These coasters add a cute touch to your decor and table setting. You can also use them after Valentine’s Day!

If you love to read, creating your own bookmark – especially as small and honest as this one – is the perfect page saver.

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Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Every time you look at Valentine’s Day on this framed display, you’ll be reminded of all the love (and artisans!) you have in your life.

Often used as a garnish in a flower bouquet, baby’s breath becomes the star of the show when painted red or pink.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

In this case, the vase is as eye-catching as the flowers hidden inside. Opt for a handful of contrasting paint shades for a bold statement.

Dining Table Decor For Valentine’s Day Dinner

You dress your home in these adorable gnomes for Christmas and Easter, but what about Valentine’s Day? Create these paper versions to match the color of the hat to her personality.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Grow love on the trees with this simple DIY that requires little more than a few cut hearts and spray-painted white branches.

You always see life through rose-colored glasses when you’re with someone special—that’s why you both should make this fun DIY for Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t wear them too long, these frames will create the perfect photo.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece To Decorate Your Special Evening!

There aren’t too many succulents. For a super sweet party, send your guests home with these pretty painted flower pots.

Garlands are a simple way to add festive pizzazz to an unfinished space. Hang it on any wall in your home and the space will be ready for Cupid’s arrival.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Collect your bouquet of pink/red balloons by adding a few mini napkins to your ribbons. This 30 second ship will make a huge difference.

Valentines Day Dining Room Table Decor

Welcome your Valentine’s Day guests to your home by placing this thoughtful bauble on the table near your door. You can also use the same puns and images of the earth on the map for your loved ones.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Do you really want to blow it up? Replace common sayings with inside jokes and sweet nothings that only he will understand.

Talk about a trendy cupcake. No need for glue or paint: just download the printing material, attach it to the toothpick and enjoy!

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Decor

Here’s a fun – and super creative – way to fill in empty wall space. Plus, it’s suitable enough to be left on all year round.

If you’re not a fan of traditional pinks and reds, make a monochrome carousel with white or gray felt.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Give the Galentine table some love with this sweet and simple table runner made of carved hearts.

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Amanda Garrity Amanda Garrity is a lifestyle writer and editor with over seven years of experience, including five years at Good Housekeeping, where she handled all home and vacation matters, including the latest interior design trends, inspiring DIY ideas and gift guides for everyone (and every) occasion.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Mariah Thomas Associate Editor Mariah Thomas (she/her) is the Associate Editor at Good Housekeeping, where she manages home and lifestyle content. I love color and I’m obsessed with my latest tableware designs. I created my first shaded table to be used as a table decoration for Valentine’s Day.

I’m obsessed with ombré. I love how the colors intertwine and I think it’s such an amazing centerpiece, just one color. Aren’t these the best table decorations for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Set Up The Perfect Valentine’s Day Table

I had the idea to create a Valentine’s Day table for my family. I wanted to use not only the ombré flowers, but also cover the ombre. The more I thought about this idea, the more amazing and beautiful I thought it could be.

I started with fresh flowers. I knew then that the colors of the flowers would determine the china, trivets, napkins and glassware I would use.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

If you can’t tell, then by far 100% my favorite table I’ve ever designed. Anytime.

Valentine’s Day Table Decor Ideas

The colors are so much fun and although I’ve seen the centerpiece of an ombré, I’ve never seen an ombré table!

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

I haven’t been to the Los Angeles Flower Mart in a long time! I knew I needed lots of fresh flowers for this table, so I went to one of my favorite places, LA Flower Mart. We are lucky to have a flower market nearby. Not all cities have flower markets, and Los Angeles is large enough to be open to wholesale trade and the public.

I knew I wanted to style a pink table (I’m a little obsessed with pink right now) and found the most stunning blooms in ombre shades, ranging from deep pink to pink and white. I found some ruby ​​red peonies, large magenta roses and smaller pale pink and white tea roses, amaranth hyacinth and old fashioned carnations (more wrinkled than regular carnations) in ruby ​​red, pale pink and White. In my garden I have also found light pink sweet peas, pink and light pink ranunculus, hydrangea roses and ice roses.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Diy Valentine’s Day Decorations

When I came home with an armful of flowers, I started pruning them, removing unsightly/discolored leaves and petals. Next, I assembled nine square vases to place in the center of our dining room table. I assigned three for each of the color families, dark pink, medium pink, pink and white flowers.

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Here are some of the flowers I bought from Flower Mart. I decided to install them on our kitchen island because I had so much to work with!

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

I wanted the flowers to be low in the vase so the centerpiece would be a uniform shape and size across the length of the table, the only variation would be the color. To hold the inflorescences above the top of the vase so they don’t slide down the vase, I constructed a grid of tape, placing strips in each direction. Creating this trellis makes it easy to build an unobtrusive arrangement. Once the trellis is in place, begin filling the top of the vase.

A Pink Valentine’s Day Table Decor & Ideas

First, I started with the darkest color. I used peonies, old fashioned carnations, hyacinths and large magenta roses. Once all three square vases were filled equally, I switched to a medium pink color. Three square vases to hold medium/light pink flowers. For this I used old fashioned carnations, light pink tea roses, light pink polka dots and light pink Jaskier. For the pink/white flowers, I used white tea roses, cheek hydrangeas, and ice roses from my garden.

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

When I placed nine vases of flowers in the center of the table, I was literally speechless.

This landscape turned out to be more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I’m so excited to share this with you!

Valentine's Day Table Decorations

Romantic Pink, Gold And White Valentine’s Day Table

I even made mercury glass hearts to match the ombre design. You can see how to make these ornaments in my DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments blog post. This time I used glass ornaments in the shape of a heart.

This table is so incredibly beautiful that I think I have to make an all pink dinner for the food to bring out the flowers. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Valentine's Day Table Decorations


How To Create Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Tablescape

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