Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table – Decorating sideboards and sideboards in our kitchens and other rooms in the house is very important! These are

Jewelry that can show our personality! Today I’m sharing some easy ways to decorate a sideboard or buffet and some styling tips that are useful, beautiful, and do-able!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

It doesn’t take much time or effort to decorate a buffet. With my tips, you can style a buffet in minutes.

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My white buffet is one of my favorite surfaces. I love the height and length of it! Most sideboards and sideboards are great areas to add a nice touch to your home!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

The buffet was in our kitchen at our StoneGable home, but now it’s in the great room at our Tanglewood home. Buffets are not just for the kitchen!

I thought it might be helpful to show you three ways to style Buffett. I’ll share a few ways to help you use a buffet to add personality to your kitchen.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

How To Decorate A Dining Room Buffet Table

When we were renovating our StoneGable kitchen (which feels like a hundred years ago) I found this beautiful white buffet and knew it would work in the house.

One thing I did to keep it fresh and new was to not put the china and flatware on top! This is very important!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

In the kitchen, too, most of the food on the buffet looks dirty and out of date.

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Buffet style is classic, with toppings and extras added! I love those two words! BLING and BURLAP!!!!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Your table is often the star of your kitchen. Its center must be its diva! Nothing in the house should look like a diva! That way, things on your sideboard or sidebar aren’t competing for attention.

Whether your buffet is in the kitchen or living room, all sideboards now have beautiful organic items.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

How To Transition Away From Farmhouse Style

You’ll want to see how to make these matching balls. Textured Moss Balls DIY They’re Super Easy!

If you want to go the faux route, read on for creative ways to use hollow flowers

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Ever heard of buffet lighting or candle lighting? You know, those tall, skinny, candle-style lamps on either side of the sideboard? They were very popular a few years ago because they added light to either side of the sideboard and added a lot of symmetry to the sideboard.

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By using the principles of sideboard lighting, but giving it a modern feel, we can bring a new, updated look to sideboards and sideboards!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Add something tall to either side of the sideboard. A slightly longer lamp with another height.

The web light works to the left of Buffett. It’s the right size and scale for Buffett. This is a very high element on one side of Buffett. It also provides a layer of light!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

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I usually make a simple three-ingredient whiskey. No wonder! We love what is divided into three parts with our eyes and mind. To see how to use this magic number in decorating, see The Magic Rule of Three.

It’s a good idea to add a little something to the bridge of lamps and tall objects on the other side of the buffet.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

The same three elements form a beautiful “bridge” between the lamp and the other tall elements on the sideboard.

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Instead of three horns in one pot, I took out the middle horn in a slightly different pot and put it in a pair of quilted books. I think this small difference adds a lot of interest and a bit of texture to the buffet decor.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

An easy way to coordinate a buffet is to use room colors on the buffet. For the photo above, I used the browns in the lamp along with the sand and whites of the baskets, and the greens and browns of the succulents.

Now it’s your turn! Look at the buffet in your kitchen. Could it be a little neater? Why not incorporate these tips and ideas into a few ads? I know you can!!!!!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

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Subscribe to our newsletter for tons of ideas and inspiration. Plus my 100 Inspirational Home Decor eBooks. There are! Come in today and join me at my dining room table as we talk buffet tables, console tables or sideboards! The great thing about these ideas is that you can use them on so many pieces of furniture.

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My buffet table decor has gone through many decor changes and styles, so be sure to read below for tons of decorating ideas for your buffet table.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

The first idea to decorate your buffet table is to add a large decorative piece as a backdrop to your table.

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You can add a large mirror, two medium-sized mirrors, or a large picture or piece of wall art. If you do, the Buffett table will look balanced.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

I’ve decorated my buffet table in a variety of ways (see below), but I always love it when I add something taller to either side of the buffet table.

These items don’t necessarily have to be matching items, but I think it looks balanced if the items are similar in height.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Kylie M Interiors

There are many views below, I just set the height to one edge and it definitely works – I guess it’s just personal preference.

Some ideas for tall decorations include: planters with plants, tall vases of greenery or flowers, candle holders, lamps or layered plates filled with decorative items.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

When decorating the centerpiece of your buffet table, I recommend using some short items, but don’t overload with small items.

Artificial Potted Plants 13

Other decorations that can be used to decorate a buffet table include candles, candles, a mantle, a plate with items, antlers, beaded garlands, small signs or a container (like a vine).

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

The decorating options are truly endless, but stick to a few things in between.

I also love the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčrepetition. Many items can be a good thing, especially when decorating.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

How To Decorate A Sideboard? Know To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Dining Area

Below I’ve included previous looks at buffet tables decorated for different seasons. Notice that I usually choose a mirror for the background!

Here is my spring look from last year. A great way to decorate a mirror is to add garland. I used two eucalyptus wreaths and added some off-white flowers.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

This was related to my winter theme. I used a lot of small decorative pieces in this look that I probably wouldn’t do today.

Home Decor Styling Ideas For A Spring Buffet Table

Here is one of my Christmas tables. Another great option for a mirror is to add a wreath. I especially love adding wreaths to my home during the winter.

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Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Here’s a fall-to-winter look I did with pumpkins, evergreens, and copper. I added texture to this video with black candles.

Below is a simple spring landscape. You’ll notice a lot of repetition from patterns you’ve used so far. No need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes swapping a pair of items can be tricky!

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

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This fall farm look was one of my favorites. Very simple with a beautiful wreath and some greenery.

It’s not as simple as it seems. A pair of candles and a large plate of eucalyptus. I stocked up on these precious lessons and they have proven to be a staple in my home.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Here’s an incredibly simple look. If you have fresh flowers, show them off! There’s nothing better than seeing beautiful, fresh flowers on your buffet table.

Decorating Sideboards And Buffets

Here is another example where I used fresh flowers. I’ve had this antique glass mantel for a while. In the end, I decided to use a slightly larger one. However, I really enjoyed this sweet, romantic look.

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Here is a unique and different way to display flowers. I wouldn’t show it like this today, but I’m happy to switch it up and try something new!

I used a buffet style lamp which is a very romantic look. I like to use the buffet for functional items that I use while sitting at the table (i.e. wine glasses). Nothing beats a practical combination

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

Shop Tiburon Sideboard By Lexington Online Uae

Here we go! I hope you get some inspiration for decorating your own buffet table. I love taking a trip down memory lane and seeing how my style has evolved over the years. Now that I’m done decorating our playroom (check it out here!), I’m doing some decorating in our kitchen. The most necessary piece of furniture in our modern kitchen is the buffet table.

You can see my original kitchen reveal here. Here’s what I’m switching up in this mini makeup routine:

Wall Decor Over Buffet Table

At last,

Sideboard Buffets For Stylish Dining Room Organization

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