Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Walmart Fall Table Decorations – It’s getting closer…and I have a little secret to share. Autumn is my favorite season to decorate 🍁🍂🍁, more than Christmas! Fall brings that warm and cozy feeling that I want to settle into. Wrapping up in a soft and luxurious throw while sipping a cup of something warm and quietly reading is truly pure bliss. Self-care is important, and creating an environment that allows it is key.

I’ve been pulling out my velvet pumpkins and dried flowers to start building my home for fall, and I can’t wait to share more of fall’s bounty with you soon! But today, let’s dive right in. I even baked a cake for the celebration!

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Can we have too many plates, ladies? I don’t think so and white or cream foods should be on everyone’s fall bucket list!

Walmart Fall Decor

The 12-piece linen lace dinnerware set is gorgeous and affordable. It’s versatile and super affordable for any special occasion!

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

The details are intricate and it’s not stark white…but rather a creamy vanilla shade. I paired the Farmhouse Lace 12-Piece Dinnerware Set with the perfect fall bucket list color…Plum, with these 16-ounce patterned glass jars that create nostalgic appeal.

With gold flatware and cute, pretty pile napkins and a beaded charger, I completed the setup.

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Amazing Fall Dining Room Decor Ideas

Did I tell you how elegant this dining set is? I did and I know you will love it too!

The table centerpiece was an inexpensive wooden dough bowl filled with fall Chinoiserie pumpkins that I made (tutorial here ).

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

I baked a delicious vanilla cake with edible flowers to celebrate our oldest daughter’s birthday! Along with a few more pieces to add to your fall bucket list!

Way To Celebrate Harvest Green, Orange & Cream Foam Pumpkin Stack, 14.4

Content on this website may not be reproduced, modified or used in any way without written permission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualified purchases. Fall is here and that means you have a dinner party or two at your house! Holiday entertaining is a lot of work, but decorating your home for the holidays is still fun. I put together some modern fall dining table decor to make the whole space party-ready in an instant.

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Walmart Fall Table Decorations

When preparing for special events at home, the dining room is usually where everyone hangs out. So dress it up and do something new with it!

I’ve been really impressed with Walmart Home items lately (especially the affordable prices!) When I’m looking for fun ways to decorate for the holidays, I usually pick a color scheme or style that I like and stick with it. Then, reuse these items for future special events and celebrations.

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Fall Home Decor Ideas & Inspiration For A Cozy Autumn Home

Whether it’s modern, chic, rustic, or Thanksgiving, create the fall dining table decor you want. Simple, sophisticated, neutral or versatile – all options for lighting up the dining room during the holiday season.

Whatever you feel, keep that style and find something to add. I personally like the look of white table settings. You can easily mix and match holiday table decorations or different holiday decorations.

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Add a natural jute tablecloth, a vinyl placemat, and some festive table covers to complete your table’s theme. Fall dining table decor can also include bright flowers, burlap items, pumpkins, woven baskets, and center trays.

A Country Farmhouse Outdoor Tablescape With

In creating this table area, I stuck to modern, white elements. This 12-piece white dinnerware set is timeless and can be used for any holiday or special event! Also, if you need fancy glassware – these Sterling Clear Coolers are great quality!

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Simple and elegant table decorations can be a quick fix for your tabletop, while you can use the same items year round!

As Wisconsinites, we love cheese and crackers. Before getting this serving platter, we got cute and served everything on our cutting board. Not ideal for easily moving the board shown. That’s why I love this $10 serving tray from Walmart.

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Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas That Are Simply Perfect For Autumn

If you’re ready to put a little more effort into your fall dining table decor, Walmart Home has tons of options! One of my favorite things about shopping at Walmart Home is the large selection of specialty items. Pick and choose depending on the occasion or style and room!

While choosing a more decorative and festive option, decorate your table with large flowers, tall candles, autumn wreaths and more. The possibilities are truly endless. This time of year seems to be just around the corner. Halloween will come and go this weekend, and then it’s time for Thanksgiving. Last week I decorated my table with some beautiful fall table decorations that I found at Walmart and I think it would make a great fall table decoration for Thanksgiving. It graces my dining room table a few times a year. These times are Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For fall this year, I created a simple and elegant fall table.

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Place settings are my favorite table decor this fall and everything here is from Walmart Home. I picked up the pottery collection I mentioned in my fall finds posts. Then, I topped it off with a fun polka dot salad plate. Gold dishes have a very elegant matte finish.

Colorful Farmhouse Tablescape For Fall

I also found some really cute window doilies with bordered edges that I think would be great for a fall setting. I put a napkin between the plates to break it up a bit.

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Here’s a top view of the location settings to give you a better look. I also mentioned these pallets in my Walmart Home Fall Finds post and love the detail on them. I love the look of all the items here. Matte tableware with various patterned plates and napkins. I think it’s a fun and elegant fall take. I also love that I found these things at Walmart.

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For the centerpiece, I kept it simple because it wasn’t a big table. I wanted the centerpiece to be low enough to discuss while seeing the faces of those around the table. I chose to add some eucalyptus stems and a few small Cinderella pumpkins perched high on top. It says fall, but it’s not over the top, and it’s not full of traditional fall colors that I usually don’t like (you know the traditional oranges and browns).

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Our Top 10 Fall Home Finds From Walmart

I really wanted to add some height to the table decor, so I added some gold lights that I found at Walmart. Inside I used white flameless candles. The candles come in sets of three, I used two per candle but you can fit three in there if you want. I think you could easily replace the candles with fairy lights if you wanted to. It will also be expensive.

Battery-operated candles give the table a really beautiful glow, which makes it more elegant. I love how intimate and beautiful this table decor looks. Perfect for our family this coming vacation. It would be reproduced on a larger scale for a larger gathering. The items are affordable and stylish, and you can put together a great fall table without breaking the bank on decor.

Walmart Fall Table Decorations

Now you can find all of Walmart Home’s convenient holiday decorations on their website so you can start planning your fall or holiday table decorations.

Fall Decor: Three Rooms, Three Ways

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