Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas – Turn your wedding into a rustic fairy tale! These rustic wedding decoration ideas are fun, creative, beautiful and amazing.

I love wedding decorations. There is always a central theme: boho-chic, classic and traditional, edgy and modern or eclectic. Then there is rustic wedding decor.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Rustic wedding decorations are all about combining quaint country charm with the timeless elegance you would expect in a wedding. These results are often as surprising as they are beautiful.

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You have wooden tones, cozy comfort and soft, subtle colors combined with dark vintage accents. You also have beautiful lace, flowers and lights to play with.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

You can’t find a decorative prop more versatile than a mason jar. Lemonade? Pour it into a mason jar. A pencil stand? Use a mason jar.

Wrap this straw string with a bow around the jar. From here, place it on the ring of rustic wooden blocks.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Easy Rustic Centerpieces For Winter

Bromeliad bulbs look very feminine. It has just the right amount of green from a few sprigs of eucalyptus leaves and a soft white from a few odd sprigs of baby’s breath.

It all depends on how you use colors to make traditional elegance look rustically elegant. How? You use warm caramel tones, fresh olive greens, comfortable navy and mustard or pops of brown as you can see in this picture.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Also, how great would it be to attend a wedding and find a quiet place to sit and chat with friends? Doesn’t that cozy seating area look inviting and comfortable?

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First you will need to buy some glass cubes from here. Not only for highlights, but also because they are also suitable as everyday decorative items.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

If you don’t believe me, check out the decor at this wedding. Glass vases can be used just as easily as candlesticks or placed inside flower vases.

Place a few stalks of olive leaves – or even fresh bay leaves – around the cup holders and that’s it!

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Spring Wedding Centerpieces We Love

I always find that rustic decor goes hand in hand with bohemian, eclectic and artsy decor. The decoration of this wedding is about the confluence of these styles.

Check mason jars for serving punch. Thick, knitted, check placemats. A rustic looking wedding cake with a sponge cake that pops in between the white frosting, check.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Then you have a large bouquet of coral and white roses. You will also see Shasta daisies and generous amounts of greenery.

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Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

The bouquet even has a fan or two of these palm leaves. All in all, it’s definitely a beautiful and balanced confluence of decorating styles.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Bring the rustic charm of the outdoors to this lovely barn wedding. These tall dark wooden beams create the perfect backdrop to play with lighting and accents.

Find some fairy lights and hang tea light sconces. Now all that remains is to light the pillar candles along the center of the table.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces To Inspire Your Design

When you have a wedding theme, every last detail, including seating cards, is essential. But who needs plain old seating cards at a wedding? You can take souvenirs instead.

As the bride and groom stand there at the altar, they are almost framed by her. It’s almost as important as walking down the aisle to him.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

With that in mind, check out the hexagon gazebo at this wedding. Hard, weird and fun angles can be softened with the right flowers.

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces That Go Beyond The Basic Mason Jar

Or you can wrap some wavy fabric like this to do the trick. Either way, who needs a background when you can have this instead?

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Rust colored fabric for rustic wedding decoration. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? You can find that table runner here.

There is no fresh snow-white linen in this wedding either. Instead, you can see how the thick folds of the white tablecloth act as a soft canvas for the bold orange runner.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

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You don’t see many flowers as part of this wedding decor. But instead, you can see several vines of sage or eucalyptus leaves hanging from the end of the benches.

It is almost as if they are part of the forest to which they belong. You can’t tell where the forest ends and the wedding decorations begin!

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Dessert at a wedding, for sure. A wedding or a bride left in a wedding? Tragic, but still quite common. But the wedding

Succulent Centerpieces For Your Reception Table

Talk about taking rustic style to the extreme, but hey, it looks pretty cool. Throw a cactus or two on top of the wedding flowers and you have a wedding decoration!

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

We have a wooden serving block which now shines like a cake stand. They are very smart, aren’t they?

But for now, look at the wood on top of the cake. Wooden “Mr & Mrs” cakes, like the ones you’ll find here, are a creative piece, just like the wedding cake itself.

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Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Unique Rose Gold Wedding Table Decoration To Inspire

Look at those coral sugar roses and sprigs of baby’s breath. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bird jumped up and settled on the cake.

Don’t like signs? If you’re in the wedding business, you know you need to watch for signs.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Not just for signs, but also for boards like these. You can scribble on it a warm welcome message inviting guests to your wedding.

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Then place some wooden candles around the sign and you’re good to go! Get inspired by some of these creative DIY wedding sign ideas.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Candles in a Jar – Didn’t I tell you how versatile mason jars are? But these look too pretty to be rustic, don’t they?

Haven’t you seen the wooden stump racks that hold the glasses? There’s a rustic element for you!

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

Don’t forget to line the bottom of the container with dark glossy leaves. Laurel, lemongrass or even eucalyptus would look lovely as a bed.

After all, weddings are all about subtle colors, right? The wedding colors are white, soft ivory and cream. There are also pink shades of roses and dark green spots on the leaves.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

The decoration here is calm and soft, as is the light you get from the taper candles – soft, quiet and totally feminine. But then you get that hint of wildness and gentility from a fringed table mat (see here).

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With trees and real trees outside, you have another key accent to consider as part of the rustic decor.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

I’m sure you’ve seen berries in wedding flowers, but have you seen lemons? Check out this wedding decoration if you haven’t!

Look how sassy that bright yellow lemon is hanging from the aisle chairs. I wonder why we don’t have more lemon themed weddings.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Gorgeous Wedding Table Decor Ideas That You Must See Today!

They add much needed color to the decor. Here’s an idea: why not pair the lemons with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary while you’re at it?

You can wrap it in a white cloth, tie it to a chair and enjoy the lemons that life – and this marriage – has given you.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Isn’t this the perfect backdrop for a wedding dinner? The dark, shiny wood is offset by these vintage metal lights that draw the dark tones into the light.

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Wedding Table Decorations That Tie It All Together

You also have lots of fine crystal vessels to balance the hard edges of this wooden wall. However, it is clear that this wedding decoration leans towards the rustic.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

That said, you can find the strangest hint of urban decor from the metallic lights and paint you see in the background. Whatever happens, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Carved in stone, carved in wood…it’s pretty much the same as long as it’s been there for a long time, right?

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

What better way to remember your big day and the people you celebrated it with than this wooden guest registry? You can place it directly in front of the entrance for your guests.

They can scribble beautiful messages for you and sign them too. Then, at the end of the day, you can hang this log over the mantle in your home.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Is a country wedding ever complete without a barrel or two as part of the decor? Barrels, barns and wooden crates: the trifecta of rustic weddings.

Gorgeous Round Table Wedding Décor Ideas

Now support the cages and use them as a stand. Crates can be found here, as well as an old wooden barrel that you can renovate to fulfill this purpose.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Why not arrange a few lanterns and that beautiful wedding bouquet in a decorated vase on top of the crate racks?

Or, if you are so inclined, stick a few sprigs of bay leaves into another vase. You can set it right next to a smaller bouquet.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

Event Decorating On A Budget

Look at that fresh strip of leaves draped across the table. It looks like a table runner. So put flowers in and some white candles and make it one.

You can liven up the green leaves and add different leaves: rosemary, eucalyptus, olive, fern, sage or something paler than silver rose.

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

There is no rule, just that they look good, don’t leak onto the tablecloth and, if possible, smell good too!

Affordable Centerpieces For Any Wedding Style

First, you have that half-painted country brick wall

Wedding Center Table Decorations Ideas

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