Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

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Looking for the latest sweet wedding reception decor ideas? “Focusing on the cake table is one of the hottest new trends in weddings,” says Mandy Majerik AIFD of Hothouse Design Studio in Birmingham, Alabama. “I always suggest to a bride that she has at least a wow factor in her decor. If cake is a top priority of hers, I like to draw attention to it to create a visual impact in the room.” “I think we’ll see some unique table shapes being used in the next year, like hexagon shapes or large squares,” says Mandy. “It’s up to us creatives to accentuate those spaces with floral materials!” What are your favorite cake flowers? And what flower mechanics do you use to create these sensational ones? Favorite flowers to decorate cakes?

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Romantic flowers are by far Mandy’s favorite flowers to decorate cakes with. She loves the lush look of open garden roses and peonies juxtaposed in scale from the smaller size of white Majolika roses. Mandy remembers a live garden cake show that was her favorite. “We covered the top with flowers and placed a growing garden around the base of the cake table.” The biggest challenge?

Dessert Table Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable

The biggest challenge of cake design is calculating the number of flowers for these unique arrangements. “Usually I do it by the square foot and then figure my needs from there,” explains Mandy. “Learns a lot about radius and diameter measurements. It will make you appreciate that kind of geometry! Sometimes brides prefer to have a ‘fake cake’ on the table for photos. Why? Because they want their fabulous area cake table decorations last all night.”They don’t like to see a messy pile of cake after they’ve cut it still sitting in beautiful surroundings,” says Mandy.”I can’t blame them!”The mechanic starts off with a good water source.a good water source for flowers is important for the basis of rich designs.These arrangements can be made in the workshop and supplied in parts for installation or created on site if there is time and space.“I like it I use floral foam tiles when I completely cover the top of a cake table with fresh flowers,” she says. rta”. Foam flower crowns are often used for fresh flowers surrounding the base layer of a cake. Using a flat-bottomed brick crown is another way to surround a cake with flowers in a water feature. Place flowers in a cake

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Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

When it comes to flowers placed directly on the cake, “most of our brides prefer to use the individual stem position on the cake tiers rather than a small foam stand. We usually use plastic stems or flower ribbons if necessary,” says Mandy. “Some of our bakers apply just the fresh flowers with additional icing.” Some areas of the country have regulations against inserting flowers into the cake. Many brides prefer that the flowers not touch the cake layers. In this case, you can ask your baker to put small mounds of icing in the areas where the flowers will be placed, or to leave an extra tube of icing for you to use. The flower blossoms are inserted only into the icing mounds, which can be removed with a cake server after photos and before cutting the cake.

Repurposing a Circular Floral Arch Personalized cakes offer the perfect opportunity to express a couple’s personality in an unexpected way. An abundance of flowers makes a beautiful statement, but sometimes the theme can be expressed with other elements.

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Natural Sage Green Theme Wedding Ideas

If the bride has chosen a circular arch for her ceremony, Mandy can create a stunning setting by repurposing the shape as a backdrop for the cake. “We like to reuse any of our structures,” suggests Mandy. “Some are easier to move than others, so we generally suggest the ones that can be moved easily.” “If moving a structure from ceremony to reception space requires going through doors, make sure you have adequate clearance and carts on hand!” Wedding cakes have a long tradition. “Never hesitate to suggest something other than a regular table for the cake area.”

Kim Morrill suggested that one of her brides use individual wedding cakes for each guest table. See details on this blog. To learn how to make a rose covered tablecloth, check out Ian Prosser’s design tips on this blog. “As designers,” Mandy says, “this is our chance to suggest a stunning floral area that will live forever in those wedding albums!” How can you encourage your brides to update their flower list with a fabulous cake table?

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

I would like to design a round bow for my girlfriend, I tried to use zipper flower cages but they are too small and keep falling down, can you help me with this? Please advise what I have done wrong or

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What mechanics can I use so that the cages remain in the semicircular arch? I used a floral foam block and

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Fabulous wedding cake table ideas and photos! I would love to design similar flowers for my groomsmen. Our editors, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, are experts in the world of weddings. We are very proud of our work and we are very proud to be part of this journey.

There are few things we appreciate more than a decadent wedding cake, both in taste and style. Dessert trends come and go, but nothing replaces a delicious cake that satisfies more than one of your senses. Our favorite type of wedding cake is the one that makes a statement by adding it to your wedding decor.

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Close Up Photo Of A Wedding Cake Decorated With Fresh Flowers, A Wedding Table, Dessert, Ideas For Celebrating A Wedding Stock Photo

Pastry chef Emily Lael Aumiller personally loves the combination of a sophisticated aesthetic with laid-back design. “Whether the cake is naturally frosted, garnished with fresh fruit, decorated with intricate sugar work, or fresh, edible flowers, I strive to create a dessert that tells a story,” she explains.

Emily Lael Aumiller is a pastry chef with over a decade of experience creating custom cakes with specially formulated ingredients that meet a wide variety of dietary needs. Aumiller is the owner of Lāel Cakes in Brooklyn and the author of

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

For the bohemian, we love dainty flower garlands, organically placed leafy vines, or anything with an earthy touch. If her style is more contemporary, a sleek, smooth finish and geometric details will always do the trick. If you are a more classic bride, traditional white is not your only option; hand-painted flowers, watercolors and subtle ruffles evoke a timeless touch. If your reception is outdoors, consider taking inspiration from your surroundings.

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“It’s your wedding, your cake, your day,” says Aumiller. “Focus on the dream cake you want to devour for your celebration. Let your baker determine which designs will be the safest based on outside circumstances.”

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

With that said, we’ve rounded up 55 beautiful wedding cake ideas that promise to do just that. No matter your taste (literally or figuratively), we have a cake for every wedding style. What is your favorite?

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Can a cake be too good to eat? These beautiful floral illustrations deserve to be framed, but they make an even bigger statement at any romantically girly party or garden party.

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Adorable Peony Wedding Decor Ideas

Dark wedding cakes don’t always have to be moody and moody. This stunner exudes sweet elegance with its flower-painted tier and powder-toned handcrafted sugar flower details.

A matte white design is enhanced by satin-finished petals and bursts of burnished hues. The fall tones suggest the Sweet Potato Pie with Candied Pecan Crisp and Maple Buttercream below.

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

This is a refined treat in the form of a pastry. Pristine white fondant creates the perfect base for a gradient of blue and purple watercolor petals to sweep across the tiers as if carried by a gentle summer breeze.

Creative Ways To Decorate A White Wedding Cake

Feminine glamor is the theme of this two-tier delight. The top tier is covered in an icy pastel pink watercolor mix, while the bottom tier features a geometric stencil in a matte gold finish. Green adds a welcome touch of freshness.

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Minimalism is not always strong. These simple white wedding cakes are enhanced with latticework and scalloped textures, and accented with hints of fresh flowers.

Two worlds collide when the comforting, organic nature of an almost naked chocolate cake is juxtaposed against a base layer of opulent metallic gold. A flower garland in a mix of sexy shades of crimson, modest pastels, and green blends the two aesthetics perfectly.

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

Custom Wedding Cake

There is something incredibly elegant about understated décor. Three tiers of tight, flawless white fondant are adorned with just two speckled leaf spears and a single white head. We love this setting for a summer or tropical wedding.

A refined version of rustic wedding cakes. The two-tier cake features an embossed geometric print on the base and a handful of dried flowers for an earthy touch.

Wedding Table Cake Decorating Ideas

These boho details

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