Whimsical Table Decorations

Whimsical Table Decorations – Colorful and whimsical, a bright green and red Christmas table setting can put every Grinch at the table in a festive mood. Whether you’re setting the table for the kids or the adults at heart, this table is fun and delightful!

The Whoville trees that line the center of the table set the mood with their curved whimsical shapes. During the winter holidays, you can find live small Whoville trees at florists, garden centers, and grocery stores. This evergreen tree (see below) is easy to care for and with the right care it will last long after Christmas.

Whimsical Table Decorations

Whimsical Table Decorations

To create the runner for this table, I started by stretching a string of battery powered fairy lights down the center around the Whoville tree. I then added clear glass containers of various sizes to the center of the table and filled the empty space around them with red and green glitter decorations.

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For a whimsical look, the glass containers are filled with colorful red, green and white confetti. Wrinkled confetti flowed down the sides of the container, creating an unsightly table setting that would be perfect for a Grinch inspired table!

Whimsical Table Decorations

Instead of using an actual Grinch figurine on the table, we used lots of traditional Grinch items in green. This is a technique you can use to present your idea. Red and evergreen, for example, represent the time-honored Christmas colors. However, adding a bright lime green will give your table a different vibe, in this case a Grinch vibe!

Red Vietri dinner plates with whimsical white dots on a white tablecloth. No stands or chargers were used so that the perimeter of the table did not compete with the centerpiece. Sometimes less decorations keep the table from looking kitschy.

Whimsical Table Decorations

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Vietri no longer makes this dinner plate, but here are links to other Vietri dinner plates that look great on Grinch tables. You can then use it differently for different tables.

We found whimsical paper napkins in red and green that go perfectly with this Grinch table. If you’re going to use cloth napkins, look for green striped or polka dot cloth instead of cloth with a figurine or Grinch face. This table creates a whimsical Grinch look without actually using a Grinch.

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Whimsical Table Decorations

The last thing I covered this table with was the red cups. Beautiful and bright, they were the final touch that brought this whimsical table together. To give the table this look, use bright red glasses instead of muted or dark reds. These red Vietri glasses have been discontinued, but there is a link that looks similar.

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Vigil table christmas table christmas table centerpiece grinch christmas table decorgrinch table centerpiece grinch tablescape grinch table setting red and green grinch table colorful table setting spring cottage . Celebrate spring with colorful table settings featuring natural elements, brightly patterned plates, and whimsical centerpieces featuring bunnies and twigs.

Whimsical Table Decorations

I love the simple cottage look, but the creative in me loves color too! Cottage-style spring tables feature brightly patterned plates and whimsical moss bunnies and eggplant centerpieces. I love how it turns out and the color it brings to our new home!

We’re sharing a COLORFUL spring table and joining 21 other creative friends sharing beautiful table setting ideas. Scroll down to see all our awesome ideas!!

Whimsical Table Decorations

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This spring centerpiece is anchored with a moss bunny. I duplicated the rabbit moss into a round moss ball. I used two different sized spheres – 2 large spheres and 3 small spheres. Color is brought into the centerpiece through bright artificial flowers and fresh lemon sprinkled throughout.

I brought texture to the tablescape with a raffia placemat and a textured natural runner with a white pattern. Natural colors and textures are combined with natural moss and wood centerpieces.

Whimsical Table Decorations

Plates with colorful patterns add a whimsical element and add a lot of color to the table. The plates are suitable for several styles such as farmhouse, cottage, modern and bohemian.

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Placing a colorful plate on top of a plain frilly plate makes the table even more interesting. The plates below are plain, making the patterned plates pop, and the edges of the plates have colored borders that link the plain plates to the colorful plates above.

Whimsical Table Decorations

Adding cushions to the chairs or benches of a spring table makes the table cozier. It also captures the colors of the tablescape and blends them all together.

Adding a small vase to the top of each dish adds a nice finishing touch. You can even add a card to each jar and use it as a filling if you like! A whimsical wedding is one where all your wishes come true and more. After all, whimsical weddings are unconventional and casual. It’s a wedding that can fill everything that brings you joy while throwing the status quo out the window.

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Whimsical Table Decorations

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This type of wedding may seem eccentric, but make sure you have the most unique day of your life, as each item is unique.

If you want to make a statement and hate being shut out, this could be perfect for you. Combine the magic of childhood with a rustic atmosphere and fairytale charm to create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Let your personality shine through every whimsical wedding decor you use.

Whimsical Table Decorations

The possibilities are endless with this theme, so get ready to have fun tapping into your inner child.

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Choosing a unique and unconventional location is appropriate for such a theme, given that the convention has nothing to do with a fancy wedding. You can choose a garden wedding or an outdoor party in a tent. Touch the beauty of nature with elements such as trendy flowers and greenery that will become a backdrop for extraordinary events.

Whimsical Table Decorations

The combined colors are perfect for this type of casual wedding. The funniest colors to cheer up are pastel shades. But if you prefer something brighter, consider shades of orange, pink and purple combined with green and white. Any color that makes you happy. The brighter the colors of your decorations, the better. You can play with different intensities of one color against another contrasting color. Don’t forget to mix and match the bridal party outfits for more fun.

Use your wedding venue for a unique wedding arch. If your whimsical outdoor wedding venue has plenty of trees, you can wrap one or two in greenery and create a flowing drape for a romantic, subtle arch. You can ditch the traditional wedding arch and make one out of balloons instead. Take balloons from the wedding color palette.

Whimsical Table Decorations

Modern Wedding Centerpieces That’ll Surprise Your Guests

A wedding aisle is an integral part of a whimsical wedding theme. Guests should know from the moment they enter the venue that they are attending an event that will be fun, relaxed and whimsical. Decorate the welcome signs with flowers, take inspiration from nature and cover the aisles with fresh petals of wedding flowers. Forget the red carpet and we’ll create a colorful whimsical petal rug for the aisle. For a more rustic feel, you can add foliage and vines along the arms of the aisle chairs.

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Every piece of wedding decor should be unique and fun, so centerpieces can’t be missed. Your centerpiece is a way to make a statement. Bold or subtle, they will add to the overall look that is the theme of your wedding. Think beyond tradition with your decorating ideas. Consider trees instead of flowers. Bonsai-like miniature trees standing one by one around the table add a subtle fairy-tale feel to whimsical weddings. You can even weave the flowers of your dreams into the long paths that decorate each table from one end to the other. The ideas are endless.

Whimsical Table Decorations

Entertain your guests by decorating the table with cute details. Sprinkle the table with sprigs of rosemary and rose petals in a truly whimsical way. Also, you can’t have too many colors when decorating these themes. Cover chairs, tables and table runners with bright, colorful flowers for a playful and whimsical finish.

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A whimsical wedding, as the name suggests, should look like something out of a dream. To achieve this, flashing lights can be strung around the perimeter of the reception area. Let your wedding night sparkle and shine like a fairy tale. Buy a paper lantern to complete your magical day. Guests can make their wishes and launch them into the sky. It will make your wedding day memorable.

Whimsical Table Decorations

There can be no shortage of wedding decoration ideas for a whimsical wedding. Consider installing lush greenery and white flowers on the ceiling for a garden effect. The conversion of the reception area to a natural habitat is complete

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