White Tree Table Decoration

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Planning your wedding ceremony comes with many decisions about location, altar ideas, and seating options. But planning your reception decor comes with a whole other set of possibilities, from catering and bar to table settings. And some couples want to make a very bold statement.

White Tree Table Decoration

White Tree Table Decoration

Sometimes traditional flower centers just don’t work. If florals aren’t your thing, or if you’re looking for something rustic or a more interesting, textured look, there are good options to pay attention to. Enter: wooden centerpieces.

Bolylight Cherry Blossom Tree Lamp Table Decoration 17in Artificial Tree With 40 Led Lights Usb Operated For Bedroom Party Wedding Office Home Warm White

Think this look fits your aesthetic? We like it too! Read on for 20 fun tree centerpiece ideas to bring life to your party.

White Tree Table Decoration

Hoping for a tree centerpiece without adding too much of a rustic touch? Include citrus trees such as mini kumquat trees or small orange trees as a great way to add greenery and bright color to your table.

If you’re going to go outside, you might as well go outside. Real wedding brides choose to display short floral arrangements paired with tall, highly textured statement pieces as the best way to grab attention.

White Tree Table Decoration

Alternative Christmas Trees

This tablescape is actually a dream come true for couples hoping to create the most romantic wedding. Tall white cherry blossom trees and lush pastel flower arrangements paired with neutral gray candles made for an elegant design.

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Photos by Ashleigh Haase Photography; styling and crockery by Events Merchant Co; floral design by Friends of Dorothy Floristry; Tablecloths by Tableart Event Hire; Bramleigh Estate venue

White Tree Table Decoration

While wooden centerpieces are usually paired with rustic-inspired designs or woodland weddings, we like this modern take. The flowing branches in the center of the table add the perfect textural balance to this gorgeous design.

Winter Table Decoration With Mustard Table Runner, White Christmas Tree. Modern Elements Christmas Stock Photo

Perhaps one of the most popular flowering trees to incorporate into ceremony and reception decorations is the cherry tree. This can be incorporated in various ways, from bouquets to cakes and altar designs.

White Tree Table Decoration

Although this table looks simple, it still makes a statement. The green and white color palette is timeless and this aesthetic proves it perfectly. The white tablecloth is combined in a different way with a touch of greenery and a hint of gold to create a beautiful setting.

A lemon tree in the middle of your reception desk? Why not! There’s something very romantic about the look of a lush lemon tree, and it’s the perfect way to add a splash of bright yellow to a space.

White Tree Table Decoration

Woodland Christmas Trees Svg

This wood-inspired centerpiece is absolutely stunning. A tall glass vase is used as the trunk of the tree, and a bunch of greenery is used to make the top of the tree for the most interesting design.

Bring trees into the mix in a charming way. Incorporating whimsical mini topiaries is the perfect choice to add a simple touch of greenery to your tablescape without making it look too over the top or too rustic.

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White Tree Table Decoration

If there is a season really hug the center of the tree, it must fall! Bright, fiery colors that fall branches are added to this table is nothing short of amazing for fall weddings.

Beautiful Country Christmas Decorating Ideas (to Inspire Your Coziest Christmas Ever)

Adopt the tree center concept with custom design. We like to use branches to create tree trunks for this look, with moody red flowers to finish off.

White Tree Table Decoration

The wisteria tree is one of the most spectacular flowering trees because the flowers follow the branches magically. Wisteria trees can be found with pink, purple, blue and white flowers, but we like to include white wisteria for a romantic touch.

Sweet and simple is the name of the game with this beautiful setup. Although this centerpiece doesn’t have a real tree, it’s close by with plenty of cherry blossom branches to mimic the look.

White Tree Table Decoration

Light Up White Tree Tabletop Decorations

We love the natural, organic look of this center screen. Topiary paired with other small potted plants and some flowers make it perfect for a Mediterranean inspired wedding.

We love how this design simply meets romantic-organic. A few rustic branches in tall vases catch the light most beautifully, while flower arrangements in soft colors add a sweet touch.

White Tree Table Decoration

While this stunning white flower tree makes a statement, it’s the rest of the arrangement that brings this look home. Lots of moss and small tree stumps paired with golden candlesticks strike a nice balance between rustic and elegant.

Sandy Newhart Designs Christmas Tree Table Top With Lights Shatterproof Ornaments

If you can’t find a real tree to serve as a centerpiece, choose lots of overhanging branches instead. Plus, you can customize the design to make it your own! Make thick sprigs with sprigs of lush greenery and some brightly colored flowers to pull the design together.

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White Tree Table Decoration

Planning a tropical-inspired reception? Bring the beauty of the beach inside and make a statement with neutral wood chairs and a large vase of palm fronds to mimic palm trees.

If you’re hoping for lots of greenery but don’t want to give up the beautiful color and texture that fresh flowers add, this is the perfect solution. Work with your florist to bring trees with lots of green leaves into the mix, and pair them with shorter floral arrangements that are more attractive for centerpieces.

White Tree Table Decoration

Pieces Large Christmas Candles Santa Scented Candles White Candles Christmas Tree Candles Gifts For Christmas Decor Home Decor Party Bedroom Room Table Decorations, 2 Style (santa, Christmas Tree)

Want to embrace the beauty of walking through the lush, green forest? This charming design features a mossy base with beautiful, lush flowers for a perfect balance of texture and color.

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