Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations – Learn how to make a DIY version of the Emerald City inspired by The Wizard of Oz. This design uses things you probably have around your house! The towers are made from paper tubes and water bottles, and the base and rainbow are made from cardboard and foam board. This decoration would look great for a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party, Wizard of Oz Body or Treat, or St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Here’s a video that shows step-by-step instructions on how to make a beautiful and sparkling Emerald City, or click below for a list of materials and instructions to decorate this Wizard of Oz.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

When several TV stations asked me to create DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations and a craft TV segment, I wanted to design a non-traditional St. Patrick’s decoration for my show jam. I like to create something unexpected from recycled and unconventional items. I thought the beautiful Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz would make the perfect DIY St. Patrick’s Day decor. It is definitely a magical green, a strong iconic structure. Add LED lights to sparkle for a beautiful decoration.

The Grooms Embraced Rainbows, Drag, And ‘the Wizard Of Oz’ At Their Pennsylvania Wedding

DIY St where I show my Emerald City Decor. Click here to watch my Patrick’s Day TV segment.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

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Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

A Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Birthday Party — Jack & Rose Florist

“Therefore you must continue with perseverance in Christ, for a perfect light of hope, with love for God and for all mankind. Therefore, if you come forth with the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father, Ye shall have eternal life” (2 Nephi 31:20).

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The idea is that we have to move forward along the road (yellow brick road) until we get home (Eternal Life). It turned out really cute. I have several decorating tutorials in this post, and my friend Kim at Journey of Life Perfection has a program and printables.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

During the New Beginning program, the Youth build a yellow brick road (yellow paper for bricks) that ends in the Emerald City (temple). For the Emerald City, I substituted the Salt Lake Temple Silhouette. I bought a sheet of cheaper plywood and followed the pattern below. (This pattern is based on an image from the Silhouette Online Shop.)

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Use the measurement to trace the pattern onto the plywood. The temple is symmetrical, so the measurement can be used to mark both sides. You can download the moroni template here moroni for the temple.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

It is very easy to cut the temple using a saw. You want to make the Moroni pipe a little thicker than the pattern, so it’s a little thicker.

Lightly crimp the edges. Prime the plywood with a paint primer and when dry, paint it white (I used Behr Ultra Pure White). I used some gold spray paint* on Moroni.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

Modern Chic & Intimate Event Venue, Charlotte, Nc

After the program, I saw all the girls taking pictures with their friends in front of the temple. It made a beautiful background.

The No Place Like Home sign is a piece of plywood (actually the back of the lip board). It is 64 inches long and 29 1/2 inches high, I nailed a 64 inch piece of 1 × 4 to the back so that it hangs straight, the lip board is a little weak.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

Paint the back of the beadboard white like the temple. Then I printed the words (I have terrible handwriting and hand painting skills, so I always make my own templates.) No Place Like Home pdf template: No Place Like Home. I paste the words and then paste them on the board. I use a razor blade to cut out the letters, leave myself a paper stencil, then lightly dab the paint on the board. Remove the paper after the painting is done, it’s not a perfect method, but it works well.

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It wouldn’t be Wizard of Oz without a rainbow, I dare you not to sing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’… I suggest you get about 8 or more balloons in each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green) . , blue and purple). I popped the balls and then put them together in 2. I folded each group of two together to make a set of 4. I tied 18″ or so of string around the 4 knots of the group and used a pin to attach the group to the wall. It worked really well and was very economical.

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Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

Giant paper flowers that one of the leaders made for her son’s wedding this fall were the decorations. They were

We thought the handouts for the girls included ruby ​​red slippers and blue pants covered in gold nugget keys.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

World’s Largest ‘wizard Of Oz’ Collection Goes On Display

The slippers are made from red glitter paper * with a simple Paper Shoe pattern (red tissue paper works well too).

Dinner was Aunt Em’s home made bread and jam. We had baskets or trays covered with blue cloth. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the snack table, but it was cute.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

It was a great night and I think YW and the visiting hives enjoyed themselves! The tables we ate at were very entertaining! First off…I have to give a HUGE shout out to Kristen, Candy and Christine who helped set up these tables. They were so awesome! Christine even picked up dishes and utensils from the dollar store for me. They were so nice and even patiently folded the napkins, perfect for me. Thank you my patient friends!!! I am so lucky to have you!

Wizard Of Oz Table Tents

Paper placemats are always my go-to for a large group. I found these scrapbook papers at Hobby Lobby for $5 for $1. I wanted them to look like a Dorothy basket and I think they came close.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

I also bought a poppy from Hobby Lobby. I bought 2 sets when it was 1/2 off and ended up with 4 arrangements.

We ate the night before, which required opening several cans of minestrone soup. The boxes were the perfect size for the flowers and the tables. I didn’t want the poppies to be so tall that people couldn’t see each other. I used some floral foam I had on hand to help the poppies stand up.

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Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

Wizard Of Oz 1st Birthday Party

I bought a lot of gingham at Wal-mart for $1.50 a yard. I was able to make 32 napkins and 4 rolls and still have fabric left.

Do you remember the napkins you made? You can view the article HERE. Look how cute it was when I turned them over so the lace was visible and the plates came out 🙂

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

The paper straws were from Gygi in Salt Lake City, UT. I bought a box of 100 about 6 months ago. I’m actually surprised how often I use them.

Bubble And Sweet: Wizard Of Oz Party

I wanted the runners to be really simple, and I think they are. I just used some lace I had. I started thinking about the theme of my baby’s first birthday party before he was born. Finally, I decided on a Wizard of Oz birthday party. This is my favorite movie of all time and there are so many fun ways you can go with this theme. (You can read a little more about it and do some party prep here.)

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

As most of you know, I spent months and months carefully planning my munchkin’s first birthday party. Decorating ideas, projects, food, and more. I had a notebook full of list after list. Some days I had to ask my mother or my sister to come and see Raleigh so that I could carry out some of my projects. . For two months leading up to this holiday, I spent every day off planning, shopping, or working on some kind of project. Well, everything worked out because it turned out perfect! It took a while to get everything together in blog form, but here it is!

Let’s start where all the guests start – the Yellow Brick Road! I made a yellow brick path out of bulletin board paper from the end of the driveway to the front door. It worked a full roll of 50 foot paper and it took longer than I thought it would.

Wizard Of Oz Table Decorations

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