Wooden Discs For Table Decorations

Wooden Discs For Table Decorations – Today many couples choose forest, rustic, backyard, garden wedding themes and they are comfortable and impressive. There is an excellent detail that can fit all these subjects and save your budget, and that is the wooden pieces. Wooden pieces are super affordable, cool and can be used in so many ways, you can DIY so many things using them: placemats, menus, cards, gifts, plates and more, even if you have no crafting skills – it’s so easy! Want more examples? Let’s take a look.

Wooden pieces are perfect for any type of centerpiece! It’s great to show off your decorations: candlesticks and candle lanterns, mercury glass vases and jars, all kinds of twine and bark wrapped bottles, flowers of all kinds, table numbers and more. Create a woodland-style centerpiece with a piece of wood, moss and an assortment of flowers in a bark-wrapped vase. There are really a lot of ideas here, all depending on the style of your wedding and what you want to achieve.

Wooden Discs For Table Decorations

Wooden Discs For Table Decorations

Serving food on wood chips is a great idea for any wedding with a rustic touch. These are usually cupcakes, cakes and other types of sweets, they will look amazing on a large piece of wood. It’s easy to realize that you can put all your desserts on this stand or just highlight your wedding cake and even make your own tiered cupcake stand.

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Point your thumbs and place them on a piece of wood, not a pillow or plate! Decorate with twine and wood, burn your names and your wedding date – perfect, isn’t it? Attach the ring to a piece of wood with twine or just place it. This will help you stay on the theme of the wedding and stick to the decor.

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Wooden Discs For Table Decorations

A wedding guest book can be made from a piece of wood or a small one attached to a board, the wood can be burned or painted. The wooden pieces are perfect as placemats, they can also be used as cards and menus – paint or wood burn your menu onto the wooden pieces and voila! Wood scraps are a great way to stick to your rustic wedding without breaking the budget, mind you, they can make great materials for your wedding crafts and decor!

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